11.10.2019, 23:59

Suicide Club - This is Techno-Jazz w/ Vsk Live + Alistair Duncan (Trombone)

Flyer für: Suicide Club - This is Techno-Jazz w/ Vsk Live + Alistair Duncan (Trombone)
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Start the new season off in style with Jazz-O-Tech: one of the most innovative voices in the modern electronic music scene which foster collaboration between electronic music producers and live musicians!

Finally the elegant arrangements and intricate jazz solos can develop along the modern structures of Techno and Electronica, taking the listeners on an emotional, hypnotic and intense journey.

Come early! - Our trip starts from midnight.
This musical line-up boasts for the first time and in absolute exclusive premiere the live performances of some of the most unique and exciting artists in the techno and Jazz panorama:

- Get comfortable and start to warm up your feet when you listen the three-turntables DJ set provided by Edoardo: his knowledge of music is an infinite surprise and he's able to adapt every record to each situation, keeping your feet on the dancefloor until the starts of the live acts.

Prcdrl aka Procedural Live & Kati Brien:
- Russian artist Stanislav Glazov will propose a Audio/Video live performance where his Industrial, ambient and dub visions will meet the warm and dreamy sound of Kati Brien’s Saxophone, lead-alto-player of the Aarhus Jazz Orchestra.

VSK Live & Alistair Duncan:
- Fresh from his latest releases on Mord and 47, techno talent Francesco Visconti aka VSK joins Jazz-O-Tech with a 90 minutes modular live set.
Ranging from hard / dark to a deeper and more mental techno, he ’ll be accompanied by the Trombone of the multi-faceted musician Alistair Duncan, teacher of music at Hochschule für Musik, Theater München's Jazz Institute and part of the Stegreif Orchestra.

- A long pure techno closing set is conferred to Mattia Prete and Simone Scardino, better known as the Berlin-based DJ and production duo Beat Movement, this highly experimental duo brings together influences from across the musical spectrum into an ever-changing, fast-paced and progressive sound that always manages to stay one step ahead of the curve.

A stand of merchandising that includes vinyl, t-shirts and tote bags of Jazz-O-Tech will be provided during the event, be sure to buy them on time!

Modern music needs to be ambitious. It must aim at delivering to the public a musical message which is one step beyond what has already been heard , and take the public by hand to a new musical journey, a journey into the powerful mystical dimension of music.

Doors open at midnight.
Ticket 12 Euro.

Early bird for the first 100 Tickets: 10 Euro
Teaser by Andrea Agagiù

Original track by Tensalofficial & TUN Torino Unlimited Noise.