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Adam X -90s Rave Set- [Sonic Groove]
Introversion [Arts]
Sunil Sharpe [Rave Or Die]
Under Black Helmet [MORD]
Wittes [Slave To The Rave]

Appleblim [Apple Pips / R&S]
Nicky Blackmarket [BM Soho]
Substance aka DJ Pete -Jungle Set- [Hardwax]
Uta [Rec Room]
Host: Seͫmͦtⷨeͨxͤ MC Santana [SRBE]

Hello ravers, facing the current Covid-19 situation, we unfortunately will have to postpone this again! New date is March 12 2021. RA tickets holders will get a notification email and can ask for a refund. We hope to see you soon! Stay safe

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