Süss. War Gestern

The Unknown presents:
Aris & Midge
The Unknown is a project that has been supporting uncommercialized artists since 2010 with the goal of giving new and fresh artists a platform for their art. The project aims to present electronic DJs and Live Acts as well as art in all of its facets. Here, people interested in music and art can discover a lot of intriguing insider tips, making The Unknown perfect for everyone who wants to experience all sorts of different forms of expressions. www.the-unknown.de
Edition #5

Qrew54 läd ein zum gailen F-EIERTAGSTANZ!

Auf drei Floors wird gerammelt und das sind eure Hasen
Marcii Moto
Oliver Liefke Music
Fixie Fate
Andi de Luxe
Don Peso
Shirley Shot

You wanted a dress code? - GET STUDIO54!!


Hereby you are invited to our 5th polysexual and eccentric journey through time, which focuses on unrestrained fun and glitter sculptures. Subcultures of this city, come together and experience a ravy, glittery evening in our Disco, Retro & Techno- Stall!

DARK ROOM for all genders

Theme Related Outfit
Eggs meets Studio 54!
Leather , Lace... with bunny ears!.
Underwear/Half-Naked or with a Plüsch-Schwanz!
Erotic/Fetish Outerwear.. or Like a Playboy-Bunny!

Please. Come as u are.. BUT: we glitter u up!

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