Donato Dozzy (Spazio Disponibile, Afterhouse/ IT)
Dasha Rush (Fullpanda Records/ Berlin)
all night long!


For its 303rd release, Tresor Records is glad to present a
commissioned work by Donato Dozzy.
Rome based production maestro and DJ extraordinaire
Donato Dozzy is unanimously considered as an illustrious
leading light in all techno artforms.
Along his long career and extensive discography, Dozzy
has proven to use his instruments in most interesting
ways, always re-inventing his music, always presenting
new approaches to both the deeper and the more rhythmic
forms of electronic music. It was self-evident to Tresor

Records to enroll Donato Dozzy’s talents for this assign-
ment, a nod to the seminal Roland TB-303 bass synthesizer.

The result is a relentless collection of radical, propulsive
and bleeding-heart acid tracks.
Donato Dozzy wishes to dedicate this work to his lifelong
friend Filo.
Tresor.303 releases July 13th on 2 x 12” vinyl and digital.

Dasha Rush
Her latest EP, Acid Sketch, builds on the ideas formed in "Acid Melancholy" but contorts them into the harder and darker strains of acid. "Acid Twist" recalls the twisted moments with a mutated, wonky 303 line that sounds like it's stumbling through sludge. "Acid Curve" channels a similarly psychedelic energy and builds to a galloping pace. This is where Rush explores the capabilities of the 303 with the most complexity, stretching multiple lines into different directions and layering them over each other.

"Time Coil" is more straightforward, losing the complex 303 embellishments that adorn the other two tracks. It's deeply hypnotic techno that brings you into a vortex, pulling you out the other side 14 minutes later. It feels like a nod to Coil's renowned drone album Time Machines, which was an attempt to create "temporal slips," or the sensation of having travelled through time. "Time Coil" might create the same effect.
Live: DBX (Accelerate/ Detroit)
Franco Cinelli (Esperenza, Greener/ ARG)
Handmade DJ Page (Tresor.Berlin)

Anthony Linell / Abdulla Rashim (Northern Electronics/ Stockholm)
Bnjmn (Tresor Records, Counterchange/ Berlin)
Antonio Vázquez (Hypnus Records/ ES)

Globus: Deep In The Box
Dj Borrowed Identity (Let´s play House, Quintessentials/ DE)
Henrik Bergqvist (Aniara, Trouble in Paradise/ SE)
Barbara Preisinger (Slices of Life/ Berlin)
Baaz (Office Rec, Slices Of Life/ Berlin)

Live: Symmetrical Behaviour (Soma/ Berlin)
Dimi Angélis (ANGLS, Mord/ NL)
Eric Fetcher (ATT Series/ Barcelona)
REKA (Tresor.Berlin)

Michelle Manetti (Classic/ London)
Langenberg (Poker Flat/ Berlin)
JEPE (Moodmusic, Engraved Ltd/ Berlin)

DJ Sotofett (Sex Tags Mania/ Moss)
LNS (Wania/ Vancouver, Berlin)
Live: Dresvn (Acido Records, Sued/ Berlin)

Zadig (Tresor Records, Construct Re-Form/ Paris)
Antigone (Construct Re-Form, Concrete/ Paris)
all night long!

Live: Dasha Rush (Fullpanda Records/ Berlin)
Live: Korridor (Hypnus, Northern Electronics/ SE)
Stephanie Sykes (Fullpanda Records/ UK)
Gaja (Ophism/ IT)

Globus: Restoration
Live: The Analogue Cops feat Lucretio & Marieu (Restoration/ Berlin)
Eltron (Unsound/ Warsaw)
Key Clef (Soulsearch/ Rome)
Elisa Bee (Unknown To The Unknown, Vae Victis/ Milan)

Milton Bradley (Do Not Resist The Beat, K209/ Berlin)
Madalba (Buttons, Tresor/ Berlin)
HGR aka Hintergrundrauschen (Tresor.Berlin)

Aurora Bar:
Miss Italia (Tresor/ Berlin)
Helga P. (Berlin)

Denite (Third Ear, Redlight/ Berlin)
Marc Brauner Official B2B
Christian Rütz (Redlight/ Berlin, Copenhagen)
Javier Logares (Studio Kreuzberg, Get Physical/ Berlin)

Globus: Bonito House Club
Live: Alexis Cabrera (Fun Rec., Little Helpers/ Buenos Aires)
Alexi Delano (Visionquest, Little Helpers/ Amsterdam)
Guido Schneider (Cadenza, Pointed/ Berlin)
Alex Monster aka Aleksandra O'Neal (Little Helpers, Pointed/ Berlin)

Tresor: New Faces invites DSNT
Guest: Myler (DSNT/ Ireland)
Nez (DSNT/ Ireland)
hosted by Marcus (Overdraw/ Berlin)

Live: The Panacea Official (Sonic Groove/ Berlin)
Live: Codex Empire (aufnahme + wiedergabe/ Vienna)
Adam X (Sonic Groove/ NYC, Berlin)
Philipp Strobel (aufnahme + wiedergabe/ Berlin)

Live: Gunnar Haslamm (Delsin/ NY)
Zenker Brothers (Ilian Tape, Tresor Records/ DE)
Natascha Kann (://about blank/ Berlin)

Joel Mull (Parabel/ Stockholm)
Patrick Siech (Parabel/ Malmö)
Adrian Bell (Bunker/ Melbourne)

DJ Deep (Tresor Records, Deeply Rooted/ Paris) b2b
Roman Poncet (Tresor Records, Deeply Rooted/ Paris)
Mario Berger (Tresor.Berlin)
Tred (E-Missions, Öniverse/ Berlin)


Globus: Bonito House Club
Evan Baggs (Kurbits, Cabaret/ Berlin)
Max Vaahs (HardWorkSoftDrink/ Frankfurt)
Domenico Rosa (Imprint Records/ London)
Quest (Cyberfunk Records, Hardcore Beats/ London)

Tresor: New Faces
Guest: Live: Private Press (Indigo Area/ Warsaw)
PUSHMANN (N&N Records, Kms Records/ Zaragosa)
hosted by Mareena (Unrush, Tresor.Berlin)

Globus: Ferox Records 25 YRS
Live: Steve O'Sullivan - Mosaic Recordsvan (Mosaic, Sushitech/ UK)
Live: Russ Gabriel (Ferox/ Portsmouth)
XDB (Metrolux, Sistrum/ Göttingen)
Janina (Tresor, Monasterio/ Berlin)

Live: Shawn Rudiman (Pittsburgh Tracks/ US)
Joey Beltram (Tresor Records/ NYC)
Blake Baxterer (Mix Media/ Detroit)

Madalba (Buttons, Tresor/ Berlin)

Carlos Souffront (Interdimensional Transmissions/ Detroit)
Andrew James Gustav (Art of Dark, Undersound/ London)
Ron Wilson (777 Recordings, Tresor/ Berlin)

Live: Jeroen Search (A&S, Dynamic Reflection/ NL)
psyk (Tresor Records, Non Series/ Madrid)
Linear Straight (Konsequent Records/ Brussels)
Alderaan (Warm Up, PoleGroup/ ARG)

Globus: RAWAX
Diego_Krause (Rawax, Unison Wax/ Berlin)
SAKRO b2b Miguel Puente (Raum Musik, Housewax/ Mexico)
Robert Drewek (Rawax, DBH Music/ Offenbach)


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