“Once upon a time, in a land we all know, a gathering group of goddesses tend a mystical garden that we call home. During the watering, we stumble across a fertile fairy ring; it feels alive with sound. Below, the earth pulses with a beat that fills us, constant, with pleasure. It is Mother Nature’s womb, and the garden is still blooming. We are the magic she needs to breathe.“

The intimacy developed during the night calls to the inner divine, the goddess, the femininity, in each participant. Together, with pleasure, we celebrate one another.

goddess, fairies, mythical creatures, you are welcome as you are.

To prepare for an evening of empowerment and the building of strong female bonds, we will tune into our Sacral Chakras, connect with the sisterhood through an intimate group massage, and awaken your sexual energy through a techno tai chi workshop provided by our very own Kepler Grandmother. Interactive performances ranging from poetry and body painting, to drag performances and consent/lube workshops, inspire and celebrate the creativity blooming within all of us, but also encourage you to take home more than the knowledge that you have found your soul sisters.

8€ before 1am
10€ after 1am

Sweaty Bush is a safe space for exploration free from pressure, expectation and judgment. Homophobia, racism, sexism or any form of discrimination or body shaming will not be tolerated.

Sweaty Bush is a new party series, focused on consciousness and a sensual techno experience, birthed by Female members of Kepler 452b for Female-identifying denizens of the club scene. We promote an all-Female musical lineup, exhibit Female artists, and limit entrance to those who identify as Female to address gender inequality in the techno-art scene. Through gatherings like this, we tie aim to knots that won’t break. We create connections based on love and mutual respect. We encourage pride in who —and what— we are.
We’re at it again peeps at your fave spot Sounds! Back this time with a v special guest Burrell Connection bringing the heat alongside your spicey resident deejays. Expect nothing but hot bombs all night long!

On da 1’s n 2’s

The Burrell Connection (Craigie Knowes / Solid State) b2b
Jank Inc. (MF / Pace Yourself)
Claire Hex (Grime Box / Margins)
Elke (Grime Box / Groove)
Delma Ora (Grime Box)

Party on Wayne

What better way to close out an Easter weekend than a High End? Katy De Jesus and Venus Guy Trap are joining resident Yrzck for this final edition before we move to our Summer programming.


Katy De Jesus (Family Unit)

Venus Guy Trap (Studio 69)

Yrzck (Studio 69)

Entry is FREE
SOUNDS is a short walk from S-Bahn Sonnenallee

SOUNDS is a QUEER SPACE that's safe for everyone and no queerphobia, transphobia, misogyny, racism, homophobia, or any other discrimination will be tolerated.
Studio 69, a pansexual amuse-bouche

Passion and lust are ephemeral both in their beauty and intensity but 69 springs eternal. The human desire for connection and carnality is best expressed through music and dance, thus we open the doors to the Studio to once again come together and indulge our senses

Don't forget: after the Studio closes, come next door to KAKE for the official afterparty Drag Liquid Brunch


Special Guest TBA

(Studio 69, High End)

Marquis de Shade
(Studio 69, SOUNDS)

6+9 Music Factory
(Yrzck B2B Marquis de Shade)


Entry is €10
SOUNDS is a short walk from S-Bahn Sonnenallee
PRODUCED by Eliot Garderobe and Miguel Yrzck

SOUNDS is a QUEER SPACE that's safe for everyone! NO queerphobia, transphobia, misogyny, racism, homophobia, or any other discrimination will be tolerated.

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