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im Zelt, in der Hütte und der MDF Bar

35.000 punx
Chris Kotze Kohl
DJ blazer // Blastfm.ch
Frinda di Lanco & Hendrik Stein
Marie Midori
skinnerbox LIVE
Sportbrigade Sparwasser
Wasn & Wunderwaffel

Artwork: Gino Fuchs Knisterfuchs offical
Teestübchen: Artur
Laser: Lasermax
Dresscode: Lässig
Redshape *live [delsin, running back]
Anja Zaube [nemorous rec.]
blackwall *live [opossum, sleeves]
T-Data [clear memory, L1CK]
nuúm b2b dwell [minds øn edge]
Lisaweta [wedding block resource]
Rodmin [://about blank]
Eau Thermale [sun sad, kabine zwei]
Wido Feld *live
Aurelia Dinamita [trash me, dis/tanz]
Danny Russell [jolly jams]
Grober Unfug

RA: www.residentadvisor.net/events/1318044

Honeckers Prestige-Bezirk Marzahn-Hellersdorf shows how to party. Die goldenen Zeiten des Prunks sind vorbei. Nun, da Kaviar und Schampus leer sind, ist Mensch in diesen harten Zeiten auf sich allein gestellt. Umso wichtiger scheint es, die Geldbeutel der Innenstädtler*innen zu plündern. Da sich diese jedoch selten auf unsere fern-östlichen Straßen bisher wagten, soll diese Soliparty dazu dienen.
In Europas größter Plattenbausiedlung schlummert eine ehemalige Kita, die nun als kultur-politische Insel im Plattenmeer ihr Dasein bestreitet. In den vergangenen Jahren fanden verschiedenste Projekte dort Unterschlupf – so auch das alternative Jugendzentrum La Casa. Die darin stattfindenden kulturellen und politischen Veranstaltungen sowie alle anderen Projekte werden durch ehrenamtliches Engagement ermöglicht. Neben Fleiß und Schweiß erfordert dies aber natürlich auch Geld - also her damit!
Unser Angebot: Ausschweifendes Feiern fürs gute Gewissen. Selten bringt der Besuch einer Bar, Tanzfläche oder Toilette so viele Karma-Points. Wir im Osten sagen dazu Win-Win-Win…
Basswell Homicid Records

Clara Cuvé Stock5

ILLNURSE Intervision

Irakli STAUB


MCMLXXXV Herrensauna

Noneoftheabove THEABOVE records

Scalameriya Perc (live)

Sunil Sharpe Earwiggle

Tommy Holohan HAVEN INTL

Wallis - jell Upperberry (live)
After just a few weeks from the previous Schlau Party we are coming back on the 30 of October to our favourite club: About Blank.

This time hosting two great DJs and exponents of the Uruguayan underground music scene. Their sound born in Montevideo is what makes them unique.
No need to introduce two big stars such as DJ KOOLT & OMAR!

Dj Koolt (Phonotheque)

OMAR (My own Jupiter)



Schlau means being clever and ingenious in what you do. And we will try to bring the best of life together in a clever and ingenious way by combining the three vital party elements good music, good vibes and good surroundings and let you bring the fourth and indispensable element: good party people.

At Schlau, it is up to you to put yourself in focus and we want you to come completely as you are - by any means! All colours are beautiful is one of our main mantras. The same is all genders and sexualities. Besides that, you shall wear what you want to wear. We have no dress code but we expect you to look yourself in the mirror and like what you see! We don’t expect you to dress to impress – unless you want to impress yourself! We don’t expect you to show skin unless that it’s your way to win or you have a desire to seek for sin!"

The music that will delight your souls and bring the four elements to the next level is delivered to you by local upcoming artists. We seek to help people turn good to better – both behind the desks and in front of the speakers.


Artwork by Andy El Kanani - https://www.instagram.com/elkananiandy/ -
The audiovisual project DELUSION from Bremen delivers its own sound, all around hard and deeply grooving techno with experimental spaces in between in coherence to light concepts which is all redefined on their own imprint.

This time inviting NEWA from Tbilisi, resident at one of the current clubs in Europe – Bassiani.
Releasing on Klockworks or Reclaim Your City, you’ll always find her specifically fast, dry, and grooving sound that fills up the floors worldwide.

Next to that there will be a live set from Berlins kind of mysterious act JANICE who got a lot of attention for releases on the same titled vinyl label.

Furthermore you will hear EKSERD of his very own Ressort Imprint on which he brings talented and well known artists around the scene together as well as releasing his own ravy tracks.

Hosts for the night will be SCRIPTED and STEFAN TEWS.

Newa BASSIANI, Klockworks
Janice Live JANICE
Ekserd Ressort Imprint
Scripted Delusion
Stefan Tews Delusion
Blank Generation X objekt klein a


Tensal [MORD PoleGroup]
Tasker [Whities]
Anna Adams [objekt klein a]
Nono [objekt klein a]
Albrecht Wassersleben [objekt klein a]
Dr. Pop [objekt klein a]
Barbara Hofmann [://about blank]
CF2000 [Aktuelle Birthdaybude]
Jessamine [://about blank]

"Eine Autobahnkirche für Trinker & Träumer", so lautet die passende Selbstbeschreibung des objekt klein a. Auch wenn wir von Autobahnen hier nicht so gerne hören, so eint uns doch die gemeinsame Liebe für Eskapismus.
Eingeladen haben wir dazu "Whities"-Labelgründer Tasker aus London, bekannt für seine Selektionen und DJ Skills. Komplettiert wird die Lobby von den objekt klein a Residents Anna Adams und Dr. Pop.
Seit mittlerweile fast 20 Jahren prägt Hector Sandoval die spanische Techno Szene mit Valentin Corujo als Exium. Kommend von industriellerem Techno, entwickelten sie mehr und mehr ihren eigenen, treibenden Sound. Seit 2014 veröffentlicht er diesen auch alleine als Tensal. Eingerahmt wird er von Nono und Barbara Hofmann.
Im Zelt werden CF2000, Albrecht Wassersleben und Jessamine kompetent durch die Nacht in den nächsten Tag führen.

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:: 4 jahre darkroom molton fummeln
On Thursday 7th November On the 5th Day turns 5 and what better way to celebrate than with an On the 5th Day showcase at one of our favourite Berlin techno haunts, ://about blank.

Our guest artists were a no brainer - the wildly talented Hydrangea who will be starting the night off in the best possible way, luring you in with her deep, magnetic sound, followed by us (Abstract Man) with the honour of being the sandwich filling, handing the decks over to our beloved Svreca to close of proceedings, pushing us to the limits in all the right ways.

It’s been the BIGGEST pleasure getting to know team behind this perfectly uncomplicated sanctuary - a haven for the true music lover looking to escape, connect, unite and feel alive. We couldn't be happier to be celebrating 5 epic years with the support of such a wonderful crew of music lovers behind us - you included!

Get Friday booked off and come join us for a full on 5th Dayering!

With love

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