06.05.2016, 23:00

Urban Spree - MisShapenEchoes #9 [dialectic clubmusic]

Flyer für: Urban Spree - MisShapenEchoes #9 [dialectic clubmusic]
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Nothing exists without rhythm: Moons that turn around earths, leaves that turn into dust, human bodies moving to music. Just saying, as our next MSE session at Urban Spree is focused on the kinetics of dancemusic.

El Ninho [Interzone/Impulse Berlin]
1Way LIVE [Interzone, 19th studio]
kunstschach [MisShapenEchoes]
Kl.ne LIVE [aphtc/MisShapenEchoes]
CRΞSC [aphtc/MisShapenEchoes]

In the 9th edition we host El Ninho and 1Way, who are not just some handsome soundbwoys but also sharing our love for dialectic clubmusic. Together they run Interzone, known for some legendary parties at OHM Berlin and their monthly podcasts which is an important musical outlet of “the odd & the strange”.

Expect a night with viscous drones, euphoric dub experiments, odd breakbeats and shadowy techno. While kunstschach, CRΞSC and El Ninho will serve you with bassheavy yet delicate DJ sets between OLDSCHOOL RAP, BROKEN TECHNO, STUMBLING UK GARAGE & NIGHT SLUGS HOUSE, Kl.ne will present an exclusive live set between EROTIC HI HATS and EUPHORIC BREAKBEATS while 1 Way will perform an EXPERIMENTAL AMBIENT DRONE set.

El Ninho

MisShapenEchoesOfWellSeemingForms is a Berlin based music collective dedicated to support experimental sounds, dialectical (club-) music and sonic futurism.