19.11.2016, 23:59

Suicide Club - 17 Years Sender Records

Flyer für: Suicide Club - 17 Years Sender Records
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A Guy Called Gerald Live* (Sender Records, London)
Benno Blome (Sender Records, BAR25 MUSIC)
Ferdinand Dreyssig (Clap Your Hands)

Bruno Pronsato Live* (thesongsays)
Jacob Phono (Collage Audio)

With its sweet 17 years of existence Sender Records has managed to reach the magic catalogue number 100 this year. Here you go, already two good reasons to really pop the corks!

We are very happy to present a night with two outstanding live-performances. A good friend of the label is A Guy Called Gerald, ground building legend from the UK and Techno-pioneer from the first hour, who dives into his dark four-to-the floor madness. He absolutely went through the roof the last few times at suicide.
The second live-set is Bruno Pronsato, an american now living in Berlin with an organic, abstract and really sexy sound, also known for his HALF HAWAII-project on Perlon.

Dj’s of the night are Jacob Phono, Ferdinand Dreyssig and of course Sender mastermind Benno Blome.

The frequencies are running hot again...