Zur Klappe

Janosch live
kann-records.com @ yorck0
RA: https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1250202
We‘re back at Zur Klappe on 4/20, this time with Ryan James Ford - who by the way just released another amazing EP on his own imprint SHUT! Needless to say you should check out his IDM-tinged Techno productions and come along for another wild night beneath Yorckstrasse.


Ryan James Ford (SHUT/MDR)


Syrtaki (Ultra Light Plus/Lapse)

Thomas Hoffmann (Ultra Light Plus/Lapse)

RA Event:

Ed Davenport (Counterchange / Inland)

a l l n i g h t l o n g

“Sometimes you wake up and you’ve just lost the plot. Is life great or is it not? Should I eat more fruit? Is buying diamonds rude?”

Celebrating the release of our new record "生命还存在意义吗?" with the help of some of our favourite djs. (Don't) expect surprises.

Cornelius Doctor (HARD FIST, FR)
Louis Vogue (Gay Haze, The Word Radio, BE)
Ca$hminus (Bordello A Parigi, Ca$hminus Music, DE)

RA: https://bit.ly/2FppXoH
Dark Techno Cruising Queer Procrastination

All queer lineup at an old gay cruising spot. Get out of the clubs and dark rooms - explore the old new “Klappe” - creating our own unique space:

Yonti (PAG, Tel Aviv)
Olivia Mendez (unbroken)
Caleb ESC (Staub)

And Special Guest

Hosted by Fábio M Silva aka Collapsella (The Real Housewifes of Neukölln)

10th of May at 11.55pm @ Zur Klappe (Yorckstr.0)

no racism / no sexism / no homophobia / no transphobia / body or slut shaming is not tolerated.

Limited capacity - cuming early - staying late.

The venue is not wheelchair accessible.

Artwork by Daniel Marin Medina

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