SAMSTAG, 21.12.2019

Alex Caruso (Tanz Dich Hai)
BRUNA (Unterm Strich)
Dennis Siemion (Cerebro)
Finn Rechenburg live*
Jagu (Fivephoria)
Mila Stern (Station Endlos)
Mokt Blied (Rotzige Beatz, Südpol)
Normanski (Mein Name ist Hase)
Rocko Garoni (Second State)
Surreal (Südpol)

Wiesenweg 1-4
10365 Berlin
Flight #003 34 Hours :: 3-Floors

In the beginning there was Jack. Jack flew far into space, searching for the most groovy house. And while viciously lookin’ into a distant galaxy, Jack finally found and declared, 'Let there be House in Space!'

30 DJs & Live Acts :: powered by Funktion-One ::
4 Showcases: Golden Times / Move & Connect + Nie Wieder Schlafen + LTMD / Obsolet + Sound of Utopia

Hector Couto (Roush Label, Saved, Moon Harbour)
Kotelett&Zadak (Bar 25 Music, URSL, Katermukke)
SoKooL (Obsolet , Bordel Des Arts )
FreedomB (Toolroom Records, Knee Deep In Sound)
Cook Strummer - Live! (Get Physical Music)
LILLY & KAZAN (Matinee Istanbul, Sound of Utopia)
DJ Apoena B2B Zenta Skai (Zaijenroots)
Yes'in (Cosmo records, Finow Zoo)
Barber - Live! (Faceless Recordings)
Max Joni (Obsolet, LTMD)
Mutlu San / Bärtaub (R&S Records) B2B Rinaldo Makaj (RORA)
Valentin - Live! (Real Love Fantasy)
KHMGNFF (Finow Zoo)
ONNI (Sound of Utopia)
mukki&mina. (Obsolet, LTMD)
Philadelphia Gaus (Beat Effect)
Ama:rú (Nie Wieder Schlafen)
Coco the Coconut (Asociación Freedonia Barcelona)
Hagel B2B Osscuro (Move & Connect)
Hochholzner B2B Miguel Rodriguez (Golden Times)
Konchord - Live! (Nie Wieder Schlafen)
Konstantin Olias (LTMD, Süss. War Gestern)
trustless (Nie Wieder Schlafen)
Nowhere People (Sound of Utopia)
Malte Gutmann (Sound of Utopia)
Kabadayi (Sound of Utopia)

. [Saturday 08-13] Golden Times meets Move & Connect .
・゚ [Saturday 13-18] Nie Wieder Schlafen ・゚
* [Saturday 18-02] LTMD meets Obsolet *
・゚ [Saturday 22-end] Sound of Utopia ・゚

Special glitter makeup by Glitzersistas

Please Note
- Friday Night (23-08): €7 (Reduced) / €10 (Full)
- Daytime (Sat. until 22 & Sunday after 08): Free / €8
- Saturday Night (22-08): €12 (Reduced) / €15 (Full)
Register for FREE or Reduced Entry:
http://bit.ly/houseinspace003 (LIMITED availability)

This is part of Polyyard 5-day New Year's Festival:

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Jack says: 'In this house there shall be only the good vibes and best shades of house music. No one man owns this house — when you enter it becomes also your house. You may be black, white, Jew or gentile, it don't make a difference in this house!'

Artwork & Graphics: Malte Gutmann
(For English read below)

Die zweite Saison des Jubiläumsjahres der Bauhaus Akademie widmet sich den Frauen, die mit ihrer Neugierde, ihrem Mut und schließlich auch mit dem Handwerksgeschick ihrer Zeit eine völlig neue, ästhetische und zukunftsorientierte Formensprache in die Welt gebracht haben.

Zur Berliner Fashionweek (13. - 18. JAN '20) präsentiert das Atelier von THIMMHOTH Couture die "100 jahre frauhaus" Kollektion im grandiosen Umfeld des Polygon Clubs Berlin.

Donnerstag I 16. Januar 2020 I 18:30h
Polygon Club Berlin
Wiesenweg 1-4 I 10365 Berlin


Dedicated to the fantastic women of the Bauhaus Academy, the second seasonal presentation of the THIMMHOTH Couture studio will honour the futuristic, aesthetical design and last but not least the craftswomanship that was brought to the world by these inspiring women.

During Berlin Fashion Week (13. - 18. JAN '20) we are inviting to the exciting Location of the Polygon Club Berlin for our show and presentation of the "100 years women and the bauhaus".

Thursday I 16th JAN 2020 I 6.30 pm
Polygon Club Berlin
Wiesenweg 1-4 I 10365 Berlin

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