Arena Club

Stützpunkt is back at Arena Club after a couple of summer home games. So of course we had to put together a proper lineup to celebrate our return.

Stanislav Tolkachev
Mørbeck b2b Under Black Helmet
Nostitz b2b Karschau


Stanislav Tolkachev is a techno pioneer from Ukraine. His productions are influenced both by the classic sound of Detroit and the sleek minimalistic tendencies born in Berlin. He is focused on experimentation with textures and psychedelic sounds, taking inspiration from many different sources. His music has been released on many labels, including M_Rec, Semantica, MORD and Geophone. Being one of the most diverse artists in the scene, he has been shaping his sound for quite some time now. We are very happy that he will be with us.


We are happy to announce that Code Is Law label boss Mørbeck will team up with Lithuanian but now Berlin based DJ/producer Under Black Helmet for this edition of Stützpunkt. Both of them have had strong releases on labels such as Code Is Law, MORD or Soma. Even though they are djing solo most of the time, the two label mates aren’t sharing the decks for the first time. We are excited to hear what these two minds will create together. This highly anticipated back to back is definitely not to be missed.

SVЛT (Stützpunkt, Berlin)

SVЛT (Savant) is the latest addition to our roster - but he is in no way new to Stützpunkt parties. In fact he played the very first set ever at one of our parties, back in September 2015. Born and raised in Hamburg he found his passion in techno which pulled him to Berlin. His productions have already developed a distinguishable sound, focusing on dark, noise-driven industrial-techno. We are very excited for his set as his understanding and passion for high energy industrial will transpire in his mix.

NOSTITZ b2b KARSCHAU (Background. Codes, Berlin)

After our party back in February 2016 at Humboldthain on which we collaborated, we are happy to have the two organizers of Background. Codes - Nostitz and Karschau - back with us. They are good friends and have been supporters of Stützpunkt for quite some time now, so it is only right that they finally make their Arena Club debut for us. On this night they will play the opening slot, showcasing a bit of a different side to their usual style. We are looking forward to hearing what they’ve got up their sleeves.

It has been a while since our last party at Arena Club so we are more than happy to be back and are looking forward to seeing you there.
I never wanted to be your weekend lover
I know times are changing
It's time we all reach out
For something new
let me guide you to the Purple Rain.


╬═ Start at: 23:45 Dedicated intro:

der der der Live +
Raoul Fabian

╬═ 01:00 am Opening Concert:

Other Animals

╬═ 01:40 am

000 Live

╬═ 03:00 am

Felipe Volumen
Qu er
and more tba

Visual Project:

Thomas Ponticelli

Installations: TBA

Dark Room

FLASH Recordings Berlin Labelnight Price 10€

Florian Meindl
Jamie Anderson

Free guestlist for every 10th unique e-mail sender with subject "Guestlist" Write to Latest release incl. Lucy, Sigha, Twr72 Remixes: HardWax
Are you tired of mainstream? You want to go outside and break all the rules? Does heavy experimental sound like Drum 'n' Bass, Jungle, Hard DnB, Breakcore make your heart beat faster?
If you answered these questions with 'yes', then you are right here.

Come join us when the system gets fractured!

We all deserve some high quality music to escape the world for a little moment - this is exactly what we want. All that in an amazing, dark atmospheric location called Arena Club, accompanied by a massive, high-resolution d&b audiotechnik soundsystem.
We look forward to seeing you and are convinced that the sound will inspire you!

We, the Evilution Agency, are selflessly working to bring you as many events as possible. All revenue, after covering fixed costs, will primarily benefit the booked artists and will be used to fund further Drum and Bass, Jungle, Hard DnB and Breakcore events. Our home base in the Arena Club, offering the perfect environment for the quality standards that we place on ourselves.

The goal is to create a family platform together with you, to involve as many artists as possible in order to push the scene.
For this reason, we ask you to consider the entry fee as a donation or a contribution to expenses, which will fully be invested into the future. With your support and you being part of this, it allows us to create many more, legendary and unforgettable parties. We consider each single guest of our events as part of the family.
Therefore you are welcome to contact us with your ideas or questions.


Monster X (FR)
PEACE OFF RECORDS Murder Channel Abstrakt Reflections BEDROOM RESEARCH Tigerbeat6

Bazooka (D)
Aural-Carnage BUMBAZ Junglizm

Amboss (D)
Praxis Records

Breakforce One (D)
Fractal Speedcore Worldwide

Morihiro (JPN)
Jurassic Records Tuxurecords

Bassinfected (D)

Sonair / Lost in Music (D)
SUBLAND Berlin N1ghtshift - Bassdriven Music & Events Therapy Sessions No Way

Acriter (D)
SUBLAND Berlin N1ghtshift - Bassdriven Music & Events Therapy Sessions


Arena Club Eichenstrasse 4 12435 Berlin

S Treptower Park / S8 S9 S41 S42 S85

U-Bhf Schlesisches Tor / U1

Bus 104 165 194 265 N65


Doors: 11:59PM
before 1AM Entry: 8€
Entry: 10€
18+ / must have ID


Be prepared for some merchandise, a good chance to grab some stuff we will have that night!
(english below)

Das Institut eures Vertrauens widmet sich seiner Bestimmung: Feiern am Sonntag! "Sonntagsinstitut x" ist eine familiäre Afterhour im Arena Club mit wechselnden Partner*innen, die verschiedene Facetten von Techno repräsentieren.

Für die erste Ausgabe verbinden wir uns mit Cases of Madness - zwei verrückte Plattensammler*innen, die alle Rillen von Disco bis Techno bespielen. Sarah und Chris haben vom ://about party über den Tresor.Berlin (OFFICIAL) bis zum Institut fuer Zukunft schon alle Clubs der Gegend bespielt. Außerdem gastieren sie mit ihrer eigenen "Cases of Madness"-Reihe in verschiedenen kleinen, unkommerziellen Locations der Stadt.

Mitgebracht haben die zwei den Leipziger FAQ, der seit Gründung des IfZ dort residiert, um Electro mit Acidbasslines auf die Teller zu packen und die Partyreihe Young Shields zu schmeißen.


Black Mirror Park (Sonntagsinstitut)

DJ Hirax (Cases of Madness)

FAQ (Institut fuer Zukunft)

Lupaal (Sonntagsinstitut)

Sarah for Sure (Cases of Madness)

Tim Niwo (UKW - Kraftwerk Rostock / Sonntagsinstitut)

Keine Toleranz für Sexismus! Wendet euch vor Ort gerne an unser Awareness-Team.



The Sonntagsinstitut collective is doing what we are best at: parties on a Sunday! "Sonntagsinstitut x" is a cozy afterhour at Arena Club in collaboration with varying collectives and labels that represent different facets of techno.

For the first edition, our partners in crime will be Cases of Madness - two vinyl freaks who play everything from disco to techno as long as it sounds rough and analog. Sarah and Chris have played at many clubs in Berlin ranging from ://about party to Tresor.Berlin (OFFICIAL) and Institut fuer Zukunft. They are also hosting their own party series "Cases of Madness“ at various small and non-commercial spots in the city. Their friend FAQ from the IfZ in Leipzig is also joining us and will contribute some electro and acid bass lines.

Zero tolerance for sexism - please contact our awareness team if you feel unsafe at any time.
15.12.17 #5

For this last edition of the year, ZwischenWelten is going to host a Holotone Showcase, to celebrate the Album Release of SCALD PROCESS.
On this occasion, the UK artist will introduce the crowd to his A/V Live Set, featuring tasty collaborations.
Lineup and details soon.
We are looking forward to welcoming the first appearance of Burnt Friedman together with Don’t DJ on December 16th at Arena Club. They break up the constraints of common clubmusic by utilizing a variety of uneven rhythms to create a visionary, unprecedented groovy clubmusic. Know-How in combination with Hi-Tech and Friedman´s special surround-Sound with sensibility for details results in - RHYTHM ALCHEMY –.

Beginning at 21:00 hr/entrance fee: € 12.00.-

Burnt Friedman has developed into one of the most established and respected artists in electronic music after his fine arts studies in Kassel over the past decades. He has worked in both Dub and Jazz until he acommodated his signature sound under the label NONPLACE. The label was founded in 2000 with 44 releases to date. He collaborated with well-known musicians such as David Sylvian, Root70, Atom and the recently deceased CAN drummer Jaki Liebezeit. On the date of the performance his brandnew CD "ANTHOLOGY (1980-2017", will be released.


Friedman´s exclusive track for Dekmantel Compilation, September 2017

"almost supernaturally crafted dexterity"

"an absolutely stunning exercise in polymorphous jazz and weirdly wired electronica"

"... but really the defining quality of this music is how free - as in unshackled from dancefloor imperatives - it feels."

Don't DJ - Gammellan


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