Zur Klappe


YOUNG SHIELDS back in the poor but halbsexy city Berlin. Dem Zirkus auf einer Müllhalde, dem Lebensgefühl als Lifestyle.

Wie gewohnt scharf wie ein Rambomesser aber harmlos wie ein Zwergmuntjak, am Puls der Zeit wie die Beständigkeit der Erinnerung und früh aufgestanden wie Berufspendler*innen aus Sachsen Anhalt, um dann nochmal kleines Nickerchen zu machen.

Dieses Mal mit:

* DJ Assam (Lehult, Zur Klappe)

* A very very very special Guest (die Auster unter den House-DJs, sieht aus wie DJ Rijkaard)

* DJ Rijkaard (Young Shields, sieht aus wie die Auster unter den House-DJs)

As all marines are riflemen, all members of the Young Shields arkestra are percussionists.

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Berlin-based On Board Music is hosting excellent PLU crew from Bristol at Zur Klappe on March, 5th!

Diamin (New Trash, Family Affair / Buenos Aires)
Jaye ward (PLU / Bristol)
Ranks (PLU / Bristol)
ghkc (Buenos Aires)

We are super excited to host the two head honchos and DJ residents of Bristol underground queer party PLU (People Like Us) Jaye Ward and RANKS. Over the last 8 years, PLU has existed as an outkast party with a booking policy of inviting queer and often overlooked talented artists and providing them with a platform to perform.
Musically - expect a true mix up of outsider House, mutant Disco, Post Rock, all the waves and body music.

Chilean DJ, Buenos Aires-based & On Board Music member, Diamin who is actually touring in Europe will join them for the night. Co-founder of Family Affair, Diamin cut their teeth by playing many parties in South America and working in a recordstore. Diamin sets cover a wide range of musical genres from House to Techno, focusing on the way this sounds cross paths with Synth Pop, Ambient and Krautrock and subgenres like Breakbeat, New Beat, Electro and Acid.

Berlin-based, new-comer Argentinian DJ, ghkc will close the night with an eclectic and energetic selection which blends all kind of techno, acid and psychedelic music.

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