Rosis Berlin

Secret Source
We are back at the Secret Floor in Rosi's with TECHNO Music All Night Long:

Anton Johnsen ( Suspekt Records )


Serendubity: Winterdubwende // Rosis Berlin
Saturday, December 2nd, 2017 // 21:00

Following a lengthy journey into the depths of the multiverse, we finally return to our beloved Rosis, joined by another all-star ensemble of basstronauts from the furthest reaches of the Serendubity galaxy!

Main Floor
Dub // Steppas // Dubstep // Bass

Plug Dub Soundsystem (Leipzig)
with sound system and crew!

JahYu (Tripedal Crow Records / Steppas Records // Hamburg)

T-Jah *live* (Dubwiseradio // Chemnitz)

Catitah Steppah (Serendubity // Berlin)

Dubelgänger (Serendubity // Berlin)

Second Floor
Roots // Reggae // Ska // Jungle // Drum & Bass

Julie Oneness (Roots Daughter // Berlin)

Yugo Taguchi (Roots Temple / JP)

Jimi Handtrix & Tommy Lexxus (Higher Ground Recordings / Bassism / Serendubity // Berlin)

Meta (Serendubity // Berlin)

I-tal P (Serendubity // Berlin)

Benjammin (Serendubity // Berlin)

The lounge area will be open again for a live dubbing and chill out session some time during the night!

Joe Redubbed (Serendubity // Berlin) & Friends

more to be announced!

Wintergarten / Courtyard
In the Wintergarten you'll have the perfect opportunity to hang out with some friends, listen to the opening concert at 21:00, and nod your head or shake a leg to some funky beats!

Abass Ndiaye & Friends *live* (Kelele // Berlin)

The Soulvendor (Tropical Timewarp // Berlin)

Biebaß (Graogramann Hi-Fi // Berlin)

Dub Seb (Serendubity // Berlin)

The Cook (Serendubity // Berlin)

Serendipitous Surprises
As always we'll have more than a few treats waiting for you!

Proper Sound System
Warm Food
Chillout Lounge
Kicker & Pinball
Custom decorations
and much more!

Serendubity: Winterdubwende
December 2nd, 2017 // Rosis Berlin
Revalerstraße 29, 10245 Berlin
Doors open at: 21.00

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Artwork by Martin Engelbogen

Refugees Welcome
No isms, no schisms
Strictly unity vibes!

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