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British native, Berlin based DJ/Producer Danny Russell has grown to become aserious fixture on the Berlin scene over the past few years. With appearance's at renowned venues such as Watergate, Suciide Circus, King Size, and Neue Heimat. His DJ exploits have also taken him overseas most notable to America where he played the legendary Groove Jet club in New York. Having recently played the sold out festival Somewhere in the Distance, alongside Alex From Tokyo (world famous, Tokyo Black Star, Phonon) & Jarle Bråthen (Full Pupp), it’s fair to say the stock of Danny’s DJ credentials placing him firmly in the category of ‘one to watch out for in future’.With 2 successful EPs on DJ Kaos’ Jolly Jams label – which have received strong support from Milan to Sydney from DJ’s such as Danny Krivits, DJ Harvey and Luke Solomun. Danny’s early steps into production are proving as fruitful as his DJing.Honing his skills on the underground scene of Manchester, Danny Russell was a constant feature at many of the city’s most reputable venues from The Attic and Zumbar to The Music Box and Sankeys. With a musical maturity advanced beyond his years his sets are energetically delivered with a tight precision that amalgamates Balearic house and deep disco into one sizzling blend of sounds.Beyond the club and festival circuit, Danny has also DJed at parties for major brands such as Delivery Hero, Zenmate, Shazam, The Collective (at the Berlin Tech Open Air), as well as Pathe Films.Whilst his work as a sound designer for brands such as Charles Worthington Spa, Original Source, Imperial Leather and Chicago Town pizzas, coupled with his previous experience as a Post Production Engineer on movies that include ‘Lizzie’ directed by Gillan Wood and shown at the Cannes film festival. Give Danny a unique ear when it comes to understanding the musicality of what works on the dancefloor all the way to the big screen.For bookings email : [email protected]


Wer ihn kennt, der weiß und schätzt, dass die Selektion jeder einzelnen Platte über allem steht. Egal welcher Stil es sein mag, das wichtigste ist und bleibt, es groovt, belebt und lässt die Füsse tänzeln.

Zuhause fühlt er sich von Deep bis Tech und back!

Mal straight, mal groovig, mal experimentell oder einfach atmosphärisch Melodien, die zum Träumen treiben, alles ist möglich und deshalb darf man sich bei ihm auf überraschende Stunden mit ner guten Mische freuen.

ES ist angerichtet...bitte schalten Sie alle elektronischen Geräte aus, konzentrieren Sie ich ausschließlich auf die Musik, vergessen Sie das Tanzen nicht, trinken Sie reichlich und genießen Sie den Abend – WELCOME HOME!!!


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New addition to the Berlin scene, expect mutating and pulsating variations of Footwork, House, Grime, Jersey and all strands of Bass music.

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johnnie_eins - Seit 2008 - Dj - House & Tech/House - Groove Funk & Soul


Anfänge House 2000 - 2004 Einflüsse FF/o Winterhafen / Fuse Club // Vinyl House Selection
Dj Duo Trash&Cash /
Label - Nightworker & No:Norm (Brandenburg/ Berlin) Houseboat- Westhafen / Altes Ziegelwerk / Süss War Gestern / Coconutbeatclub / Hagebau /
Bunker Petkus / Friendship Music Open Air / AESIA // u.a
Luca & Juliet
Finest and uplifting House Tunes with the taste of the good all times and
fresh pieces of today

Set DJ Luca

Set Juliet

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If you are looking for a unique blend of disco and house music, with jazz and soul… if you like DJs who stick to Vinyl and love dancing all night long… then this event is definitely for you.

Jerry Jerson:

Born in Szczecin in Poland but live and work in Berlin. Dj with many faces. 10 years behind the decks. Music enthusiast, collectioner of old and new vinyl records, home producer, promoter and organiser of parties in Berlin and also in his hometown in Szczecin in Poland. Open for any kind of cooperation and friendly set for the world.

Author of music compilation series called "Szczecin Główny" which were promoting Szczecin's young producers and also "Trust your brain" which were promoting polish electronic music scene for the magazine LAIF. Ex member of the groups BLACK COOKIES SOUNDSYSTEM where he used to play and organise parties and MJU TRIO where he was producing electronic music and performing it live.
He had occasion to support such artists like: Alex Barck, Ye:Solar, Felix Haaksmann, Martin Landsky, Marlow, One Self, Micatone, Crazy Penis, Catz'n'dogz, Franklin da Costa and many others.

He played on such festivals like: Audioriver, Boogie Brain, Szczecin United Art, Plötzlich Am Meer.
Hailing from New Mexico, U.S.A, James Osterlund is digging his way through all the vinyl Berlin has too offer. Looking for the deepest house grooves, he loves spinning soulful, synthed-out tracks that melt your heart. After starting out as a radio DJ on 89.9 KUNM FM in 2012 and putting together the infamous “Dartmouth House” parties in his home town of Albuquerque, Osterlund moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina where he worked for ZZK records and further developed his craft as a resident at Armin Bar. Happy to call Berlin his new home, he’s balancing his time digging, spinning and producing.


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Delta Yard is all about searching for that certain kind of groove. That element that makes people dance instantaneously no matter how the scenery around them looks. Be it a festival site or a hotel lounge, if the groove is right your head starts nodding and your feet start tapping. A dish best served in magical places with magical people.
Delta Yard is a funky house project by producer and dj Alec Seynaeve, who's originating from Kortrijk, Belgium. As a dj Delta Yard is turning the tables since '09, this includes all kind of genres. Let him take you on a groovy ride through a funky landscape.
Curious? Get a taste by listing to his latest Funk Collection tape:δy-funk-collection-6/

recent release:
GOOD FOR ME EP was recently released on the Belgian label House Cookin' Records and the original track along with the Delta Yard remix got played out on the national Belgian radio Studio Brussel.
Expect some groovy house with smooth piano riffs:

social links:
Grandpa & Stoner

Max & Philipp. Two guys from the "(Kn)allgäu" who got to each other through the same kind of love they have to music.
As best friends they conquered Berlin and started to work together on decks.
Influenced by Hip Hop and Disco Tunes, the boys created their own kind of special music taste the people love to listen to.

Deep and Dirty House Tunes with funky additives is the result!

Come over!
Joker & Rough, first discovered their shared love for electronic music in their early years. In 2006 the long-time friends decided to take this love a step further and became a DJ-Duo.
The Duo is made of two very different characters. There is Tristan, who grew up in a family of musicians who had extensive classical music training as a child and whose musical skills can be traced to his performances at many concerts in his early years.
And then there is Raphael, who grew up in a family, where music was not performed apart from singing occasionally in the shower. Raphael‘s taste for music developed later through Tristan, when they would hang out together listening to old school hip hop for hours. Tristan’s musical skills and love for detail joined Raphael‘s high ambition and formed a project called Joker & Rough.
Joker & Rough’s diverse musical styles range from UK garage, moving to Berlin tech house, to deep house from all over the world.
From this aural symbiosis both artists have developed their own interpretations of electronic dance music.
Their blissful sets of new individual sounds represent their diverse tastes, how their styles complement each other, and underline their undoubted passion for house music in all of its
glorious forms

Joker & Rough haben ihre Liebe zur elektronischen Musik bereits in ihren frühen Jahren entdeckt. Im Sommer 2006 entschieden sich die beiden nach jahrelanger Freundschaft ein DJ - Duo zu werden.
Dieses Duo besteht aus zwei völlig unterschiedlichen Charakteren:
Nehmen wir zum einen Tristan, der aus einer sehr musikalischen Familie kommt und bereits in frühester Kindheit mit unzähligen Geigen- und Klavierstunden gequält wurde. Auf der anderen
Seite Raphael, in dessen Familie niemand auch nur annähernd etwas mit Musik zu tun hatte, außer das maximal unter der Dusche gesungen wurde. Raphaels Liebe zur Musik wurde erst
durch die hingebungsvolle und mitreißende Art von Tristan in ihrer gemeinsamen Jugend entfacht, als sie täglich stundenlang zusammen groovigen Oldschool Hiphop hörten.
So traf sich eine unvorstellbar große Bandbreite an musikalischem Verständnis mit einer außergewöhnlichen Liebe fürs Detail gepaart mit wahnsinnigem Ehrgeiz in einem Projekt namens
Joker & Rough.
Die Jungs zu erleben ist die mitreißendste sowie pure Liebe zur Musik. Der Stil der beiden bewegt sich zwischen groovigem UK Garagehouse, bewegendem Berliner Techhouse sowie treibendem
Deephouse aus aller Welt. Die beiden Berliner Künstler entwickelten daraus ihre eigene Interpretation von elektronischer Tanzmusik und fanden in dieser Symbiose ihren typischen Sound.
Ihre Sets sind stets ein neuer individueller Klanggenuss, der ihre Leidenschaft zur House-Music untermalt.

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Diana Perova alias Diana May was born in Russia and came to Austria at the age of 10, right now based in Berlin, Germany.
After many many nights out Diana wanted to pull the strings by herself and started as Light Jockey at a Club called Kottulinsky(Austria).
2 Years of experience later Diana May changed to Djing. Her passion lies in Tech House & Techno, with bassy vibes & catchy synthesizer. Her mixes were running on different Podcasts and Radio Stations, like Fm4 la boum Deluxe, No Subject Beats, Deep Berlin and many more.
Diana May has already played for the legendary Pratersauna in Vienna, Sky and Sand Festival, Helene Beach Festival and Magdalena in Berlin.
Her first release “90´s Machine” with remixes by Michael Nielebock and Lauschtakt & Ulrich makes people get on the dance floor!

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