Psyonara Events presents .....

the sacred Pre-Party for the next Atman Festival in ORWO Haus Berlin.

About Atman Festival:
The 24-day summer event is "committed to encouraging artists of all mediums to explore the depths of their imagination, to boldly produce work that is beautiful, peculiar and thought-provoking." The festival invests heavily in projects that go beyond the musical lineup, with multiple galleries, installations, modular soldering workshops, landscaping, and organic decorations combined with scientific experiments and skilled engineering. The aim is to create an environment of peculiar content that "is yet to be seen" in the realm of electronic music by blending a celebration of psychedelic trance influences with collected artistries and craftsmanships from urban art scenes from all around the world united as one family.



YABBA DABBA ll Sangoma Rec. • (France)

DAKSINAMURTI ll Sangoma Rec. •

WEIRDOS ll Parvati Rec. • (Italy)

SETU KETU ll Labyrinthine Crew •

LESO ll Sonic Loom • (Italy)


PSYNONIMA OVNI/Freak Rec. • (Spain)

IKARUS Psyonara •

MALUM ll Blackout/Freak Rec. •

EDIKS ll Psyonara •

PERKINS ll Sacred Technology •

Technofloor by Neutrum

After successful events in Berlin and Rostock, the 2019 founded techno collective Neutrum Berlin is looking forward to host the Second Floor at Atman Festival Preparty with Hard-Techno ,Industrial, Acid and Dark-Techno and also harmonic sounds.

Bretterlude ll Neutrum •

Balkhausen ll Canvas •

Elias Nuit ll Neutrum •

Elli ll Rivals Rave •

Mate ll Rivals Rave •

ErrorA ll Neutrum •

ZoneX ll Fhainest •


:• Deko&Light •::
• U-Helica Project •


::• Tickets •::

Earlybird: 10,59€
1st release: 15,04€
2nd release: 20,29€
Boxoffice: 25€

All prices plus system fee and incl. 7% VAT.

Birthdaykids from the whole weekend have free entrance!

07.04,08.04, 09.04, 10.04

terms and conditions (AGB): bit.ly/3G1hfLf

::• Location •::

Frank-Zappa-Straße 19
12681 Berlin

S-Bahn Poelchaustr.

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