20.09.2019, 23:59

Zur Klappe - Frauengedeck meets Killekill

Flyer für: Zur Klappe - Frauengedeck meets Killekill
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For our next Frauengedeck we will take over a pretty intimate and charming dancefloor. We invited two DJs from Killekill to join us for a hopefully wonderful night at Zur Klappe.

Monya [Live]
(Killekill, Corresponding Positions)


Sabine Hoffmann
(Frauengedeck, OYE Record Store, Point Collective)

Founded four years ago, Frauengedeck sees itself as a collective for female DJs. The electronic music scene has been addressing the lack of recognition for female DJs for quite a few years now. We are living in a new era, where more and more woman try to find satisfaction and love in music. They work hard to build up something and be a part of that tough business. Frauengedeck wants to support and present female DJs in their ambitions.

Special thanks going out to Leonard Posso for the flyer/ posterdesign and to Nina Klein for the wonderful pictures we are allowed to use!

Watch out and never forget Frauengedeck's most important rule: All genders are welcome!!!

RA Event: https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1307992