19.10.2018, 21:30

Urban Spree - IOD Presents: Coal / Unconscious / Verset Zero / Koichi Shimizu

Flyer für: Urban Spree - IOD Presents: Coal / Unconscious / Verset Zero / Koichi Shimizu
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Violent, fast electronic thrash. Coal is a duo newly formed in Berlin, Anthony Arcana best known for his solo production moniker (Ayarcana) and Oliver Kohlenberg both come from a background of metal and punk and have found themselves in the electronic scene. The mix of their music taste and their personalities has made coalʼs sound a rare type of chaos, fast rhythms and noisy mess.

- Unconscious (IT)
Unconscious was founded as a way to communicate raw, post-industrial sound explorations, dressed with hard grooves and intense, powerful bass. Frequent trips to Berlin and throughout Europe widened the scope of the project, playing an influential role in the development of his sound, becoming a home away from Italy, it was in Berlin that Unconscious’ artistic direction manifested, the output is aimed at full body, moving dancefloors. Since 2017, has focused on live, hardware heavy performances – pushing dark and sonorous, danceable music through the distorted lens of Unconscious.


- Verset Zero (FR)
Verse Zero explores the limits the darkness within electronic music, plunging his listeners into strange, heavy & oppressive atmospheres. Mainly oriented towards industrial music, he does not hesitate to draw his creative inspiration from various musical nuances like post-punk, drone, noise, doom and Black metal.
Verset Zero verse is the secret verse of the bible, the forgotten story of creation, a declaration of love tortured with darkness, violence and blasphemy. He just released his new album 'Ultimum Offerens' on Clan Destine Records.


- Koichi Shimizu(JPN)
Bangkok based Japanese artist. After more than 10 years of his carrier, Shimizu finally released 1st full album “Otolary” in 2015, and starts focusing on his own music activity again. With his fully hardware set up, Shimizu has been performing live in several cities in South East Asia, Japan and Korea. And in 2016, he has toured Europe for the first time with Berlin based artist Inner8 also known as member of Techno duo Dadub.
In 2016, he has contributed one track for debut compilation album by Korean underground collective Constant Value. And in January 2017, he has released “Wholetone EP” from Berlin based new label HOLOTONE.
Since 2015, Shimizu has been touring several countries with Thai film director Apichatpong Weerasethakul's 1st theater work “Fever Room” as a sound designer/engineer. In 2017, he has produced compilation album “METAPHORS / Selected Soundworks from the Cinema of Apichatpong Weerasethakul” and released from Headz (Japan), Subrosa (EU) and Kick The Machine (Thailand).

DJ sets by Rell, AGENCY & Luna Vassarotti