Loftus Hall

It's a sentimental cause.

”As midnight fades into dawn, we begin the journey.
Across the endless space of time.
From mind to mind, face to face.
Faces to faces, oasis to oasis. In your mind.
Move with time. The journey begins…”

22:00 J South (FTRLS) [Romance & Dance Songs]
23:30 SIG (backd by Charles Lundman) [Rap] - LIVE
00:00 Kool Mister DJ (Cid Hohner) [Italo, Spacedisco, Boogie, Chicago]
01:30 Dj Olb & Channel (borgopazzo) [Techno, House, UK Garage]
04:00 Paul Tiedje [Techno]
05:30 J South (FTRLS) [Special 45 on 33bpm brainfreezer set]

5€ [free before 23:00]

Whas Happenin?
J South is opening and the closing the night with a special set of 7 inches and whole lotta dusty crates - music to Dance & Romance with. Have another drank and bounce with the rapper SIG from the Noodle Gang performing his latest set of upcoming works. Next up we get a highly dancebale but surely unorthodox set by no other than Kool Mister DJ who's infamous for nuffn but hard hittin disco tracks. Here begins the Sweat. Perfect timing to slip deeper into your brains as Dj Olb & Channel throw sum Acid into it that'll make all your dreams cum true. And before you realised, Paul Tiedje will have blasted away all other parts of your botay. Nice to get a little touchy then when J South enters again. . .

Sounds Like:
Chicago House, Italo Disco, Boogie, Funk, Rap, UK Garage, Techno

J South (FTRLS)

SIG (backd by Charles Lundman) - LIVE

Kool Mister DJ (Cid Hohner)

Paul Tiedje



Yves Blaque / Just a rave
Natt a regular guy/ artmusik
So What? / Wasted Unicorns / Buq:Musique)
Yanick Antonio/ Candyhouse
Shelter on Wax / Vibes only
more tba.



Resident Advisor:
We made it great last time: we have set a new space made out of smiles and imaginary confetti. Music has shaped the words together in a whole new beautiful sound and in a mesmerizing unique way. Can you hear the sound?

It's Alles Paletti, dear friends!

We can hear that. We can feel it. Friends, good old ones and new ones, are even coming from other lands to join it and giving you brand new soundwaves.

It's Alles Paletti, dear friends!

Join us again, meet the RBL Berlin gang and let the smiles make you forget the grey skies. Nothing but good vibes.

In the middle of the night, high above the vibes of the music, you will find yourself happy and crazy, caught in a vortex of friendship and good feelings. If you lose yourself there, don't worry, dear friend.

It's Alles Paletti.



Ksoul (UZURI Recordings / Kinda Soul Recordings)
Spacerenzo (Bounce FM)
Matte Dtr
Alles Paletti is a party organized by Banda Larga Berlin e.V.
Radio Live Streaming by Radio Banda Larga

RBL crew

(ENTRY: 7 euros // 5 euros for members of Banda Larga Berlin e.V.)
Hideto Omura (Robsoul Records, Tokyo/Berlin, JP)
Yasuhisa (Osaka/Berlin, JP)
Katsuhiko (You Record, Sapporo/Berlin, JP)
Platiniun Pork (Tokyo/Berlin, JP)
MAKOTO SAKAMOTO (Sub Human Bros, Kyushu/Berlin, JP)
Semih Akay (Pentagonik Records, TR)
Jack in the Box (Save Room)


Özgür Bay

G-One (Kushida Records/Bukowski Heilbronn DE)
ONNI (Voima)


Nalan Adela Han

Ali Nail b2b Canberk

Birgay (Suma Beach, WUC)
Rad Bear

Emrah Bala


Tim Owens

Tolga Oral


Entry: 10 €
Please join us for another NYE at LOFTUS HALL with a lot of local crews like LUVTHANG, Tooman Records, Smile For A While, Tieffrequent, Soulful House Collective etc.

admission: 18 €, doors: 23:00 on Dec 31.

12€ friends list: Please send us max. 2 names to (list closes on Dec 16!)

more tba soon!

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