Thomas Koch, aka DJ T., has been a pioneer of the electronic music scene since the late 80s, not just as an artist or DJ, but as a label manager, magazine editor/founder, promoter and more. In his eclectic sets he likes to tell stories of 40 years in dance music. For this very special event he invited grand master Steve Bug, founder of Poker Flat Recordings, one of his oldest dj friends, a versatile dj himself, who is looking back to an equally long career. Nour is a native Palestinian, a world traveller and wanderer between different cultures, her dj style is fueled by influences of her own cultural origin and other world music flavours.

Steve Bug


Ein Club
ist Freiheit
ist eine Gemeinschaft
ist Kultur
ist Veränderung
ist ein Experiment
ist Vielfalt
ist Nähe
ist ein Zuhause

14:00 - 24:00 Uhr

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