30.11.2019, 15:30

Tresor - Frei(T)räume: Public Day of Nights 2019 - Stadt Nach Acht

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On Saturday, November 30th, 2019, Berlin’s renown club Tresor.Berlin (OFFICIAL)’ will be hosting the 4th annual public day of the Nights - Stadt Nach Acht 2019 - Nightlife Conference t - Frei(T)räume conference. Since 2016, curators Liese Kingma and Bogomir Doringer have been creating a vast, worldwide network of underground electronic music pioneers and activists who have been using music as an effective tool for social change.

Now in 2019 - with the ever growing threat of gentrification, right-wing populism and climate change - the social, cultural and political importance of free spaces and dance floors also steadily increases. This year’s two main theme groups - Dance & Space of Urgency - will offer the stage to a wide variety of dedicated musicians, scientists, and urban change-makers who are all at the forefront of their respective movements, and are effectively causing a cross-pollination of the local and international rave and club-culture communities around the globe.

Visionary underground electronic music collectives from Georgia, Palestine, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, USA, Australia and all across the EU, will emphasize their own unique urgent situations surrounding the topics of Dance and Space of Urgency. In times of personal and collective crisis the goal is to reflect, exchange and discuss solution-based approaches with local cultural actors and activists from Berlin.

During the day, the culturally historic club space of Tresor.Berlin (OFFICIAL) will be hosting a Red Light Radio livestream, workshops, discussions and screenings. At night the conference will transform into a ‘Dance & Space of Urgency’ club night at Tresor resonating and amplifying the sounds of some of the conference’s key speakers.

Opening Performance from 23:00 - 00:00 @ Globus by
Dance of Urgency: African/American Sonic Resistance - an UR special audio-visual project by Cornelius Harris and Mark Flash

Online conference ticket gives acces to :
Tresor Klubnacht: Dance & Space of Urgency
Resident Advisor


Mark Flash (Depth Charge, UNDERGROUND RESISTANCE, Detroit)
Mike Banks (Depth Charge, UNDERGROUND RESISTANCE, Detroit)
Cornelius Harris (UNDERGROUND RESISTANCE, Detroit)
Red Light Radio
Naja Orashvili (BASSIANI, Horoom Nights, Georgia)
Dimitri Hegemann, Tresor.Berlin (OFFICIAL), Kraftwerk, Happy locals, Berlin)
Ayebatonye (Irregular Fit, Sydney)
Debbie Griffith(Spiral Tribe, France,)
Steven Raspa (Burning Man Project, U.S.A)
Chiara Baldini (Boom Festival Official, Portugal)
Anna Pilipenko, Holzmarkt25, Berlin)
Maya Baklanova (Схема, Ukraine)
Arcangelo de Castris (Macao, IT)
marum (mina, Lissbon)
Rojeh Khleif, Jazar Krew, Palestine)
Natig Ismayil, iN, (Azerbijan)
KILLA Lecken,(Berlin)
Jan Beddegenoodts ( CAMELTOWN, Belgium)
Eva de Klerk, NDSM, Amsterdam)
Julian Jansen, Manucipality of Amsterdam)
Brigitte Felderer, Social Design - Arts as Urban Innovation, Vienna)
Ella Overkleeft, Trans Europe Halles, Amsterdam, Sweden)
Kelina Gotman,Choreomania, London)
Extinction Rebellion
Omsk Social Club
Rave awareness
Kollektiv Spieltrieb e.V.



DATE / STADT: November 30th, 2019 / Berlin
REGISTRATION FEE: from 10 Euro >> early bird
INFORMATION: www.freitraeume.com