08.09.2016, 21:00

Suicide Club - Rituals hosted by Female:Pressure

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RITUALS is a thursday night series at Suicide Circus focussing techno and electro hosted by a different crew every week.
This night is hosted by female:pressure

Electric Indigo (indigo.inc)
Arrhythmia “live” (Selection Sorted Booking)
Isa Wolff (die rakete)
Melania . (Subsist records/ Berlin)
VJ Pola Puk-puk

DJ Ira (Bassta Fidli Crew)

In a second edition of Rituals hosted by female:pressure we welcome our dearest founder, also an experienced DJ, musician and composer Susanne Kirchmayr aka Electric Indigo. In 90's she stepped into the scene while working in Berlin's Hard Wax and since, she keeps her style of electronic music production in techno direction; known for her intelligent, distinguished and powerful interpretation.

“I feel and impart unbelievable freedom through industrial noise, I like to indulge into a sound and postpone its boundaries continuously." Arrhythmia draws from static machine noises, voices appearing in nature and her own emotional world. In her live set she presents beautiful techno darkness, with touches of EBM and drone experiments.


Rising star of Melania . shines heavenly dirty on the energetic Experimental Techno Sky. Her sound evokes feelings beyond the words, reaches directly to the heart and unleashes the soul. Her sets keep the audience in constant excitation, by unpredictable and surprising stories with soothing melody twists.


Lover of purring frequencies, Isa Wolff, has been shaping her profile since she could press a button. Her discoveries over genres as grunge to hip hop to 80’s pop inspire her spicy selection of mixed beats. She's gonna get us to the roots of all.


VJ Pola Puk-puk, from Bassta Fidli Crew, applies her own abstract animations as visual accompany to ambient and experimental electronic music. In her nightclub showcases she plays with a mixture of flowing colors with lines in black-and-white, hording structures, crystals and textures. Her lively colorful scenes from faraway universe will take you on ride.

Chill out floor opening will be in conceptual direction of akkamiau, dragging you through another weird emotional experience, in copyrights of Feline Mother Garden.


Second half of night will be in soft and precise hands of Temisphere, playing deep melodic techno layered with Afro percussive elements, inspiring her audience to let go and dance!

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