28.06.2019, 20:00

Urban Spree - Mueran Humanos Operant Philipp Strobel Sam de la Rosa Eyes Gone

Mueran Humanos (record release show/screening), + OPERANT, Philipp Strobel, Sam de la Rosa/., EYES GONE

Urban Spree and Mueran Humanos invite you to the release celebration of Hospital Lullabies, MH third album, along with friends and comrades.

This event is intended to be an immersive experience and we need you to make it happen.

Live, raw, in the flesh.

This definitive statement of an album, will be presented along with its companion piece, an experimental home movie made by member Carmen Burguess, which will be premiered in the basement. X-Rated. Low Cost and Non-Sense.

Afterwards is a special summer debauchery party with DJs.


"Hospital Lullabies" by Carmen Burguess

Mueran Humanos (Cinema Paradiso/Berlin)
Operant (Instruments of Discipline/Berlin)
Eyes Gone (Berlin)

Philipp Strobel (Berlin/ aufnahme + wiedergabe)
Sam De la Rosa (Texas/ Mannequin Records, ex Led Er Est)