18.05.2023, 23:00

Watergate - Bloom - Secret Lineup

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Hypnotic driving techno, from deep / rhythmic to raw densities -
The lineup will remain secret

“Existence is defined by the rhythm of all forces in natural balance. It is our appreciation and respect towards the eternal dance of these forces that allows us to see clearly the rhythms of Nature and align with it. Everything moves. Nothing ever rests. Maybe that’s why, in the wilderness of the night, we offer ourselves to Nature and its forces through dance.
Without even knowing”
With BLOOM - We want to reflect through the liberating forms of dance, unity, ritual & community. Building a safe environment bound in a quality Techno scent, with the hopes of keeping the focus on the dance floor, and each other.

°Waterfloor focus
°Terrace Open
°Rooted DJ line up
°A space to feel free
°Techno adventures
Time table will be available at the venue and tickets only at the door.
Feel free to join our Telegram group for some special hints!
Secret Line up / Rhythm / Hypnotic / Trust / Rethinking / Community / Secrecy / No
Racism / No Discrimination / No homophobia / No photo / No video
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