12.10.2019, 22:00

Suicide Club - Golosa x BRENN. w/ Vogue Ball

Flyer für: Suicide Club - Golosa x BRENN. w/ Vogue Ball
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Fire walk with us
For people that love to have freaky experiences

Inferno Floor
Vogue Ball (see below)
Nina Pixel (Hertz / female:pressure)
Joseph Diel (SUB Records / Golosa)
KH38 (Golosa)

Burning Floor
Sherø (BRENN.)
2FARO (Golosa)
Mashyno (Golosa)

BRENN. is a young dynamic music collective. Serving you the open-mindedness of the 90s and its liberal vibes.

Fire Mini Kiki Ball
We invite Mother Zueira Angels of So Extra Berlin to host a workshop and Vogue Intervention in the beginning of the party.

Look: Bring it in a fire outfit!

The category order is:
>>Runway OTA (50 Euros Prize Money)
>>Shake that ass
>>Luscious Lips of Golosa
>>Face with Fire (Light a candle to show your face and make sure it doesn’t go out!)
>>Tasty Club Look (Who is the most delicious Golosians?)
>>Performance OTA (50 Euros Prize Money)
>>Sex Siren (Use your tongue to convince the judges. Don’t lick them without consent tho.)
>>Lip Sync (Prepare: The Bangles - Eternal Flame, Alicia Keys - Girl on Fire, Kia - My Neck My Back)

Judges: tba
DJ: tba
Register here to participate and get in cheaper: [email protected]
Voguing Workshop: 10:15 pm
Start Vogue Ball: 11 pm

RA event: https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1317070
Become Golosa: www.golosaberlin.com