26.04.2018, 23:55

Suicide Club - Rituals hosted by Lucindo

Flyer für: Suicide Club - Rituals hosted by Lucindo
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Axhan Sonn (Lord Cal)
Desolato (OBSCUUR Records)
Lucindo (3TH records)

What does a good club night actually look like? The almost claustrophobic atmosphere, the sweaty bodies heaving together at the gate to the underworld. A hint of musk is in the air. You move through the labyrinth of corridors as through the buds of a flower to enjoy the subtlety of detail here and there. The brutal concrete floor glowing in the semi-darkness, the gleaming oak ceiling panel shimmering at different heights, while above the scene the gigantic mirror-ball floated the room into a glittering sea of sparkle - accessible and perceptible. Please stay discreet! Axhan Sonn, Desolato and Lucindo are responsible for the soundtrack, which takes place in the distinguished ambience of the nightly theme park. It will be Techno, rugged and edgy. Industrial, acid, breaks and a hint of ambient for the big stunt.