23.06.2019, 23:55

Suicide Club - Rituals x Connwax

Flyer für: Suicide Club - Rituals x Connwax
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Line Up //

X/319 - tau (live) [connwax, tau]
Carlotta Jacobi [connwax, feat. fem]
Qiu [connwax, ifz]
Taz [connwax]

Connwax is a Leipzig-based vinyl label and a party crew, founded in 2012. Since then, Connwax has been hosting parties, particularly at the infamous Institut für Zukunft (IfZ), where the events have become a longterm favorite among Leipzig ravers. Just like their parties, connwax records are known for quality techno without compromises. Quite recently Connwax dropped a new record, Connwax 06:

X/319 is featured on Connwax’ latest release and will play a live set at the event. He also released his EP „effekt“ on his own imprint „tau“ and very recently contributed to IfZ’s „5 I V E“-compilation. His sound aesthetics span from puristic droning textures to abstract and minimalist rhythmic figures. Making use of his modular synthesizer as an improvisational instrument with focus on advanced waveform synthesis, he will perform a unique techno live set.


Carlotta Jacobi is a Leipzig-based techno DJ and producer from Hamburg and Stockholm. With her precise taste in abstract yet danceable techno, she creates gloomy and driving atmospheres. She is member of the Connwax-team, organizes music production workshops for FLINT-people in Leipzig and engages in local network Feat. Fem(inism), thriving for more visibility for females* in the field of electronic music and club culture.


Do you know TAZ? No? Well, he may be one of the most underrated DJs around Leipzig, collecting and mixing records since the early 90s (true story). He´s co-founder of Connwax records releasing quality techno for the under- and overground without compromises while throwing parties at the famous Institut für Zukunft and various off-locations in and near Leipzig. With three decks (!) he is mixing the records from the depths of his next level record collection which weighs more than a ton causing him real troubles while living in a way too small apartment.


For two decades Qiu has shaped the techno scene in Leipzig - being a resident at Institut für Zukunft, hosting various events and running Connwax Label. His sound? Techno.

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23:59 // Suicide Circus / Revaler Straße x Warschauer Brücke
Tickets via RA https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1271164