12.01.2017, 23:59

Suicide Club - Rituals hosted by Synoid

Flyer für: Suicide Club - Rituals hosted by Synoid
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Yan Cook (Delsin Records, Silent Steps Records, Planet Rhythm)
Acierate (SYNOID, Griessmuehle)
Tham (SYNOID, Griessmuehle)

Within old rituals music, both dancing and intoxicants embodied trance-inducing techniques, used to rid oneself of inhibitions and social constraints.
A sort of manumission that did not only set free one's individuality, yet also allowed oneself to return to a natural and pure state.
Find yourself in the realm of SYNOID and indulge in different kinds of techno presented to you by carefully selected and geared to one another live acts and DJ's.

Yan Cook, a young Ukrainian, well known for his releases on Planet Rythm and Delsin,
will deliver cold and powerful techno that is all about combining pounding basslines with haunting atmospheres and heavy synths.

SYNOID will be represented by Acierate and Tham, the residents and founders of this event series.

Concept: TrashEra ageNcy
Photo/Artwork: Stasys Žak
Models: Jace Lee Petersen / Kewin Bo

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