04.03.2017, 22:00

Urban Spree - Kids On Wax Birthday Bash

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Kids On Wax is coming back on 4th, March with Platinum Pork's birthday bash!

++ Main Floor ++

2200-000 Ralf Difoggia
000-200 Platinum Pork
200-400 Arbus Paik

++ Basement Floor ++

2200-2300 whysitsosunny
2300-000 JuNe
000-100 whysitsosunny
100-230 DJ Solenoid
230-415 Salvo Salvatore
415-End yuymouse

Resident Advisor

---------- about Platinum Pork ----------
Platinum Pork is known as House and Techno music DJ and Producer. He traveled more than 50 countries and was inspired by many kind of music after he finished the master's degree in information technology. Then, he decided to move to Berlin from Tokyo in 2014. He organize his own party "Kids on Wax" and "Harmonize" in Berlin.

---------- about Arbus Paik ----------

Arbus Paik (aka Marco Tabacchi) is a Berlin-based dj & producer.
Born and raised up in Italy, and being through many musical influences, he decides to explore the idea of a modern approach to electronic music yet maintaining a connection with the past.
Deep basses, pads, vocals, flutes, and house techno drums is what you find in his productions and Live sets, while DJsets explore house and techno from the 90’s so far.

---------- about Solenoid ----------

Solenoid is an Italian composer, performer, DJ and techno producer.
Having no less than 15 years experience in the field of classical composition, his extensive musical background is the spirit behind his techno. Based in Berlin since a decade, his techno feeds off the emotional ruin, renovation, and energy of the city and its people creating a sense of escape and ecstasy with its offensive, nightmarish and powerfully dynamic elements. Released by: mind field records (Berlin) bunk3r r3cords (Berlin) sub records (Berlin) aremun records mahaba records sound of square criminal records kaze records iElektronix Clonk records NuZone records Picche records

---------- about IVANOVNA ----------

Growing up with a high affinity for everything connected with sound, IVANOVNA already produced a diversity of music starting with ambient, classical and soundtrack oriented tracks over to Dubstep, Techno and Jungle and is now working on more experimental vibes that have already been featured as a live set. Currently located in Berlin, she selected her favorite underground and downtempo record for the upcoming Sake Festival.

---------- about Ralf Difoggia ----------

Ralfdifoggia is a man of many talents / French deep player and producer. Established himself in scene of London, Paris and now Berlin as an passionate music creator

---------- about Whysitsosunny ----------

listening, buying, playing & mixing records for people to dance to

---------- about yuymouse ----------

Drifting from far east Japanese capital Tokyo to Berlin, yuymouse pour her pure love to sink herself and others into the grooviness and funkiness found from East to West. It includes her favorites - such as disco,funk masterpieces, deep US influenced houses, or sometimes just law freaky stuff from middle of nowhere - waiting to be patched to one place.