25.12.2015, 23:00

VOID - Connected 1.6 //by Sub Nature (X.masSpecial)

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"When we dance we go beyond thought, beyond mind, and beyond our own individuality to become One in the Divine Ecstasy of Union with the Cosmic Spirit.
This is the essence of the Trance Dance Experience.

It's important especially for musicians and DJ's, to realize the Full potential of what Music and Dance can do.
A musician or a Dj can be a guide, and help open people up to that very special type of experience." -Goa Gil

Psy Floor~

Walhalla Project // NutriaDance rec

Kazulu // Alice-D Production

Gato Locuo // Sub Nature Soundsystem

Illtis Sativa // Sub Nature Soundsystem

Atreyu Project // Quantum Digits rec.

Dullbell // Sub Nature Soundsystem

Glandula // Sub Nature Soundsystem

Techno Floor~

Andre Sonoro B2B Bämbus // Sub Nature Soundsystem

Memmelmann //

Goldmariechen // Magdalena // Sub Nature Soundsystem

Madame // Setisfaction

Eugen Haupt // Goldhand Rec.

Jimmy&Wenzel *LIVE* // Real Berlin Tunes



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