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for the second time polymetrik is back in our beloved blank. we could win abstract man to honour us with their presence. the two masterminds behind on the 5th day will share the booth with our friend dash. she’s back in berlin after a long travel to peru to cast a spell over us.

deep mechanical patterns and tribal electronics let you feel what it's all about. polymetrik is sound, lights & atmosphere.

Abstract Man [On the 5th Day]
Dash [DUNA]
Jamida [Harmony Rec., Valian]
Stigmer [Valian]

music in the tent by:

Peals Wake *live [Valian]
Fuge [Valian]
Yayoi & Photom [Valian]
Kaizen [Valian]

euer valian kollektiv

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RA: https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1202049
Hypercolour enter 2k19 with a killer, (ahem) no filler lineup!

In advance of his upcoming album on Hyperdub, we will see Lee Gamble do his first Berlin show since CTM festival in early 2018.

1/3 of the Cornish Trilogy alongside RDJ/ Aphex Twin and Tom Middleton, is Hypercolour family member, Luke Vibert.

You may know Luke from his many other monikers Kerrier District, Amen Andrews, Plug, Wagon Christ, Spac Hand Luke, Luke Warm and probably many others we don't know of!

Also joining will be one of Bristol's finest, and Timedance affiliate Lurka, NTS regular and rising talent LOFT and long-standing Hypercolour crew member FFT will be doing his first Berlin live show!

+ support from rezzies Jo Rae and Cedric Maison.

*Artwork by Patrick Savile

Tickets available now from https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1184311
Bas Mooy [Mord]
Keepsakes [Haven]
T A K A - LIve [MORD]
Charles Green [Revenge Techniques]

Lars Bartkuhn Live [Needs]
The Vandelays [Wilde Renate]
Dj Kyros & Stratos b2b [Phonograph Music]
Arara [Phonograph Music]

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RA pre-sale tickets: https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1210054

Unstable Signal does its Berlin debut at ://about party, in collaboration with Habeat Records, aiming to showcase a diverse selection of artists on Saturday, the 2nd of March.
Unstable Signal is a new record label focused on quality Electronic music founded by Michalis Vassiliou in early 2018. The label’s vision is to support the underground music culture, through the pressing of records, as well as pushing for quality curations at the events/concerts of the label.
Habeat Records is our favourite record shop, based in the very centre of Athens - in Monastiraki; besides a great variety of new and second hand records, it provides a liveful music hub for the music heads of Athens. Credit goes to the Habeat Records head honcho, Mackenzie.

Unstable Signal takes over the MDF (Main Dancefloor), hosting the likes of Tensal, Celldöd, MBasix, Marc Ash and Katra.
Habeat records will be on the Lobby floor with: Identified Patient, TV.OUT, Aphelion and Devika.


Tensalofficial (Pole Group)
Celldöd (Kess Kill)
MBasix (Unstable Signal)
Marc Ash (Blacksilk)
KATRΑ (Pi Electronics)


Identified Patient (Pinkman)
TV.OUT (LIES Records News)
Aphelion (Equations Collective, Bliq)


With a musical career spanning over twenty years and more than one hundred releases, Héctor Sandoval (one half of Exium) is deep into a new project.
Tensal is both his stage name and the label that will accommodate most of this new work, which focuses on a brand of techno that is more modern and cyclic, and based on classic synth lines. Two different visions of underground techno merging into one project whose first releases have been backed by some of the most renowned underground techno DJs of the world.
His DJ sets explore all facets of techno by alternating different textures and intensities that draw mainly from his own materials. A journey through current techno that will certainly get your attention.
SC :
RA : https://www.residentadvisor.net/dj/tensal
FB : https://www.facebook.com/Tensalofficial-1013202902028441/


Celldöd Is the Stockholm based producer Anders Karlsson. Anders has been active in the music scene for some time working on different musical projects, always with a strong DIY ethic. His Celldöd project has released several cassettes under his own label Brutal Disciplin and has also released records on Suction Records, Medical Records, DKA and Kess Kill, Opal Tapes among others.
His upcoming release on Unstable Signal called Myndighetsforakt will be the debut EP for the label.
His music has been played and supported by DJs such as Ancient Methods, Beta Evers, Alienata and The Hacker.
Celldöd has built a reputation as a strong live act through gigs at Berghain and Griessmühle in Berlin, Joy in Moscow, Femur Club in Madrid as well as live performances as far away as the Epizode festival in Vietnam.
Karlsson's ability to make his heavy sound scares bounce and swing is what gives his tracks the ability to light up even the coldest dance floors.
SC :
RA : https://www.residentadvisor.net/dj/celldod
FB : https://www.facebook.com/celldod/


MBasix (M_Basix) a.k.a. Michalis Vassiliou has proven to be a versatile artist, dealing with different music styles throughout his long music career.After a signifigant presence in the underground Greek rock and Jazz scene with some of the most important groups as a musician, he dived into Electronic music in the early 90’s.As an Electronic music producer and a dj, his song ” Dancin’ ” reached No1 of the U.S.A. (Miami) Maemeeti Techno Dance Charts and stayed there for seven weeks, from the 1st of August 2009. He also did some gigs in Greece, Germany and other European countries in order to support his release “Freakuency EP” on Advanced (De). He has released his music on labels such as EMI, Warner Music, Advanced, Distrophonix, Pegasus Records, Anazitisi Records etc. After all this, it was the right time to start a new project, launching a record label called Unstable Signal with the goal of taking Electronic music to the next level.
WEB : https://mbasix.com/
SC :
RA : https://www.residentadvisor.net/dj/mbasix
FB : https://www.facebook.com/mbay6/

Mark Ash

Marc started organizing parties as co-founder and resident dj of Crimewave (former bi-monthly party) which since 2012 has brought a selection of minimal-synth and avantgarde electronic performers for the first time in Milan.
In December 2013 he released a track on Minimal Trend Records' “Minimal Milan” compilation and he's currently working on his own label “Blacksilk Records”, which aims to bring out the best of hidden experimental and obscure electronic projects. Between 2013 and 2016 he worked in Turin as art director and resident DJ for the obscure electronic underground project "Devil's Dancers". Now based in Berlin, he's fully committed to his label Blacksilk, publishing his debut as Plovdiv in July 2016 that has been reviewed among others by Hardwax as “Exceptional & refreshing Industrial / Electro / Techno hybrid EP”. A tape by Marc has been released on the polyhedric Glaswegian ClanDestine Records in spring 2017 titled “Ostracism”, carries forward the original influences that characterize Marc’s style, blending synthwave, electro and industrial with syncopated vocal textures and features two reworks by fellow producers Alexey Volkov and Huren.In Spring 2018 his tracks “Beirut Calling” appears on the compilation "No Return vol.2" on Helena Hauff's label "Return to Disorder".
SC :
RA : https://www.residentadvisor.net/dj/marcash
FB : https://www.facebook.com/marcashbslk/


KATRA is based in Athens.During the early 00s he started collecting Vinyls with a strong preference towards African Music,Nowadays his musical phasma spreads across hypnotic Techno, deep percussion and experimental explorations.
Recent member of Pi Electronics.
SC :


Identified Patient

This Amsterdam based chap made a strong uprise through some of Rotterdam’s finest imprints but is also throwing high dices beyond the Dutch borders with massive confirmed releases who haven’t seen the daylight yet.
Pinkman is known for having a third ear out for the very finest sounds of tomorrow and with delight we announce their newly found family member joining our ranks, big up Identified Patient!
Besides his fresh yet pounding machine-works Identified Patient has set himself on the map as a highly energetic DJ playing specially collected tracks from a wide time range rooted in wave and the darker side of techno blended with unreleased goodies.Having the talent to fall into full synergy with his crowds over and over again I-P has an anti-static vibe to drip for: not pleasing yet teasing, taking the lead but hanging in there with you indeed.
SC :
RA : https://www.residentadvisor.net/dj/identifiedpatient
FB : https://www.facebook.com/patientidentified/


Ori Itshaki and Doron ‘Charly’ Mastey started DJing and producing music together since 2011. During their high energy sets, strong intensity of shadowy machinery sounds fuels a continuous sense of drive. True Leftfielder’s, committed to rough and raw analogue sound, its club gear for the gearheads. But although the dark and mysterious set the tone, the duo manages to steam up a new shade of sound to the table. Their latest EP was released with the famous label L.I.E.S. Recent collaborations include artists such as: Smallpeople, Samo DJ, Annanan, and Marcos Cabral (TBA). Their tight schedule includes regular gigs nationally, including residencies at Alphabet club as well as PAG nights, and internationally. In a mutual effort to push further, Ori and Charly regularly work on cooking up new storms. The duo continuously outdo themselves with new and original productions being released.
SC :
RA : https://www.residentadvisor.net/dj/tv.out
FB : https://www.facebook.com/tvoutmusic/


Aphelion came to existence through sonic experimentation, resulting in introspective sounds. Guided by the invisible elusive. Inspired by the endless unknown.
SC :
FB : https://www.facebook.com/equationscollective/


Athenian DJ, Devika has engaged with various forms of musical expression before delving into the experimental electronic sound. Her sets keep techno as a focal point, while they draw from a wide array of elements, from electro to drone music.
SC :
RA :https://www.residentadvisor.net/dj/devika
FB : https://www.facebook.com/Devika-1742744329371393/
Techno Expedition w/
Andre Crom
Jonty SkruFFF
Mehr is Mehr
Disco Expedition / Local Suicide


in einer gerechten Welt gäbe es keinen Bedarf für einen Frauentag. Menschsein wäre die einzige Voraussetzung für eine volle und gleichberechtigte Teilnahme an der Gesellschaft. Doch auch heute noch (und in einigen Fällen vielleicht besonders heutzutage) ist die überwiegende Mehrheit jeder Art von sozialer Struktur patriarchalischer Natur.

Da wir unsere Expeditionen an einem politischen Ort wie dem :// about blank veranstalten, brauchen wir die Leser dieser Zeilen nicht über die Bedeutung des feministischen Kampfes aufzuklären. Als Team, das sich um eine angemessene Vertretung von Frauen an den Decks bei all unseren Veranstaltungen bemüht - nicht nur bei den Expeditions -, ändert diese Gelegenheit nichts an der egalitären Agenda, die wir ohnehin praktizieren.

Wir möchten diese spezifische Expedition jedoch einer der wichtigsten Kampagnen widmen, die von Frauen gekämpft und gewonnen wurden: Die Suffragette - der lange Weg der Frauen zum Wahlrecht.

Unsere Dekoration wird diesem Thema entsprechend sein, und musikalisch bleiben wir bei unserem einzigartigen Konzept, die verschiedenen Interpretationen von Techno auf einer nächtlichen Reise zu präsentieren.

In a just world, there wouldn't be need for a women's day. Being human would have been the sole qualification for full and equal participation in the society. Yet, even nowadays (and in some cases perhaps especially nowadays), a vast majority of any type of social structure is of a patriarchic nature.

Holding our Expeditions in a political venue like :// about blank, we feel no need to educate the readers of these lines as to the importance of the feminist struggle. Moreover, being a team that strives for proper representation of women on the decks in all of our events – not just on the Expeditions, this occasion does not change any of an already egalitarian agenda that we practice.

We do, however, like to dedicate this specific Expedition to one of the most important campaigns fought and won by women: The Suffragette – women’s long journey towards obtaining the right to vote.

Our decoration will accommodate this theme, and musically, we move forward with our unique concept of showcasing the different interpretations of Techno throughout a night long journey.
08. MARCH 2019 / 3 FLOORS

Aerea Negrot
(BPitch Berlin)
(Twirl / Crosstown Rebels / Jackathon Jams)
Black Anthem Restore
(Shitlabel / Disobedient Circumstance)
Electric Indigo
(Female:Pressure / Indigo:Inc)
Kedr livanskiy LIVE
Lady Starlight LIVE
Nina Pixel
(Hertz/ Female:Pressure)
Sara Miller
(Naive Melodies KR Family)

Mind food:
Movie: Female Pleasure
(Mons Veneris Films / Das Kollektiv für Audiovisuelle Werke / Indi Film)
Music clips: The Allegorist & Anna Jordan Project
(Detroit Underground / Kraak Records)
Interview, Panel tbc

Tickets: https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1218710

english version below...

Den diesjährigen Internationalen Frauentag widmen wir komprimiert den
zahlreichen Visionärinnen und Innovateurinnen!

Genau diese stellen wir euch im ://about blank vor.
Zum Einen bilden sie in ihrer Bandbreite der musikalischen Vielfalt ein
straffes line up mit zwei live acts. Das stabile Fundament für eine
rauschende Party. Wir werden wild tanzen, lauschen, staunen und viel
Anlass für Euphorie und Extase haben.
Zum Anderen gestalten sie das Rahmenprogramm mit Kinofilmvorführung,
Interview und Diskussionsrunde.
Dazu befassen wir uns mit aktuellen Standpunkten zum Thema: Fortschritt
der Durchsetzung der Gleichberechtigung von Frauen.
Als Einstieg zeigen wir den Kinofilm Female Pleasure und im Anschluss
gibt es die Möglichkeit an einem Interview /Diskussion teil zu nehmen.
Wie weit ist der Feminismus in der Welt und in Deutschland

Inwiefern gilt der 1948/49 im Grundgesetz verankerte Artikel "Männer und
Frauen sind gleichberechtigt." (Artikel 3, Abs. 2) als erfüllt?
Wie kommt es trotz der Erweiterung des Artikels, lautend "Der Staat
fördert die tatsächliche Durchsetzung der Gleichberechtigung von Frauen
und Männern und wirkt auf die Beseitigung bestehender Nachteile hin."
und der dazugehöriger Tatsache, daß eine aktive Gleichstellungspolitik
seit 1994 Verfassungsauftrag ist, zu Vorkommnissen wie z.B.:
EqualPayDay - Slut-shaming - LGBT hate crime - Mansplaining
Wir wollen in einer wohlwollend inklusiven Athmosphäre kritisch
diskutieren, uns inspirieren, lachen und nachsinnen um anschließend
ausschweifend zu tanzen und zu feiern.


We dedicate this year's International Women's Day to the numerous female
visionaries and innovators!

We’ll present these to you at : //about blank.
On the one hand, in their spectrum of musical diversity, they form a
tight line-up with two live acts. The stable foundation for a lavish
party. We will dance wild, listen, marvel and have much cause for
euphoria and ecstasy.
On the other hand, they will design the supporting program with a
feature film screening, interview and discussion round.
To this end, we will deal with current views on the topic: progress of
the enforcement of the equal rights of women.
As an introduction, we show the movie Female Pleasure and afterwards
there is the opportunity to participate in an interview / discussion.
How far has feminism progressed in the world and in Germany?

To what extent is the 1948/49 article anchored in the Basic Law "men and
women are equal." (Article 3, paragraph 2) fulfilled?
1994 the extension of the article applies: "The state promotes the
effective enforcement of equal rights for women and men and is committed
to the elimination of existing disadvantages." and an active gender
equality policy has since than been constitutionally required.
How do, despite this fact occurrences happen, such as:
EqualPayDay - Slut-shaming - LGBT hate crime - mansplaining
We want to critically discuss, inspire us, laugh and ponder in a
benevolently inclusive atmosphere and then dance and party
---------------- english below! -----------------
Rauchen, saufen, Jungs* verhaun' – Bollerwagen klaun' und den Herrentag versaun'

Die About Feminism geht in die dritte Runde!
Wir fragen uns immernoch: Herrentag - What the Fuck?! Soli-Damen*gedeck abseits von Bierpfützen und Männerkotze. In geselliger Manier laden wir zum dritten Faulenzen, tanzen und Feiern im idyllischen, allseits beliebten Garten des ABOUT BLANKs. Einen Tag und eine Nacht lang Abseilen von gesellschaftlicher Akzeptanz versoffener Männerhorden und den Herrentag zum Frauen*tag machen!
Neben allerlei musikalischer Unterhaltung wird es auch dieses Jahr wieder viele feministische Überraschungen geben. Weil es für Damen*gedecke auch eine Grundlage braucht, gibt`s süße und salzige Snacks. Mit Lesbarem, Schnickschnack und vielem mehr!

The Kids are alright? Aus verschiedenen Gründen können Leute unter 18 nicht an der Veranstaltung teilhaben.

All gender* welcome!
Keine Macker, kein Sexismus – it‘s all ://about feminism!


Smokin`, boozin’ and spankin`boys! Steelin`handcarts and ruining Father`s Day!

30th of May is Father's Day - we are still asking ourselves: What the Fuck?! The third ://about feminism charity event for the right of choice! We want to celebrate far off from beer puddles and men’s puke. We invite you to the nice ://about.blank garden to laze around and celebrate together. Let's transform Father's day, let's shut down the social acceptance of male mobs and celebrate feminism instead!
There will be musical entertainment in Day- and Nighttime - as well as shoppingstalls, foods, drinks, informations, games, zines, screen printing and many feminist odds and sods moreover it. Join us and come by for some emancipatory experiences and feminist suprises.

The Kids are Allright? because of various reasonspeople under 18 can't join the event.

All gender* welcome!
No Sexism - – it‘s all ://about feminism!

Vergangene Events: