Moonland Festival, which will take place from 3 to 5 August in Rummu, Estonia, continues to occupy Europe. Moon expedition has already landed on Tallinn, Moscow and Madrid, after that St Petersburg and Riga will take over the club tour. On July 19 IPSE Berlin loudly meets Moonland’s delegation.

With honor and joy waiting for the acts of Rossko — UK based DJ, record collector and the noted resident of Fuse London, and Juho Kusti — one of Finland’s top techno djs and a half of Deep Space Helsinki radio, label and event promotions. German electronic music scene is presented by outstanding artists from all over the world. Shaun Reeves is Detroit influenced DJ, producer and founding member of the trailblazing group Visionquest with Ryan Crosson, Lee Curtiss and Seth Troxler. The enthusiast from Canada Mike Shannon, who has released on respected Plus 8, Force Inc, ~Scape labels, now is an important part of Berlin community. Born in Australia Bella Sarris now is easily can be called as a woman of the world. IPSE Club introduce its residents BINTO & HENNY .

Juho Kusti
Mike Shannon
Shaun Reeves
Bella Sarris
• Damiano von Erckert (AVA., DVE Records)
• Cedric Maison (Hypercolour Records, Sneaker Social Club)
• Hakim Murphy (Machining Dreams, Synapsis)
• Herzel live (Hivern Discs, Biologic Records)
• Lapien (Rekids (Official), Mistress Recordings)
• Hreno
• ɒlqʜɒdɘƚƨ aka alphabets aka Charly Delhom

Connecting the lines between house and techno


In Greek mythology, Styx is a deity and the river that forms the boundary between Earth and the Underworld.

In Berlin Nightlife, STYX Berlin is a collaboration between Parallel Berlin and ipse.
Like the river Styx flows through the underworld, the night STYX will flow through underground music.

We believe in natures variety, a grooving balance that forms a unity. Mystic, edgy and full of light at the same time.
This reflects in our line ups, a diverse mix of house, techno and it's colorful shades.

It's important to us, to invite well respected artists, as well as interesting newcomers, carefully selected for their music only.
Let´s come together and dance on a peaceful, floating cloud until the morning light, and even longer.

please respect our no photo policy.
no phones on the dance floor.

Join us on Resident Advisor as well:
Hito pres. OTO #7 • this time with:

• Marco Faraone
• Hito
• Hybrasil*live
• Sub Human Bros*live
• Marino Canal
• La Bohème

Japanese born Berlin based Techno DJ HITO will host her curated event series at IPSE Berlin for the seventh time. Named OTO, Japanese for ‘Sound’.

HITO sees music as a way to unite through creating and sharing Techno in a pure and organic way, and performing as a way to manipulate energy and bring the crowd and DJs together. She promises an atmosphere that only occurs when friends and family gather together to share their creativity under one roof.

HITO moved to Berlin from Himeji, a traditional city of Japan known for its symbolic Himeji Castle. In Berlin she felt welcomed and inspired to develop her music alongside the characters and friends she spent time with while enjoying being a local Berlin DJ. Now 19 years later she feels ready to present her own offering to the town she calls home.

HITO will invite a mix of upcoming and established DJ friends and associates from Japan, Germany and the rest of the world, merging cultures between musically associated people. Each line up is designed to demonstrate the talent she recognises on her travels as well as big name surprise guests as a an occasional surprise for her audience.

All artists will play on the PLAYdifferently MODEL 1 mixer by Richie Hawtin and Andy Rigby-Jones, of which HITO is an ambassador. She loves to introduce the instrument to new artists and enjoys sharing the unbeatable sound quality with her peers and the crowd.

RA: www.residentadvisor.net/events/1090258

Calling all faggots, dykes, trans, sissys, daddies, aunties, chickens, brownie queens, pigs, prostitutes, punks, adult babies, furries, wolfs, twinks, fudge packers, gnc, anarcho-queers, otters, butch, chasers, baby butches, subs, drags, beefcakes, bears, bucket boys, bull dykes, battymen, hawks, chubs, faeries, power bottoms, alpha tops, boi’s, femmes, stone butch to soft butch, lipstick lesbians, transvestites to Bushwig to experience a 24-hour orgy of drag, music & love!

Bushwig Berlin a 24-hour drag & dance music extravaganza over 2 stages of fun during CSD [Pride] weekend. Featuring drag performers from across the world alongside critically acclaimed Dj talent. We’re super excited to be bringing you Bushwig Berlin with our friends at IPSE Berlin - a sprawling indoor/outdoor club along the river Spree.

For us Berlin is the obvious place for us to go as us having longtime friendships in the city & drawing on Berlin’s rich history of drag culture, queer politics, anarchism & hedonism. All of what Bushwig stands for. #BB


Bushwig Berlin ist eine 24-stündige Drag & Dance-Musik-Extravaganza während des CSD (Pride) Wochenendes, bei der Euch die heissesten Drag-Performer und DJs aus der ganzen Welt auf 3 Bühnen die Hölle heiß machen. Wir, und unsere Freunden des IPSE Berlin sind ekstatisch Euch Bushwig Berlin präsentieren zu können.

Die reiche Geschichte der Drag Kultur, Queer-Politik, Anarchismus und Hedonismus, sowie die zahllosen und langjährigen Freundschaften die wir in der Szene haben machen Berlin zum perfekten Ort für Bushwig Berlin. Feiert mit uns! #BB



Cem [herrensauna]
Jacob Meehan [buttons]
Luigi Di Venere [cocktail D’more]
Isa Gt
Alyha Love
Minq [the Dressing Room]
Monchichi [kaltblut]
Beppe Savoni

+ Very Special Secret Guests


Colin Self


Sasha Velour
Gloria Viagra
Gieza Poke
Olympia Bukkakis
The House Of Blue Eyes
Raga Muffin
Amber Alert
Untitled Queen
Lucy Balls
Kewin Bo
Sonja Kallhecallon
Hannah Lou
Christina Corpse
Sasha Kills
Bleach B
Lolita Va Voom
The Dragstreet Boyz
Sabine Jay
Tyra May-sue
Nicole M’Pikole
Cher Nobyl
The Flamingogos
Rubyyy Jones
Lolita Va Voom
Parisienne Sasazuka
Yolanda Strega


Advance discount tickets on sale now!!!

Special thanks to our media partner: KALTBLUT Magazine. Ex-Berliner & SIEGESSÄULE

Poster Design by: http://www.mariachimi.com/

Percentage of profits go to support the gully queens of Jamaica & the Berlin Center For LGBTI Refugees.

* Buying a ticket does not give you automatic entry - assholes will be denied ! come correct ! *

Every Monday outdoors at the canal from 2pm - free entrance

Uncanny Valley Soundsystem [Uncanny Valley]
Jacob Korn (live) [Uncanny Valley, Running Back]
Jacob Stoy [Uncanny Valley, Dispo 5000]
Kolja Gerstenberg [Suol, Smile For A While]

The Dresden-based label Uncanny Valley takes over Hallo Montag for a special open air party at IPSE.

Another summer season is here, and at Suol we are once again going to extend your weekend longer and full of music with our weekly “Hallo Montag” Monday open airs.
The weekly “Hallo Montag” series is held in the beautiful outdoor venue IPSE in Berlin and we open doors every Monday at 2pm, and ending, well… whenever the last person leaves, which usually goes well over on to Tuesday mornings :) The goal is to take the horror off Mondays and replace it with a joyful feeling instead; dancing to quality music at a beautiful venue, with a delicious drink in your hand and fantastic people around. To put the cherry on top of this caramel sundae, the events are FREE. All you need is a good vibe and your dancing shoes.
Of course we don’t want to leave anyone out of the fun, so we will stream the events live on Facebook - as we did last year.
This event is for those of you that want to push the weekend a bit further, take an extended lunch break in the early afternoon, hang out with your BFF by the scenic canal, or dance your socks off later in the evening. We will provide the music, there will be drinks and food, you just need to enjoy Berlin’s beautiful summer vibe.

Supported by SchleckDruff
Szenario Nr. 13 -- RESTEFICKEN

Die Luft ist raus,
Pustekuchen, Feierabend.
Sagt das Niejeliebte Kind
hektisch um sich schlagend.
Wird erwachsen, mit vielen Pickeln,
und lässt sich einfach nicht mehr wickeln.
Die Windel voll, der Strampler klein,
hat's nicht geschlafen, kann nich sein!
Da haut die Mutti einfach rein...

Ohne Witz und ohne gaukeln,
Das Schiff ist viel zu schwer zu schaukeln.
In dieser Phase seiner Blase
fasst es sich selber an die Nase,
um zu reifen und zu wachsen,
ohne Schweiß und ohne Faxxen.

Wenn die Gedanken falln' in alte Zeiten,
auf vielen Längen, auf vielen Breiten,
stets versucht es Bunt zu treiben.
Flashback, Mund auf und runter damit,
flaun' Bauch, Schwupps drauf, und wieder fit.
Und als Produkt dieser Freiheit wurden wir dumm,
manchmal mehr laut, manchmel weniger stumm.
Was nichts mehr Will, das kann nicht werden,
Das inne Kind wird nicht gleich sterben,
es braucht erst Zeit, um voll zu erden.
Der Shit hat sich verändert!
So wie auch Wir.
Aus hartem Schiss wird Durchfall
Für schlechte Erfahrungen, erst recht die Guten!
Wir lachten Tränen, wir mussten bluten.
Alles was passiert ist nimmt man mit,
auf jedem Gang, auf jedem Schritt.
So seid bereit für den vorerst letzten Ritt
und bringt gleich alle eure Freunde mit!
Das ist was uns ausmacht,
Die Crew allein füllt ganze Floors,
mit Erdbeerkäse, Schinkenwoors.

Wir laden ein zum letzten Tackern,
volle Bahnen mit dicken Ackern!
Rein & Raus ist unser Motto,
weißte nicht?

{ Friday, 3rd August - Saturday, 4. February }



Entry 10

Vor dem Schlesischen Tor 2b
10997 Berlin

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