12.06.2016, 14:00

Urban Spree - Lily of the Valley - 2nd Edition

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::◇ Lily of the Valley Festival - 2nd Edition ::◇

Still stunned by the amazing vibes from our debut night we are happy to announce the second edition of the Lily of the Valley Series.
The lineup consisting of some of our favorite
music selectors and producers out there, will guarantee you a day and night of genreblind musical rapture.

From Don't Dj´s rhythmelodic grooves & Escle´s outernational gem archive upstairs, to the sublime Dub Techno excursions of Maxim Wolzyn in the basement, every floor will soothe your ears with exquisite musical selections.

If you don't feel like going crazy on the dancefloor, the vast garden area will be perfect to sit back and enjoy the summer with music by your hosts Cher Monsieur and Renzo joined by Special Guest Menqui.

::◇ GARDEN ::◇

Menqui (Non Dogma, Planet Almanac)
Renzo (Lily of the Valley)
Cher Monsieur (Lily of the Valley)

::◇ MAIN ROOM ::◇

Don't Dj (SEXES, Berceuse Heroique)
Esclé (Pracht, Sinstruct. Ein Festival der Art art.)

::◇ BASEMENT ::◇

Maxim Wolzyn (SVS Records, Paradise Now)

::◇ ::◇:: ◇:: ◇:: ◇:: ◇:: ◇:: ◇:: ◇:: ◇:: ◇::

5 Euro nice price


You can get some beautiful Ink at Amor de Madre #Berlin wich is the new Tattoo Studio at Urban Spree !


Delicious Cous Cous by Cous Cous der Welt


Perfect Burgers from Tommi's Burger Joint wich will come with their new Food Truck !