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The Sumatran rhinoceros has become extinct in Malaysia, thousands of koalas are burning in wildfires, and there's almost more plastic in the ocean than fish. We're still dancing, but how much longer? How will you make this next decade better? Bye bye, twenty-tens!

We are accepting donations at the door for Survival International. There is no protecting the Amazon without Indigenous communities leading the way. Survival International recognizes this imperative and works to amplify the voices of Indigenous leaders.

Artwork by johannadenke.com
One last time this year, Strictly will treat you sweet and be aware - your first wishes already came true: It will be a Saturday so no excuse for the working society!

Good kids don't unpack all presents before festivities start so we'll keep you excited with a SECRET AACCTT this time, surrounded by this angelic society:

Interstellar Funk [Rush Hour, Artificial Dance]
Klex & Liosh [Strictly Strictly]
Lakehead [Strictly Strictly]
Mathis Ruffing [Banlieue, Strictly Strictly]
Neele [Institut für Zukunft]
Polygraphic Hate Alliance [Strictly Strictly]
Qnete - LiVE! [QC, 777]
Solid Blake [SSPB, Outer Zone]
Stojche [Tangible Assets, a.r.t.less]
Vivian Koch [Omnidisc, a.r.t.less]
+ ????????? []

If this is not enough parcels for you to unbox already, we'll have some more containing 300 copies of STRICT005! 6 ultra fast-paced E-lectro bangers of freshest Mathis Ruffing!

Rejoicing in that sparkle in your eyes!!
Blanks with Benefits 24.12.2019

gegen mitternacht flatterbanden wir aus dem abendländischen gehege, um uns in guter traditionspflege zu einer benefiziären schlittenfahrt auf lobby, mdf und im zelt zu versammeln. klarheit bedeutet uns gemeinhin nicht viel, wohl aber, dass die weihnachtliche abendkasse dem büro für medizinische flüchtlingshilfe, der seenotrettung von mission lifeline, solidarischem wohnen, antirassistischen einzelfallhilfen und den lovelazers zugutekommen wird. die lange nacht der wunschzettel- und lieblings-djs wird anlassgemäß im evakuierungszelt ausklingen, wenn sich unsere old-school-residents diwa und jessamine zu einem plus de saveur-revival hinreißen lassen. shake your glitz for blanks with benefits!

amperia (autopoiesis / polymotion)
bocaj (deep club denver)
colors (zero lametta)
diashi (mikrodisko)
dj teichkind (hüphop-set)
hagen richter (het)
kwaint (://about blank)
le.fu (südpol, hh)
plus de saveur aka diwa b2b jessamine (://about blank)
samo rane (mercy ambient)
smilla (caramba!rec)

support: https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1356207
As every year we are celebrating on the 25th of december our christmas party at the beloved ABOUT BLANK.

Charly Schaller (Edge Detection // Level Delta)
Digitate (Factory Berlin)
Edward Ean (Factory Berlin)
Panthera Krause (Riotvan)
Hans Terner b2b lip (HTD - Hannover Tanzt Draußen)
Maximilian Hiller aka Dirty Frequenz (HTD - Hannover Tanzt Draußen)
meggy (Savour The Moment)
Mørbeck (Code Is Law)
Philip Bader (DUNKL)
Skelesys (Cobra Cave, Ombra International)
Spinoza (Factory Berlin)
Sylvie Maziarz (Berlina für Techno)
27. DECEMBER 2019 / 3 FLOORS

(discos atónicos / killekill / cultivated electronics)
(disobedient circumstance)
(ostgut ton, cómeme)
Cera Khin
fr. JPLA
(ifz / no show)
Laura de Vasconcelos
Nathan die Weise
(://about blank)
Sabine Hoffmann
That F?cking Sara
(queen of hiphop)

Movie: Vulva 3.0
(Claudia Richarz, Ulrike Zimmermann)

Reading: Women Writing Berlin Lab

Ein Jahr Disobedient Circumstance geblankt:
Female empowerment is the key!
Diesmal wird auf 3 Floors die Aufmerksamkeit auf die Jenigen gelenkt, die hier in Berlin female power verströmen:
Vorreiterinnen Alienata, Borusiade und That F?cking Sara - Resom die das ://about blank maßgeblich mitgestaltet und female Dj workshops leitet - Newcomerin Cera Khin - fr.JPLA, Mitgestalterin im blank und IFZ, Leipzig - Sabine Hoffmann, langjährige Veranstalterin der Radioshow und Eventreihe Frauengedeck - Laura de Vasconcelos von Pornceptual - Disobedient Circumstance und Sh!tlabel resident BLACK ANTHEM RESTORE - Nathan die Weise vom female prizm:berlin Kollektiv.

Um 20.00 Filmvorführung: Vulva 3.0 von Claudia Richarz und Ulrike Zimmermann, mit anschließender Gesprächsrunde und Lesung von Autorinnen des Women Writing Berlin Lab!

Movie: Vulva 3.0
(Claudia Richarz, Ulrike Zimmermann)

Reading: Women Writing Berlin Lab
Legowelt Music - live
Gesloten Cirkel - live
Appleblim b2b Second Storey
Best Boy Electric
DJ Flush
Purita D.
Ana en Pecado

Killekill is gathering their freaky family and friends for another legendary Killekill Megablank.
On the main floor two electro legends are presenting their sound. LEGOWELT alias DANNY WOLFERS once self-explained his music as "a hybrid form of slam jack combined with deep Chicago house, romantic ghetto technofunk and EuroHorror Soundtrack.“ This would also work as a description of Gesloten Cirkel's sound, although that’s even darker, more dystopian and more Lo-fI, too. Combining element of these two outstanding artists is that their music does, what music is actually supposed to do: create real emotion and make you feel alive again.
The rest of the line up is pure bliss, too: Appleblim teams up with his mate Second Storey, with whom he released on R&S as ALSO, as you might know. Expect an eclectic journey circling bass music including a lot of fun and potentially even some rewinds.
Then there are our residents Purita D., DJ Flush, our newcomer Best Boy Electric from Hamburg, our dear friend Feelaz from Poznan plus a whole carefully selected bunch of people, who are not even trying to jump on the train wagon of "becoming a DJ". As music lovers in the best sense Pancha, V I R, Ana en Pecado and TTZ will present a daring mix of R&B, weirdo drugged out UK hip hop, noisy electro, 80s Wave and Synth Pop on the tent floor.

See you!


RA: https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1338109
The ecology of the natural sciences, which study the living organism habitat and the interaction between living things and the environment.

Økologi is back in Berlin! This time for a good day time session in the winter garten at ://about blank, along with friends both old and new.


Omar [UY]

TBA [Concealed Sounds]


Vincent Kirk [Økologi]

DJ Nah Care & The Gwen Snifani's
31.12.2019 - 02.01.2020
silvesternacht ab 01.00 uhr

postsakrale kongregation der ministrantifa zur schallschleuse zwischen den jahren mit hostienhouse, aposteltechno, kataklystischen klängen und ingloriosen gesängen sowie allerhand menetekelndem geknister bis zum jüngsten gericht. alles wird in flammen stehen.

Adlatus Blankolare [://about basilica]
Alex.Do [Dystopian]
Alien Rain -live- [UFO Inc.]
Barbara Hofmann [://about blank]
Bufiman aka Jan Schulte [Dekmantel]
Cinnaman [De School]
Elad Magdasi [Front Left Records]
Eluize [Night Tide Craigie Knowes]
Giraffi Dog [Doom Chakra Tapes]
Hang Aoki [://about blank]
Jamie Tiller [Music From Memory]
Kvrt [polymotion ://about blank]
Lea Occhi [Underrated]
Lolsnake [Weeeirdos]
Luigi Tozzi [Hypnus Afterlife]
Mannella [JTseries]
Natascha Kann [://about blank]
Omer [Cocktail d’Amore Music]
Qu Er [Ready Made]
Psyk [Semantica]
Rodmin [://about blank]
Shredder -live- [Tropical Goth]
Stanley Schmidt [PH17 Buttons]
Stella Zekri [Studio 69]
Templeton [Hypress]
The Lady Machine [EPM]
Tigerhead [Killekill]
Tracing Xircles [Blue Hour Music]

international pre-sale:
Sweat Lodge returns to About Blank January 18th for their annual party with a host of Live and DJ talent from the Berlin based agency.

Spanning 3 rooms of music, the event will host a wide range of styles and acts including new additions to the roster like Isolée live, Marcus Worgull, Amandra, DJ Fra and C.P.I. as well interesting B2B's like Baikal & Ed Davenport, Jamaica Suk & Oliver Deutschmann and the ever brilliant duo of Manamana.

Each year this party continues to grow and evolve with exciting new sounds, this year promises to be no different.

Amandra B2B Mattheis
Baikal B2B Ed Davenport
Dj Fra
isolée Live
Jamaica Suk B2B Oliver Deutschmann
Marcus Worgull
Neele B2B Iron Curtis
Nuno Dos Santos

Trancesition for the first time at lovely about blank showcasing the whole Sunday famous Transatlantic Label.

Trancemaster (Transatlantic)
Europa (Live+DJ-Set) (Transatlantic)
Mohammed Al Hamza (Transatlantic)
DJ Eternal (Trancesition:)
more acts TBA very soon!!!


More Infos soon.

RAttention pls: https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1357083
ALVA [ismus]
AMANDRA -live [semantica, ahrpe]
DIWA [://about blank]
FOREST DRIVE WEST [livity sound, hidden hawaii]
HIGH FUTURE [ved siden af]
KIM VALMOUNT [vir.go, laut klub]
PHILIPP DRUBE [ismus, space trax]
REKA ZALAN [://elements]
RODMIN [://about blank]
TAKAAKI ITOH [wols, mord]

Vergangene Events: