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After our first edition at ://about blank we are doing our second DUALISM Rave.
With a sound somewhere between classic-trippy and dark-atmospheric your weekend will already start on thursday with a strong lineup.
Expect a highly energetic night that unites us under the values of sexual and mental freedom, unity and lets us experience a wild journey.
Thereby our focus is on the timeless - the beautiful - the connecting.
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dualism, dunkle vorahnung

DUALISM tries to be a safe space for everyone. Our sound finds its roots in marginalized and discriminated communities. If you feel unsafe in a situation, please talk to us. Awareness team, bartenders, bouncers, promoters or any other person in charge will help you. Any derogatory behavior will result in exclusion from the event. Racism, anti-semitism, transphobia, homophobia, ableism, slut-shaming and unwanted touching will not be tolerated.
We also have SONAR-safer Nightlife on board. Feel free to get information from their info booth.
DUALISM is the movement.
Axel Boman [Studio Barnhus]
Move D [Away Music / Source Records]
Kornél Kovács [Studio Barnhus]
Pedrodollar [Studio Barnhus]
Bella Boo [Studio Barnhus]
Jasper James [Optimo TRAX / PLAY IT SAY IT]
Aril Brikha Live [Art of Vengeance]
Jus-Ed [Underground Quality]
Mark Broom [Beardman]
Discrete Circuit [Astray Records / Mistress Recordings]
Marylou [Rinse France / Away]
Natascha Kann [://about blank]
Denise Bauer [Mangali Music]
Angie Taylor [Panicroom]
Paul Lynch [Doppler Melbourne]
Majirel [Musikzimmer]
Mary Yuzovskaya [Monday Off]
KTK [Distinkt]
Carmen Electro [Distinkt]

All weekend. Sheesh. It’s been a while since we’ve been able to write that! Frothing with excitement would be an understatement. Let’s see who’s coming back to help light our candles at both ends.

From go to whoa it will be Studio Barnhus in the house. Yes, that’s right, Axel Boman and crew are coming back to join our wise sages, Move D and Jus’ Ed, on the wheels of feels. Kornel Kovacs, Bella Boo and the inimitable Pedrodollar also in the mix. Our favourite weegie Jasper James will also be bringing back the torch from across the pond.. Likewise the return of legendary UK Techno time traveller Mark Broom.

Speaking of time travel, we believe that the classics are always fresh. Aril Brikha will be back to burn the edges of our minds with the one chord to rule them all.

Mary Lou will be dealing a deck of cosmic supernaturalness. Angie Taylor and Paul Lynch toasting countless rhythmic marshmallows. Hold on. What? That’s right. It’s a long, long weekend. Also joining the campfire will be Denise Bauer, Mary Yuzovskaya, Majirel, KTK, Carmen Electro and the omnipresent Discrete Circuit. Come and build a tent of love, dance and happiness.

Let’s go camping beneath the waves. X

Artwork by Marco Di Stefano: https://www.instagram.com/distefano_marco/

Axel Boman [Studio Barnhus]

Move D [Away Music / Source Records]

Kornél Kovács [Studio Barnhus]

Pedrodollar [Studio Barnhus]

Bella Boo [Studio Barnhus]

Jasper James [Optimo TRAX / PLAY IT SAY IT]

Aril Brikha Live [Art of Vengeance]

Jus-Ed [Underground Quality]

Mark Broom [Beardman]

Discrete Circuit [Astray Records / Mistress Recordings]

Marylou [Rinse France / Away]

Natascha Kann [://about blank]

Denise Bauer [Mangali Music]

Angie Taylor [Panicroom]

Paul Lynch [Doppler Melbourne]

Majirel [Musikzimmer]
Mary Yuzovskaya [Monday Off]

KTK [Distinkt]
Carmen Electro [Distinkt]

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War Scenes *live (Instruments Of Discipline, MORD)

Duellist (Instruments Of Discipline, Scuderia)


Lesser Of (SUBVERTED, Sacred Court)


Hypatia (Devotion)

Oliver (Oraculo Records)

Harsh Mentor (aufnahme+wiedergabe)

PANTERNOISE (Interplanetary, Cursed)


A Gift Of Tears (Mixtape)


SUBVERTED - hard industrial techno infused with dark ambient, noise, EBM and hypnotic elements. Expect brutal beats, driving basslines, harsh textures, and a cold industrial sound.

We curate queer parties with equally queer line-ups, prioritising non-binary, trans and female identifying DJs and producers. Our intention is to lead the scene back to its roots of resistance, diversity, and social justice, and to put the focus back on the music and community building.


In this edition of the party, we are celebrating Hybral's latest EP: Monolithic beats, crunched textures, and an infernal biophony compose "Vor dem Gesetz". Combining eerie ambient with punitive raw techno and screeching industrial elements, Hybral strings together a dark musical tale that immerses listeners in a treacherous journey through the purgatorial process, in which promised redemption turns into eternal damnation.

Available on SUBVERTED’s bandcamp. https://subverted1.bandcamp.com


We are prioritising female, non-binary and trans people in our line-up and intend to create a space by and for non-conform people. We do not tolerate any form of discrimination and reserve the right to exclude participants from the event if necessary.



Sonar - SAFER USE info desk from 2-6 am.


A darkroom is a space for anonymous sex and intimacy. Non-binary, trans, and female-identifying people are often excluded from said spaces in nightclubs and bars—ours prioritises them. This prioritisation does not intend to exclude anyone—all genders and sexualities are welcome to express themselves and their desires, and enjoy this space to meet new lovers in a comfortable and safe environment.

Sanitary and safer sex products will be available for free.

Darkroom etiquette: >> CONSENT IS NOT JUST SEXY, IT IS MANDATORY << and can be revoked at any time. NO means NO.

Seek permission verbally before engaging sexually with another person. Respect everyone’s boundaries.

We do not tolerate any form of consent breach, and will remove (or potentially ban) anyone who does not respect other people’s boundaries during sexual interactions.

Please be mindful of how intoxication can affect your interactions with others.


Respect people’s pronouns and gender identity. Ask for pronouns, do not assume.


Box Office only.


0€ Sugar Babies
10€ Friends with Benefits
15€ Splenda Daddies
16-18€ Sugar Daddies

More infos and explanations are following soon.
>> Power Deck:
Markus Suckut
Oliver Deutschmann
Rocko Garoni
Sylvie Maziarz

>> Comfort Deck:
Caren Callas
The Checkup


In what was once a large kindergarten, we launched the Expeditions series and already created numerous journeys through an adult-playground.

Our attempt to showcase various shades of Techno has manifested itself into a powerful concept, to which we also added a second “Comfort Deck” with warm, soulful House music.

In this summer Expedition, we gathered local Techno heroes Rocko Garoni and Sylvie Maziarz together with iconic DJs Markus Suckut and Oliver Deutschmann into the “Power Deck”. Energetic, merciless Techno that cuts the air like a spear.

The Comfort Deck will be hosted by the notorious House curator The Checkup, who will be joined by Androosh, Caren Callas and our guest from Copenhagen - NILU. Only happy, energetic House music to be expected.


In einem ehemals großen Kindergarten haben wir die Expeditions-Serie gestartet und bereits zahlreiche Reisen durch einen Spielplatz für Erwachsene geschaffen.

Unser Versuch, verschiedene Schattierungen von Techno darzustellen, hat sich in einem starken Konzept manifestiert, dem wir auch ein zweites "Comfort Deck" mit warmer, gefühlvoller House-Musik hinzugefügt haben.

Bei dieser Sommer-Expedition haben wir die lokalen Techno-Helden.innen Rocko Garoni und Sylvie Maziarz zusammen mit den ikonischen DJs Markus Suckut und Oliver Deutschmann im "Power Deck" versammelt. Energetischer, gnadenloser Techno, der die Luft wie ein Speer durchschneidet.

Das Comfort Deck wird von dem berüchtigten House-Kurator The Checkup moderiert, der von Androosh, Caren Callas und unserem Gast aus Kopenhagen - NILU - begleitet wird. Es ist nur fröhliche, energiegeladene House-Musik zu erwarten.
747 [aquaregia]
BLACK MIRROR PARK [sonntagsinstitut, entourage concept, trau-ma]
IGNEZ [somov, sk eleven, token]
JAY QUENTIN -live [benzin]
KAMELIIA [overbalance, unterwegs records]
ONE AGENT [the block tel aviv]
PHARA -live [phaar, voltage, planet rhythm]
PHILIPPA PACHO [positivesource]
REKA ZALAN [://elements, ://about blank]
S.M.S. -visuals
SIGHA [avian, token]
SORAYA [klub verboten, sisu]
SVRECA [semantica, non series]
THNTS [://elements, ://about blank]

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