21.07.2018, 21:00

Stereo33 - Weimar 3000 - Party

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Weimar 3000 -

A night in reminiscence of the ancient dancers, and the legendary party folk of the past.

Not only from 20th century Weimar Berlin, but that of all spirits that have ever felt the transcendent trance of a party going strong.

From the ancient Roman too the young dance star in Studio 54, and all other´s that we must, but cannot mention on this piece of web.

It´s an open-end party void that shall be ruled by the following principles:

1. Underground aesthetics shall be honed. There we will not forget where the music comes from.

2. - 100% POSITIVE - childlike behaviour is the best character trait in the world. It is encouraged and rewarded.

3. Discretion over-rules all other virtues as the most honourable.

Music played by the passionate and talented Lucas3031

going back too back with Face your Faith.