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The Buttons family invites you to an extended 56 hour enlightenment workshop for those in need of dynamic anal chakra rejuvenation.

Pride month in Berlin means the return of our annual charity mud wrestling match. Last year we raised €1,000 for the Russian LGBT Network to help provide assistance to the victims of detention and torture in Chechnya.

23:59 Friday July 20 - 08:00 Monday July 23

Artwork and video by Carlos Garcia-Sancho
Bézier (live)
DJ Holographic
Paolo Di Nola
Geoffrey LaRue
Sunset Motherfucker

Gene Hunt
Robert Owens
Jacob Meehan
Michael Magnan
Killa (2)
Maxim vT

Kana Mechaniker
Femanyst aka Lady Blacktronika
Madison Moore
Sugar b2b Ezy
Shingo Suwa
Alessandro Adriani Mannequin (Label + Mailorder)

Ansome South London Analogue Material

Isabella (Live) Peder Mannerfelt Produktion

KONKURS (SARIN + BLUSH_RESPONSE) [aufnahme + wiedergabe]

Mama Snake Ectotherm

Phuong Dan Golden Pudel

Silva Rymd ://about blank music

Solid Blake Monkeytown Records

Free Entry From Eight AM! =)
Procrastinators United presents:
Dance like nobody’s watching! Benefit für systemli.org

Emika [Emika Rec., Ostgut Ton, Ninja Tune]
Adi Shabat [The Block, Tel Aviv]
Cedric de Pauw [Antwerp]
Sissy’s Reiterstaffel [Cologne]
Swinka [rummel, Springstoff]
Barbara Hofmann [:// about blank]
myrkuz [Procrastinators United]

+ Pop-Hütte!

Wir sind verdächtig, denn wir haben was zu verbergen. Aber in Punkto Datensicherheit den Behörden immer einen Schritt voraus. Denn wir haben ein friendly tech collective an unserer Seite. Wir setzen die Sonnenbrille auf, kleben die Kamera unseres Smartphones ab und tanzen zu digitaler Musik für digitale Sicherheit. Und für das uneingeschränkte Recht zu bleiben. Die Passphrase im Kopf, die Zwiebel als Browser und Jabber in the hood: Vorwärts immer: AnKER lichten!
ROOM 4 RESISTANCE is a family night of queer friends & friendly strangers.


BADSISTA (Bandida / BR)

Bambii (CA)

Club Fitness

Deena Abdelwahed (TN)

Doc Sleep (R4R, Jacktone Records / US-DE)

Jasmine Infiniti The Queen of Hell (New World Dysorder / US)

LMGM (R4R, La Mission / CA-DE)

Luz - dj (R4R / BE-DE)

Maxipad (R4R, Don't Be Afraid / FR-DE)

Nazira - dj (R4R, ZVUK / KZ)

Paolo Di Nola (Buttons / IT-DE)

SIREN DJs (NTS Radio / UK)

Vicki Powell (Deep South ATL / US)


ROOM 4 RESISTANCE is a Berlin-based queer femme / non-binary forward collective focused on community-building and creating safer space & visibility for underrepresented artists in Dance Music.

R4R runs parties, hosts radio shows and curates panels + workshops to promote women, gender queers, non-binary, trans, black and POC artists, to explore the political dimensions of the dance floor, and to create bridges between different communities.


:// about blank
Markgrafendamm 24c
12245 Berlin -Friedrichshain
Next to Ostkreuz S-bahn station

The location is wheelchair accessible.


Deco by Yuki Kojima


RA: https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1113188
Tickets and RSVP: https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1092655

Mix series:


Andras (PUNP)
D. Tiffany (Pacific Rhythm, Vancouver)
Kate Miller (Oscillate)
Roza Terenzi (Voyage Recordings / Kalahari Oyster Cult)
Toni Yotzi (Deep Doogs / House of Sports)

We have an extra date this Summer for Oscillate, a 10 hour Sunday daytime special in about blank's beautiful garden. Celebrating the day after CSD, and taking over from our good friends at Room 4 Resistance, what better way to bask in the afterglow of the festivities? We have invited mostly Australian artists this time, a testament to the rich and ever growing scene of that large, secluded island on the other side of the planet, whose ripples of influence can be felt far and wide.
SEELEN. x ://about blank with_

Ron Albrecht (Dystopian)
Shaleen (SURD)
Verschwender (SEELEN.)
KILLA (Lecken)
Narciss (SEELEN.)
Stigmatique (SEELEN.)

Two Facts :

Punk is a music genre that developed in the mid-1970s widely known through it’s production style of fast-paced songs, with hard-edged melodies and stripped-down instrumentation paired with an embrace of DIY-culture and the rejection of established rules.

SEELEN. is an independent Techno record label founded in 2018 by JANEIN and Stigmatique, that is based out of Leipzig, Germany.

While at first glance these might not have a lot in common, upon closer inspection you begin to notice, clear as day, there is a distinctly punk mentality in the labels modus operandi. From their cover artworks, that have more in common with a record-stores Death Metal section, to the fact that the label is completely self-distributed to avoid the industry machinery that crushes the spirits of many trying to go through it.

SEELEN.'s musical foundation can no doubt be found in this mentality as well. Formed around a tightly knit crew of artists sharing a single vision, it has sharp corners, an often eye-melting tempo and bleeds from every pore with ecstatic raving madness. Utilizing this, the label exploded onto the scene with two 12” compilations that garnered enormous support from audiences and industry heavy weights alike and also led to them being noticed by Leipzig’s reveled club Institut fuer Zukunft, MMA - Mixed Munich Arts or objekt klein a.

If reading all this has not convinced you yet however, then that’s fine though.

Because SEELEN. is not trying to win you over.

SEELEN. comes from the hearts of the people who form it.
It is a rejection of the mainstream.

SEELEN. is Punk.
Belgian labels MTMU & ensemble team up for a long session at their favourite Berlin spot! Watch out for a joint vinyl release from both labels in fall 2018.

Line-up (more names TBA soon):

Nu Guinea (live PA)
Wax'o Paradiso

Kong & Gratts
Icarus Traxx (feat live vox)

06pm - 10am
Food available
RA: https://bit.ly/2J57Dk7

Vergangene Events: