Salon - Zur wilden Renate

Anna Morgan
BUF b2b suspect
P Relief
S Ruston b2b Voicedrone
DJ Sotofett
Zebra Katz (dj set)

2G rules apply! (digital passes + original identification accepted only)

Tickets at door available.

Age: 21+
‍ In solidarity with the Ghanaian LGBTGI+ community RENATE and The5Elements in collaboration with ALLOUT is organizing a Kiki fundraiser " KILL THE BILL KIKI Function hosted by David Dave Solar " to raise awareness about the recently proposed anti-LGBTQI+ bill in Ghana and also to raise funds to support the fight against it. Because together we are stronger. Let’s come together, raise awareness and help the LGBTQ+ community in Ghana kill the anti-LGBTQI+ bill. All the Profit of the Box-office and competitor fees will be going to the courageous LGBTQI+ Activists and LGBTQI+ organizations fighting the bill in Ghana. Also, we are happy about any donation.

If this anti-humanitarian and the anti-LGBTQI+ bill goes through and becomes Ghanaian law, LGBTQI+ people in Ghana are at risk to be sentenced to 5 years of prison just for being who they are. Anyone who is promoting LGBTQI+ rights in the public or helping LGBTQI+ matters will be at risk to be sentenced to 10 years of prison.

Tänzer-Teilnehmer / Dancers-Competitor

Competitor Online Registration:

Teilnehmer*innen-Gebühr / Competitor fee : 5 €

Tickets / Eintritt Gäste / Entrance fee


AVAILABLE / VERFÜGBAR Abendkasse / Box office: 15 €
(first come, first serve)

Host: DavidDave Soul

COMMENTATOR: Zelda Fitzgerald 007 (Belgium)

DJ: Seven Angels

JUDGES: Aitana Louboutin (Amstadam)

JUDGES: Gifty Angels (Hamburg)

JUDGES: Perry 007 (Belgium)



As a country rich in mineral resources, Ghana was once called the Gold Coast during the colonial era. Gold could be found everywhere. Your look should include gold jewellery and accessories ( eg. gold Necklace, gold earrings, gold bracelets etc.)
Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah was the first president of Ghana. He was one of the courageous key members who fought effortlessly against British rule and gained Ghana its independence. You should embody his courageousness on the runway with a look that may suit a modern version of him.
Yaa Asantewaa was the queen mother of Ejisu. In 1900 she led the Ashanti war known as the war of the golden stool against the British when all the men declined. You should embody her courageousness on the runway with a look that may suit a modern version of her.
Ghana is one of the African countries well known for its extravaganza Funerals and Weddings. Your look should consist of the colour Red or Black which are worn in Ghana for funerals or white and silver mostly worn for Weddings.
In 2017 a troupe of Ghanaian pallbearers went viral following BBC Africa's coverage of their flamboyant coffin-carrying dancers, garnering millions of views. Get inspiration from their outfits and bring the look to the runway.
Highlife is a music genre that started in present-day Ghana in the 19th century, during its history as a colony of the British Empire. Bring it to the runway and let the rhythm of HIPLIFE guide you while you Pop Dip and Spin.
Ghana is a proud Motherland and its national flag consists of a horizontal triband of red, gold, and green and a black star. It was designed in replacement of the Gold Coast colony's Blue Ensign. Your look should consist of all the colours and bring it to the runway like a proud mother.
Mabel's Song "16 years" was a massive hit in West Africa during 2007. The singer has always been a sex-positive and controversial Artist. Get inspired by the looks from her music video "16 years" and vogue the house down.
Sarkodie is one of Ghana's finest Rapper. His contributions to the Ghanaian music industry have earned him numerous accolades. He also has a unique sense of style. Get inspired by his sense of style and vogue the house down.
OTA PERFORMANCE TO AFROBEAT (All Dance styles are allowed including voguing) ()
Afrobeat which cultural origin is from Ghana is a music genre that involves the combination of elements of West African musical styles such as fuji music and highlife with American jazz and later soul and funk influences, with a focus on chanted vocals, complex intersecting rhythms, and percussion. Bring to the runway your best Afrobeat groove.
The northern part of Ghana is well known for the production of shea butter. Glow your body with shea butter and bring it confidently to the runway and let every shining part of your body convinces the judges and audience.
Ghana is the second-largest supplier of Cocoa to the global market.
Get seductive and sensual with one of the well-known products of cocoa: CHOCOLATE.
Hiplife is a Ghanaian musical style that fuses Ghanaian culture and hip hop. Recorded predominantly in the Ghanaian Akan language. Bring it to the runway and let the rhythm of HIPLIFE guide you while you Pop Dip and Spin.
NEW WAY () The Colour Green in the Ghana Flag symbolises the country´s rich forests and the black star symbolises African emancipation from slavery. Your look should consist of black and green and wow the runway.
VOGUE FEM OTA () The Colour yellow (gold) in the Ghana Flag represents the mineral wealth of the country and the black star symbolises African emancipation from slavery. Your look should consist of black and Yellow and bring it to the runway.
SHAKE THAT AZZ () Bring the confidence, the attitude and make the Judges and the Audience Gag.
SNEAKERS vs. SNEAKERS () Bring your own personal touch to your store-bought sneakers and get creative with them. Anything that makes your sneakers dope. ( shiny, graffiti etc ) just get creative

—— Timetable ——

14:00 Arrival time/Entry for Participants and Dancers
14:30 Panel talk / Q & A
16:00 LSS Start / Roll call
17:00 Ball starts

PS: Aftershow Rave till Open end.


*FF - Female Figure: Fem Queens, Drag Queens, Women
*MF - Male Figure: Butch Queens, Transmen, Butch
(and sometimes straight men)
*FQ - Fem Queen: ballroom lingo for a trans woman
Drag Queens: males who present the societal idea of a "woman"
Drag Kings: females who present the societal idea of a "man"
*BQ - Butch Queen: cis men that identify as homosexual, regardless to which side (feminine/masculine) he is identifying with
Lion Babe: non-binary and FF (stud/butch) portraying a masculine and/or feminine sex appeal
Cat boy: a less aggressive and straightforward version of MF Sex siren. Neither masculine neither feminine Sex Appeal
*Women: cisgender women - sexuality doesn't matter
*OTA: Open to all - no sex dividing, includes non-binary and straight people (Certain categories like realness still limit the OTA)


*Virgin: first time walking / never walked - in a specific category
*Baby/Beginner: everyone who is walking a specific category under a year
*Tag Team: two people walking a category together - walking one by one but Tag your partner when you have to switch
*as a couple: two people walking a category together - literally. in the preselection and during their battles

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