01.03.2019, 23:00

Untertage - Lecken

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It’s odd, she reflected, how you can get into a scene and lose some of your inhibitions and go , and while it’s happening, you think you’ll do anything, but of course you won’t … Under severe and continuous pain, the soul reaches a certain kind of clarity. Confusion and hope can’t be tolerated … No, it’s better to scream freely, without restraint, to plead for mercy, to struggle beautifully, to sweat and strain, to be marked and marked again, to ask what wants, to agree to everything says, to ask for more if that is what wants, to confess, to grunt like a pig or howl like a dog, to promise anything—anything—if only it will stop.

—Pat/rick Califia, “The Surprise Party”



CARMEN 16 [Lecken]

live coding by Alexandra Cardenas & accordion/voice by Camilla Vatne Barrat-Due

S RUSTON [Lecken]

YRZCK [Studio 69]

Stickers & Lightboxes: https://instagram.com/leonallez


Dress code: UN/dress the fuck up!!!!!


Lecken is an dance party with a strong commitment to the dance floor, grounded in feminist and trans-inclusive politics. Looking to charge playfulness and expand potential forms of connection and conviviality, we work to center the needs of women* and femme-identifying people as conscious architects, rather than passive objects, of . Transformation proceeds from the concerns of the most vulnerable.