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Eclectique x dBs Music Berlin
Modular synthesizer Interactive Workshop w/ Stefan

A theoretical and practical introduction into the mysterious world of Modular synthesis.
WEDNESDAY 19.02.2020 from 19 to 22:30 ://about party
TEACHER: Stefan Knauthe (EMP Tutor dBs Music Berlin) is a music producer, composer and synthesist with a lifelong passion for sound and electronic music. Having been Berlin based since 1988, he has witnessed and contributed to the city’s rise to capital of electronic music. Over the last decades, Stefan has worked with many leading artists who emerged from this dynamic and inspired scene. Becoming an Ableton Certified Trainer in 2012, he now concentrates on his career as a education professional and teaches on several course units at dBs Berlin Music. He also runs regular workshops about modular synthesis with appearances at large conventions such as Superbooth and Loop. [stefanknauthe.com]
- Differences between a modular synth and a pre-patched synth
- Technical specs
- Function of modules
- Hands on patching
- Using a sequencer
- and more.
You can bring your own modules!
Requirements: registration buying the ticket on eventbrite
requests and info via e-mail: presseclectiqueberlin@gmail.com
about Eclectique Workshop series:
The "Eclectique Workshop Series" take a place in ://About Blank.
The purpose of the workshop series is to extend Eclectique’s education offering beyond the bi-monthly music events to continue throughout the year into deep music knowledge, by partnering with education institutions and equipment manufacturers.
In doing so we'd like to make Eclectique’s positioning as a platform to discover electronic music culture, science and education within Berlin, extending and deepening the way of living the club, also as a social, cultural, and learning place; where the interests of many come together and can be deepened.
Format of the workshops:
The workshops will take place during the day on Wednesday in ://About Blank, from 7pm till 10-10:30pm. Attendees will need confirm the participation for the event hosting the workshop beforehand to register their interest and buying the ticket in Eventbrite.

Viel Spass!
Inst: https://www.instagram.com/eclectique_berlin/

Talismann (talismann)
Viscerale (Ved Siden Af)
Miran N (Edge Detection)
Ika Duchna (Monochrom)

Welcome to the first Monochrom night.
Monochrom stands for direct Harddance/Hardgroove from the late 90ies to the early 2000s. In combination with tribal and modern Techno, a massive rave is guaranteed.

RA: https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1362385

artwork by Silica Design

Izzi Bizzi

Basic Instinct
Friedrich Raphael
Ruede Hagelstein
Amin Fallaha

27th February we celebrate the first Schlau party of the year! Summon some divine energies for the new decade by dancing your little asses off honeyz. We are welcoming D.Tiffany and ĀBNAMĀ, two super exciting talents on the dance music scene that are sure to get the party popping, along with SCHLAU residents. Expect spaced out furor, pumping rhythms and a hole lot of hoeing. See you there!

Line Up:

D. Tiffany (Planet Euphorique)

ĀBNAMĀ (Dump,Climax)



Schlau means being clever and ingenious in what you do. And we will try to bring the best of life together in a clever and ingenious way by combining the three vital party elements good music, good vibes and good surroundings and let you bring the fourth and indispensable element: good party people.

At Schlau, it is up to you to put yourself in focus and we want you to come completely as you are - by any means! All colours are beautiful is one of our main mantras. The same is all genders and sexualities. Besides that, you shall wear what you want to wear. We have no dress code but we expect you to look yourself in the mirror and like what you see! We don’t expect you to dress to impress – unless you want to impress yourself! We don’t expect you to show skin unless that it’s your way to win or you have a desire to seek for sin!"

The music that will delight your souls and bring the four elements to the next level is delivered to you by local upcoming artists. We seek to help people turn good to better – both behind the desks and in front of the speakers.


Artwork by Andy El Kanani - https://www.andyelkanani.com
28. February 2020 / Doors Open 7pm
://about blank / Markrafendamm 24c

Ana Helder ( Cómeme / Müstique )
B.Traits ( In Toto / Drumcode )
BLACK ANTHEM RESTORE ( Disobedient Circumstance / Shitlabel )
Frau Braun ( Radio Banda Larga / Transounds )
Golden Medusa ( Leisure System )
Hara Katsiki (...)
Natascha Kann ( ://about blank )
Sky Deep ( Reveller Records / Female:Pressure )

Doors Open : 7pm

20.00 Uhr Film und Lesung
Film: Das melancholische Mädchen, Susanne Heinrich
Lesung: Women Writing Berlin Lab

23.00 Uhr Party
Ana Helder ( Cómeme / Müstique )
B.Traits ( In Toto / Drumcode )
BLACK ANTHEM RESTORE ( Disobedient Circumstance / Shitlabel )
Frau Braun ( Radio Banda Larga / Transounds )
Golden Medusa ( Leisure System )
Hara Katsiki (...)
Natascha Kann ( ://about blank )
Sky Deep ( Reveller Records / Female:Pressure )

Disobedient Circumstance startet das Jahr 2020 mit hochkarätigen internationalen acts. Aus Canada B.Traits und aus Argentinien Ana Helder. In bester Gesellschaft von Golden Medusa, Label und Eventmanagerin von Leisure System, blank Resident Natascha Kann und Disobedient Resident BLACK ANTHEM RESTORE. Sky Deep, Labelcheffin von Reveller Records kommt frisch von ihrer tour mit Peaches und trifft auf
die Discoqueen Hara Katsiki und Frau Braun, host bei Radio Banda Larga. Zuvor wird um 20.00 der Film ''Das melancholische Mädchen'' von Susanne Heinrich gezeigt, gefolgt von Lesungen des Women Writing Berlin Lab.
Patterns of Perception gets cosy for its first winter edition at ://about blank, with a program ranging from techno to contemporary electronic music, presented symbiotically across three floors. On top of a diverse program of international headliners booked for the MDF and Lobby floors, the Tent will also be transformed into an ambient/down-tempo space.


Patterns of Perception // Winter Edition
://about blank





Timnah Sommerfeldt


Antonio Giova (natural/electronic.system.)

Lara Palmer (Monument)


Andreas Maan


Kim Bergstrand

Steve Duncan

Bianca Jade & Zilka


RSVP on RA: https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1381457
2020 just kicked off and we’re itching to get back inside ://about blank’s walls
for the first Syncretism Nacht of the year. Hosting a dreamteam as lineup we'll be guided in a
12hours travel which aim to sonic enlightenment.

Info really soon.

RA: residentadvisor.net/events/1374923
_Techno Expedition_
> Black Lotus // Luminal rec., FLASH
> Mary Velo // Gynoid
> L e g o // Parabel
> Zusan // Section 8

_Funky Expedition_
> Anna Schreit

After entering its third year, our journey sets its course towards the sun. At the beginning of March it might be too presumptuous to seek warmth, however, the days are longer, the streets are brighter, and just a quick glimpse at our sailors will reveal the encouraging sight of careful optimism.

Despite the above said, this edition of our Expeditions might be darker than usual. Normally, the first half of our journey is lighter, more forgiving. This time, we're afraid that at least three thirds of our ship captains do not know the meaning of the term "light", when it comes to Techno. We know, it is the end of the winter and you need all the energy you can get in order to make that last step, before the first rays of sun can caress your faces. This, in so many words, is the concept behind this specific Expedition: to remind you that it is always the darkest before sunrise.

Remember: when it gets too obscure and too demanding, we shall wait for with the compete contrast in the garden tent. All you need to do is step out there, to the cold, for a brief moment, and let coziness guide your way.
Counterchange founder Inland (Ed Davenport) has compiled and mixed ‘Stream State’, his biggest project to date, bringing together over 20 artists in a DJ-ready compilation of colourful, diverse modern techno - release date 21.02.20.

For this Berlin launch of Stream State, Inland invites Joel Mull, Sophia Saze, Tripeo, Jamaica Suk and Berliners Arbitrage for a two room all-nighter at local institution :// about blank.

Joel Mull
Jamaica Suk

Sophia Saze


Various Artists - Stream State (Selected & Mixed by Inland)
4 x 12'' / Digital / Continuous Mix
Release Date: 21.02.20
Cover artwork by Erik Minter Art
(C) Counterchange 2020
Distributed by wordandsound.whatpeopleplay.com

From veterans and heroes like DJ Skull, Efdemin, Joel Mull, Boddika, Peter Van Hoesen, and Mark Broom (alongside Discrete Circuit), to a new echelon of up-and-coming talent like Rhyw, Sophia Saze, Jamaica Suk, Johanna Knutsson, Aiken, DJ Sodeyama - DJ/Producer, Perm and Felix Fleer, there’s an underlying thread of shimmering production values and close attention to detail in every track. Inland also selected debuts from Berlin based artists Fred Mann and Arbitrage, and welcomes back Bnjmn, P. Lopez and Distant Echoes to the label, now in its 7th year of operation.

Complete with a 90 minute continuous mix by Inland himself, the project celebrates over 15 years behind the decks and cements Davenport’s reputation not only as a tireless force in the studio, but as a trusted selector and curator of contemporary club music. Spanning deep idm-rooted studies, lush chord-driven euphoria, powerful modernist workouts and tough house-groove jackers, Davenport weaves an addictive mix full of character and his precision mixing style.

‘Stream State’ is Inland’s celebration of the DJ mix / compilation format. Enamoured with UK dance music culture in the mid 90s, the burning, illicit energy of early rave mixtapes left a huge impression. Mystical bootlegs recorded at mass gatherings in fields or late night Radio One transmissions captured on cassette – their eternal spirit was absorbed and cherished. Now more than 2 decades later, Davenport has channeled that fascination into this weighty collector’s item and a captivating continuous mix.

All 22 tracks included are new and original productions made by some of Inland’s favourite artists and colleagues. A network and a community – complied and presented by an artist who continues to demonstrate his longevity and unique voice in the scene.

VINYL Tracklist:

Record I
A1. Johanna Knutsson – Synthsakral
A2. Efdemin – Sequence 100
A3. Sophia Saze – Same Sane
B1. DJ Skull – Good Pain
B2. Patrik Skoog – Echophenomena

Record II
A1. Inland – Overthebrainbow
A2. Joel Mull – Cerritulus
B1. Arbitrage – HON
B2. Peter Van Hoesen – Twin Motive

Record III
A1. P. Lopez – Power G
A2. Perm – Busak
B1. Aiken – Second Law
B2. Jamaica Suk – Drumtaktics

Record IV
A1. Rhyw – Chisel
A2. Tripeo – Humble Bragging
B1. Fred Mann – Nacre
B2. Mark Broom & Discrete Circuit – MBDC 4
B3. Distant Echoes – Todo Muere

DJ mix / DIGITAL Tracklist:

01. Fred Mann - Nacre
02. BNJMN - Bayou
03. Felix Fleer - It's Ending
04. Boddika & Inland - Don't Dream
05. Jamaica Suk - Drumtaktics
06. Arbitrage - HON
07. Tripeo - Humble Bragging
08. DJ Skull - Good Pain
09. Mark Broom & Discrete Circuit - MBDC 4
10. Efdemin - Sequence 100
11. Aiken - Second Law
12. Inland - Overthebrainbow
13. P. Lopez - Power G
14. Perm - Busak
15. Joel Mull - Cerritulus
16. Peter Van Hoesen - Twin Motive
17. Patrik Skoog - Echophenomena
18. Rhyw - Chisel
19. DJ Sodeyama - TEST PTTRN 026
20. Sophia Saze - Same Sane
21. Distant Echoes - Todo Muere
22. Johanna Knutsson - Synthsakral

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