Pris [avian / semantica / resin]
Karschau [background. codes / colours]
Future.666 [berlin]

For the third Edition of our thursday night series we have invited Pris to heat up Griessmühles basement for you. Since his first EP in 2013, he built up a strong catalogue and released on labels like Shifted’s Avian, Semantica as well as on both of his imprints Unbeknown to Us and Resin. With having artists like Blawan, Stenny or Perth Drug Legend (to name a few) involved in his label, he sure knows how to pick heavy duty dancefloor killers and we can’t wait for him to show us his unique approach to techno. Also on board is the young and upcoming artist future.666, who will make sure to keep you all going until the end with one of his impulsive sets. Last but not least we have our resident Karschau on the decks, mesmerizing you with his penchant for dark and trippy sounds.


Die bunten Fenster des Wintergartens werden bald wieder weit geöffnet.
Dazu kommen die schönen Klänge gewisser Berliner DJ's, welche die Nacht zum Tag verwandeln werden.
Der Wintergarten der Griessmuehle wird zu einem Sommergarten. Mit dabei werden wieder diverse Künstler von Nautilus sein, welche ihre Kunst an die Woodwall anbringen werden.

≈ DJ's ≈
10-12 Friedrich Raphael (Nautilus I Glück Im Ohr)
12-14 Nego Yokte (DOMUM Rainbow Rangers)
14-16 Yona Whale b2b Nihal (Underground Aesthetic)
16-18 Naomi Dasmoe
18-20 Sense of Sun (Family Unit I 5 Senses Thailand - Festival)
20-22 Nikklaas (The Unknown I Telekollegen)

≈ Violine ≈
Sebastian Sprengel

≈ Art ≈


Möd3rn live (Skryptöm)
Substance aka DJ Pete (Hard Wax)
Background Radiation (Stützpunkt)
Chami b2b OP/H (Stützpunkt)
Frederic. b2b Gutter (selected)
S VЛ Т (Stützpunkt)
Vermeer (selected)


UVB (Mord)
Clara Cuvé
Corium (selected)
Saturator b2b Tymotica (Stützpunkt)
Undermind (Humboldthain)


Bongsy (Stützpunkt)
DJ Diskopumper (feel my tricep)
DJ Oni
Lewis³ b2b Butterman (selected, Misbehave)
MCNZI (selected)
Minijob (mnj)

auf dem Griessmühle Gartenfloor


an drei Platten

Darts, Kicker, Schach, Backgammon, Wikingerschach, Badminton, Beachball, Boule...

Bring your Bratwurst, die Kohlen glühen schon

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Willkommen zur kollektiven Kreislauftherapie! Wir spielen Rundlauf und andere Spiele. DJs mit Taschen voll schwarzem Gold versorgen uns mit feinsten Klängen aus dem ganzen Frequenzbereich. Bringt eure Kelle mit oder leiht euch eine.

Eintritt: 3,- Euro


Sonnenallee 221
12059 Berlin
S-Bhf. Sonnenallee
Paula Temple (noise manifesto)
Eomac (eotrax, bedouin ) - world debut live a/v show
Nene H. (bedouin)
Sean Carpio (klein) - live
Projekt Dataline (detroit underground) - live
Altstadt Echo (modern cathedrals, eye teeth) - live
Rote Schule - dj/live hybrid

On WEDNESDAY we head to Griessmuehle for a showcase of Eomac's label Eotrax. The label-boss himself presents the world-premiere of his a/v live show 'Reconnect AV' in collaboration with Sal Stapleton. Manifesting the visual representation of his new album, Eomac delves deep into the process of reconnection by using his own dance and body movements as the starting point of this show. The aim is to lead the audience away from technology and back to nature - "from chaos to balance, uncertainty to peace, imprisonment to freedom - reflected through the raw, fragile, powerful, vulnerable human body". Eomac is joined by no-one less than Paula Temple, a fixed constant in the scene for her high-octane hybrid sets, who will release on Eotrax later this year. Nene H., another label newcomer, brings her rebellious approach to music and identity, alongside other killer acts on the bill.

RAttend >>

the rest of the festival:

Fri, 13th of July
Krake Festival Pre-Opening @ St. Elisabeth Kirche
w/ Paul Jebanasam & Tarik Barri, Andrea Belfi & Geso

Mon, 23rd of July
Krake Opening @ silent green Kulturquartier
w/ Byetone, Mary Ocher, MNM

Fri, 27th of July
Krake Day III: Undertow @ Urban Spree + Label Boutique
w/ Thomas P. Heckmann, T.raumschmiere, Tim Exile etc

Sat, 28th to Mon, 30th of August
DAY IV & V: The Kraken @ Griessmuehle
w/ JK Flesh, Stanislav Tolkachev, Carl Finlow, Second Storey etc.
supported by Musicboard & Initiative Musik
Gobsmacked Rec meets EUN Records for a very special party in the Silo. This time, we´re being joined by one of our favourite Berlin labels.

Abyssal Chaos (Advanced Black)
Figu Ds (EUN Records)
Millhouse Techno
Jay Skelly

EUN Records: Founded in 2010 by Figu Ds, this label has been evolving in time participating in the past on festivals like ADE and Off Sonar and with showcases all around Europe. Now is mainly focus on Berlin underground scene, creating new and fresh concepts for their residents for the past four years.

Gobsmacked Rec has been heavily involved in promoting techno since 2007, with a focus on industrial style venues, hypnotic driving sounds, egalitarianism, and good vibes.

Abyssal Chaos (Advanced Black): Mysterious and shadowy techno. Abyssal Chaos offers unforgiving and uncompromising techno sets through a special hybrid set up combining digital, vinyl and live.

Figu Ds (EUN Records): Figu Ds is part of the new generation of Chilean Techno Artists. Label manager of the Berlin based EUN Records is now taking an important role on the underground scene of this capital, with his particular sound all over a hybrid set.

Millhouse Techno (Gobsmacked)
Gobsmacked label boss Millhouse has been bangin' out the tunes for almost 20 years. He has worked along side with some great DJ's and producers in the industry; including Dave Clarke, Marco Remus, Luke Creed, Rhythm Technologies, Diarmaid O Meara, Dave the Drummer, Alex Calver, Patrick DSP and many more.

Jay Skelly (Gobsmacked)
By far the most versatile Dj on the Gobsmacked team, Jay designs sets to fit every mood and setting with painstakingly perfect record selection and mixing.
Room 1:

Magda (Items & Things)
Darwin (REEF)
Esposito (Grime Box)
Michael Nadjé (Grime Box)

Room 2:

Dorian Paic (raum...musik.)
Marc Schneider (PAL)
Faerber (PAL)
El Ke (Berlin)


Certain Circles Afterhour

Diego_Krause (Unison Wax)
Nick Beringer (Rubisco)
Ed Herbst (Beste Modus)
Peer Du (Beste Modus)
stevn.aint.leavn (Certain Circles)
Porter (Certain Circles)

JK Flesh (Justin K Broadrick) (downwards, pi, inner surface) - live
Stanislav Tolkachev (krill, mord) - live
Samurai Music / Horo showcase:
• Pessimist (samurai music, blackest ever black)
• Felix K (Felix Krone) (samurai music, hidden hawaii) - live
• Presha (samurai music)
Carl Finlow (lone romantic, electrix, klang) - live
Second Storey (houndstooth, trust) - live
Alienata b2b REKA (killekill, tresor)
Tobias Schmidt & Neil Landstrumm alias
Sugar Experiment Station (scandinavia, shipwrec, varvet) - live
MAX DURANTE (sonic groove)
DJ Flush (killekill)
T A K A (mord, ldnwht) - live
No Yeah No
Years of Denial (khemia) - live
fleisch label showcase:
• Halv Drøm (fleisch)
• Spoiled Drama (fleisch)
Plateau Repas - live
Mr vast (cack) - live
DJ Chris Video
Yanling (forbidden planet)
DIWA (://about blank)
Hang Aoki (://about blank)
Lecken showcase:
• S Ruston
• Carmen 16 feat. Camilla Barratt-Due – live

+ body performance by LAN Hungh
+ RAW Chicks.Berlin movie screening
+ more

On SATURDAY night Krake embarks onto more than 36 festival hours where anything goes, whether it's electro, techno, acid, wave or miami bass. Griessmuehle, one of Berlin's most renowned clubbing institutions, is located right next to the canal. Each of its three floors - Club Floor, Silo, and Garden - has a distinct atmosphere, which complements the musical diversity happening all weekend. Making a rare Berlin appearance, industrial techno pioneer JK Flesh is set to initiate an unrelentingly raw and bass-driven set. Stanislav Tolkachev live performance demonstrates his mind-twisting approach to dynamic textures and psychedelic layers, while electro-mastermind Carl Finlow is due to take you on a ride through his impressive repertoire of melodies and sound. Represented by Felix K, Presha and Pessimist, a Samurai Music / Horo showcase is on the cards, Alienata & REKA unite for an in-depth b2b session and MAX DURANTE is guaranteed to take things down the darker route crossing over acid, electro and techno. You'll also encounter post-punk & EBM label Fleisch, featuring Spoiled Drama and Halv Drøm, as well as Lecken, the queer party crew that always casts a positive spell over their loyal crowd. These are just a few highlights next to many more acts that fuel this year's Krake finale.

RAttend >>

the rest of the festival:

Fri, 13th of July
Krake Festival Pre-Opening @ St. Elisabeth Kirche
w/ Paul Jebanasam & Tarik Barri, Andrea Belfi & Geso

Mon, 23rd of July
Krake Opening @ silent green Kulturquartier
w/ Byetone, Mary Ocher, MNM

Wed, 25th of July
Krake Festival / Eotrax Label Showcase @ Griessmuehle
w/ Eomac, Paula Temple, Nene H. etc

Fri, 27th of July
Krake Day III: Undertow @ Urban Spree + Label Boutique
w/ Thomas P. Heckmann, Tim Exile, T.raumschmiere etc.
supported by Musicboard & Initiative Musik
Certain Circles Afterhour

Diego Krause (Unison Wax)
Nick Beringer (Rubisco)
Ed Herbst (Beste Modus)
Peer Du (Beste Modus)
stevn.aint.leavn (Certain Circles)
Porter (Certain Circles)


SNTS (hybrid) (sacred court, horizontal ground)
999999999 (live) (ninetimesnine)
TWR72 (float records)
Acierate & Tham (synoid, griessmuehle)


Sven von Thülen (work them records, myth music)
Murat Tepeli (potion, griessmuehle)
Philipp Grosser (love on the rocks)


I.nez (staub)
Modschi (staub, domestic affairs)
R. Spinner (domestic affairs)
Tim Niwo (ukw kraftwerk)
Hórnbęrg (gramofonowa.)

Next chapter of We Are Not Alone at Griessmuehle.
Ellen Allien invites some of her favorite artists to play with her.
More line up infos soon. Stay tuned!

Oldschool TechnoHouse Laser Inferno with: Dave Angel + Ian Pooley + DJ Tanith + DJ T. + WolleXDP + Dj Jauche + Ed2000

Laser Rave Floor:
*Dave Angel
*Ian Pooley
*DJ T.
*DJ Tanith
*Oliver Marquardt aka Dj Jauche

*Chill Out Area: hosted by Ed2000

* Oldschool Laser Inferno by LASA Berlin
* Tekknozid Strobo Hell

"Classic Afterhour" (8am until the end sunday 3pm)
__DOWNSTAIRS [FR_22:00 - SA_10:00]__

parrish smith (Dekmantel, Knekelhuis, LIES Records News)
Shredder (live) (Tropical Goth Records)
Charlie (Szum, Szpitalna 1)
Uri (Futurisms)
Rapha (Alphabet TLV)

__UPSTAIRS [FR_23:59 - SA_22:00]__

Inland (live) (Counterchange, Infrastructure New York)
Juho Kusti (Deep Space Helsinki, Semantica Records)
Exterminador (Exterminador Rec.)
Philippa Pacho (Under Bron, Sthlm Murder Girls)
Sankt Göran (TFSS)
Jonathan Kavander (Abiat Rec.)
Alex Cliche (OHM Berlin)
HAllION (Hallion)
Alexis - Phase (Phase - Berlin)

__GARDEN [SA_08:00 - SA_22:00]__

Jimmy Jib (Echovolt Records)
Ilias Pitsios aka Dynamons (Echovolt, Into The Light Records)
Low Bat (Night Travel on a Blanket Show, T r a n c e)
Oscar der Winzige (Braille Satellite, Sameheads)
Monday (Sameheads Berlin)
Maidengawd (Nous Disques)
Joralsky (Honest Electronics)

Vergangene Events: