From techstep and neurofunk gems digged from the vinyl ...
... to deep minimal rollers released a week ago
From Blue Note era classics ...
... to unknown and unlabeled music from the future


UPZET (VOID Berlin, Out of Mind Berlin) DJ Upzet
The honcho of Void club playing a special neuro funk classics set for us!

YORU (Grand Hand, Bassport, GD-Sessionz)
Expect very dark sound from one of the most original DJs of the drum'n'bass scene of Berlin.

DJ STANISLAS (Steppaz Convention, Tricky Tunes)
The owner of the legendary Tricky Tunes vinyl store bringing his classic techstep selection!

DUFF (refloat)
Duff from the Refloat crew warming up with laid back and properly chopped bits from the past!

PRINZENZ (Blasted)
Meet the newest member of the Blasted crew - Prinzenz will be playing at Lauschangriff with us for the first time!

MOLECULAR STRUCTURES (Medschool, Basswerk, Blasted)
Get ready for old Optical bits and obscure tunes from the future.

AGEM (Blasted) DJ Agem

From old Subtitles to deep rollers of 2019.

START 21:00!!!

Alternative absinth bar with free kicker and a cosy dancefloor in the basement. 5 minutes walk from U-Bhf Frankfurter Tor.

BLASTED Blasted DNB Berlin
Underground drum'n'bass since 2014.

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