07.03.2019, 20:00

Urban Spree - Voidance Showcase

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While operating in its third year and with three releases out it is finally time for the first ever Voidance showcase. For this event we invite recent and upcoming label artists as well as affiliates.
Live sets will include Meer, presenting his take on industrial sonorities, occult rhythms, arabic references and electric guitar improvisations, Llimbs from Malta with his vision of slower, dark and industrialised electronic music as well as Furor - the fusion between audiovisual artists unn and Meer, exploring the mechanisms of dystopia and dark romanticism by capitalizing on their vision and approach of the reality.
In addition there will be DJ sets by Chafik Chennouf, label head of Leyla Records and responsible for the last two releases on Voidance together with Katsunori Sawa, one of our all time favorite acts Oake (who just recently released a long awaited new EP on 47) and Voidance label head Dim Light.

Chafik Chennouf
Meer (live)
Llimbs (live)
FUROR (live a/v)
Dim Light

Come, immerse yourself, bang your head, dance with us!