Burg Schnabel


The egg has hatched, the chick has grown and now we want to thank you ALL for making this adventure so beautiful!
Ducks, this is not a joke we can now fly, swim, peck and dance!
Come stomp your feet with us!
Here's the deal: An all night long party with Jean Yann Records family and friends.
We'll have 3 ponds open, games, drinks but most of all MUSIC!

And the ducklings are:

Delfonic [Oye Records]


Mike Book b2b Daniel Jaeger [Criminal Bassline Bordel Des Arts]



Floxyd [Jean Yann Records]


Philippe AUTUORI [Poker Flat Hypercolour]


Paul Sinh [Beat à l'air]


Mad Shivers [Jean Yann Records]


Ramutcho crew [Beat à l'air]


Fabian Vieregge [Gretchen will Tanzen Tanzkiosk]


Max Faudee [Jean Yann Records]


Discult Soundsystem [D-Moods Records Piston Recordings]


Kim [Perchépolis XLR]

Sunset [Jean Yann Records]


Sellostone [White Label]

Show us some
Es ist wieder Zeit zu knutschen!

Mimi Love (Bachstelzen)
Gunnar Stiller (Upon You)
J*** (Katermukke)
Marion Cobretti (Advanced Black)
Acud (Keller)
Alex Kiefer (Knutschen)
ELEKTROKITOS – Techno against Malaria!

Am 27. April öffnet Burg Schnabel wieder seine Tore für die Charity Party ELEKTROKITOS.

12€ (10€ = 1 imprägniertes Moskitonetz für Kamerun)

Robert Owens
Salvo Salvatore
Lilly Deupré
Francesco Passantino
Dynamic Range
Jacob Stille
DJ Gibson Praise
Felix Anton
POY & Federspiel

Tanzt mit uns durch die Nacht!

Die Veranstaltung wird von der Hope Foundation e.V. organisiert und findet im Rahmen der Malaria Week Berlin 2018 statt.

Trotz hoher Heilungschancen ist Malaria eine der tödlichsten Infektionskrankheiten weltweit. Jedes Jahr sterben eine halbe Million Menschen weltweit an der Krankheit, und davon 90% in Afrika. Mangelnde Aufklärung und fehlender Zugang zu Vorsorge sind die Hauptgründe für die hohe Sterberate. Hauptüberträger sind Moskitos.

Moskitonetze haben sich in den letzten Jahren als die effektivste Maßnahme herausgestellt. Aus diesem Grund liegt uns neben den Informationsprojekten in Kamerun, die Bereitstellung von Schutzmaßnahmen besonders am Herzen. Die Moskitonetze werden der Bevölkerung von der Hope Foundation kostenfrei zur Verfügung gestellt.

Der gesamte Erlös von Elektrokitos kommt unserem "Malaria Free Cameroon"-Projekt zugute.


ELEKTROKITOS – Techno against Malaria!

On 27th April, Burg Schnabel opens its doors for the Charity Party ELEKTROKITOS.

12€ (10€ = 1 insecticide-treated malaria net)

Let’s dance the night away together!

The event is organised by the Hope Foundation e.V. and takes place during the annual Malaria Week Berlin.

Even though Malaria is highly curable, it is still one of the deadliest infection diseases worldwide. Every year half a million people die from Malaria worldwide, from which 90% of the cases occur in Africa. The lack of awareness and access to prevention methods are the main reasons for the high mortality rate. The main vector are mosquitos.

Insecticide-treated mosquito nets have been proven to be the most effective measure against malaria. That's why together with organising information campaigns in Cameroon, we distribute free mosquito nets to the population at risk in rural Cameroon.

All the proceeds of Elektrokitos go towards our "Malaria Free Cameroon" project.
26.05. Berlin, Burg Schnabel
Einlass: 20 Uhr Beginn: 21 Uhr

Tickets: http://bit.ly/SAINtJHNtix

Präsentiert von Melt! Booking, splash! Mag und JUICE Magazin

SAINt JHN is in the process of developing a dynamic approach to rhymes he spits. Bringing a cinematic presence and harmonious hooks to his vocals, the Brooklyn-based rapper is gaining recognition for his distinct style.

Born Carlos St. John in Brooklyn, he was the son of a preacher and one of nine siblings, so who happened to grow up bouncing back and forth every few years between America and Guyana. Noting the favorable exchange rate between the two nations, their Brooklyn-based mother regularly sends money to support SAINT JHN and his siblings. SAINt JHN recalls his humble roots as the "barefoot, shirtless kid bathing in the rain, fetching water up the street."

At a glance, his childhood can mistaken as an exotic tale brimming with travel and culture, though in truth, it was a crime-ridden adage steeped in poverty. As witness to his brothers' ill-fated attempts at lawlessness, SAINT JHN learned at an early age his options were to either sell drugs or make music. And while he too tested the waters of drug dealing, he quickly learned what he said to be loose and disproportionate to what he stood for gain. "I wanted to change my family's lineage," he proclaims. It was at this time he started his decade-long journey to pursue a musical career with acute precision.

Mimicking his brother's aspirations, SAINt JHN started rapping at age 12, though he admits he stole some of his brother's rhymes to impress his classmates in junior high. "They thought I was a genius," he recalls. "He's two years older than me so I'm in junior high giving you 14-year-old bars, 15-year-old bars. They were like 'wooo!' I'm like, 'Hell yeah, I'm dope!' "

Injected by Jay Z, The LOX, and Dipset juxtaposed by his time in Guyana, where he was immersed in soca music as well as the sounds of Buju Baton, Beenie Man, and Sound Cat. SAINt JHN started to hone his skills as a rapper - The St. John's Portfolio and In Association - which received early support from DatPiff and Pigeons & Planes, who noted "[SAINt JHN's] brand of hip-hop is intense," then added, "his voice delivers urgency, clarity and passion."

SAINt JHN recalls, "I need someone to say, 'Listen, cool. Your rapping is fantastic. Stop rapping for a second. Go make some songs. Go make music. '"

This pivotal moment jumpstarted SAINt JHN's career as a songwriter. Yet as he racked up writing credits, including Usher, Kiesza, Joey Bada$$, Jidenna, to name a few, he simultaneously lost his own voice in the process.

"When I sold songs to other people, I watched them to see how they would execute. Their sounds did not quite match the mine. It's really hard to recreate magic. "

In an effort to reclaim his own unique voice, SAINt JHN began to identify his personal expression within his writing, and once again, his songs shifted. In 2016, he posted a key when he posted the brooding track "1999" to SoundCloud, with no fixed plan, aside from release. In a short time, the song gained traction - while SAINt JHN gained clarity, and his repertoire expanded quickly.

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