Loftus Hall

Peanut Butter Beats are back with our biggest night to date: A Loftus Hall takeover! Come and shakedown with us for an all night extravaganza from Berlin’s finest hip hop acts and techno party closers.

Get to know the PBB artists here:

/// LINEUP ///

Rizzo & The Members Club
Maura Souloud
Bitte Please

Stage times, ticket prices, plus more acts to follow.
A new party is in town to walk you through a journey in sound until the sun rises.

It's Alles Paletti, dear friends!

It's our new wave space, wavier than new. We can see you, we can see your smile moving from disco to house music, from groovy vibes towards minimal beats. Multiple sounds are making you dancing, different cultures are making you talk and open minds are warming your body.

It’s Alles Paletti, dear friends!

Join the dances, meet the Radio Banda Larga gang and let the smiles make you forget the grey skies. Nothing but good vibes.

It’s Alles Paletti, dear friends!

In the middle of the night, high above the vibes of the music, you will find yourself happy and crazy, caught in a vortex of friendship and good feelings. If you lose yourself there, don't worry, dear friend.

It's Alles Paletti.


S L F (Tuskegee / Secret Music)
Faisal Heimat (Techno Obst)
Andrea Fissore vs Whatafunk (Crop Circle Unit / RBL Berlin)
Big T aka Valerio o´Milionario (RBL Berlin / Afterhour - RBL)
Marco Oh Boy (RBL Berlin / Berlin Bass Collective)

Radio - Streaming by Radio Banda Larga

RBL crew

(entry 5 euros)

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