22.04.2023, 23:59

Tresor - J.A.W x Space Grapes w/ Danilo Plessow (MCDE) Red Greg, Another Taste (live)

J.A.W x Space Grapes Records Takeover @ Globus (Tresor)

Danilo Plessow (MCDE) & Red Greg all night long
Another Taste (live) Berlin concert debut

Another Taste is composed of:
Bobby van Putten (Keys)
Barend Lippens (Keys)
Teun van Zoggel (drums)
Sarina A. Voorn (vocal)
Bob Roche (bass)
Florian Verhagen (guitar)
Diogo Torres De Caravalho (perc)


For our return to Globus, we’re thrilled to go back to our all-time favorite formula, bringing both dj & live back together again on the same night.

This April 22 we are taking over one more time the iconic Berlin space for a special collaboration together with the much loved label Space Grapes Records, featuring none other than Another Taste performing live alongside Danilo Plessow (MCDE) and Family own Red Greg playing all night long.

Founded by Bobby van Putten and Danilo Plessow, the label's first releases caught the immediate attention of music heads. The label’s band Another Taste is a Holland-based 7 piece group born out of a studio recording session. Taking its influences from the 70-80s eras, with an undisputed love among others for the music of Don Leroy Burgess, the band found their sound in the beauty of imperfection. No computers, straight-up feels instead.

Supported by Initiative Musik Neustart Kultur