Zur Klappe

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Swaffle Phonk 3 Release Sesh

>>> Live:
---- Caramelo
---- Donvtello & Opti Mane (808 MUZIK)

>>> DJ:
---- Macksta C

>>> Ya residents:
---- Phonkycool

---- AlphaMob

>>> Attitüde:
Respect ya self! Take care of each other!
≈ Ignoranz ist öde. ≈
× Komm auf keinen Fall, wenn Du Sexist, Rassist,
Chauvinist, Homophob, Ich-bin-ja-nicht-rechts-aber...
und ähnliches bist. Dies ist nicht Deine Party. ×
Loser Records meets Zur Klappe

P-T2 // rote sonne, rfr-rec

Michal Zietara // loser, renate, pets

Highscore Tommy // loser

Leon Haller // harry klein, capsolé

Djrubio (live) / Man Band
Bnjmn / Delsin Records
Antepop / Inverted Audio

Following our September residency at Zur Klappe with Christopher Rau and Carsten Jost - we are proud to announce our third lineup taking place on 8 November, presenting a blistering live set from DJ Rubio and turntable support from Delsin stalwart BNJMN and Antepop.

Mysterious Helsinki based producer DJ Rubio lands in Berlin to present his first ever live set in the German capital, primed to stamp his unique sonic identity with a hair-raising techno workout, revellers should expect a vivid display of all things electronic. Listen back to a recording of his enthralling live set from Solstice Festival 2019.

BNJMN steps up next, bringing his deft and multi-faceted blend of techno to Zur Klappe. With albums released through Delsin, Rush Hour and his own imprint Tiercel, we are beyond excited to welcome him to the sweaty basement and hear what unreleased gems he has in his bag.

Antepop takes control of the final hours of the event. Having played a full-throttle techno set for Beau Wanzer in June, plus an equally dynamic set at our 10 Year Anniversary with Low Jack and Kassem Mosse and closing sets at Zur Klappe, there’s no limit to the scope of Antepop’s vivid selection.
Presenting a fresh concept "E Sessions" taking place at various intimate spaces around our beloved Berlin. E Sessions is open to everyone, from our close label family, friends old & new, or the stranger from the street, all gathering together and just enjoying our good vibes, whilst we place a strong emphasis on our musical selection, Inviting residents, friends & special guests to come and play extended sets not bound to genres or styles, anything goes! expect to hear the unexpected at these parties.

First up for E Sessions

Lee Burton (Finest Hour, Raum Musik)
atree (Pluie/Noir, VayVay) b2b Hagel
SY (Rawax, EWax)

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