D.Dan (lobster theremin), (arsenik)
Lokier (revier südost)
Somewhen (ostgut), (r-label)
VTSS (repitch), (monnom Black)


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The venue is wheelchair accessible.

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Important Corona instructions:

• Guests who would like to attend must register online in advance to receive the attendance documentation according to § 2, 3 paragraph 1 No. SARS-CoV-2-Infektionsschutzverordnung. -

• On our entire grounds it is compulsory to wear a mouth-nose cover (MNC). The MNC may only be taken off at all official seating areas.
• Without MNC, a maximum of 6 people may be seated at one seating area.

• Please wash and disinfect your hands regularly at our hygiene stations.

• We all love to meet friends, but please keep physical contact to a minimum.
__DOWNSTAIRS [FR_22:00 - SA_10:00]__

parrish smith (Dekmantel, Knekelhuis, LIES Records News)
Shredder (live) (Tropical Goth Records)
Charlie (Szum, Szpitalna 1)
Uri (Futurisms)
Rapha (Alphabet TLV)

__UPSTAIRS [FR_23:59 - SA_22:00]__

Inland (live) (Counterchange, Infrastructure New York)
Juho Kusti (Deep Space Helsinki, Semantica Records)
Exterminador (Exterminador Rec.)
Philippa Pacho (Under Bron, Sthlm Murder Girls)
Sankt Göran (TFSS)
Jonathan Kavander (Abiat Rec.)
Alex Cliche (OHM Berlin)
HAllION (Hallion)
Alexis - Phase (Phase - Berlin)

__GARDEN [SA_08:00 - SA_22:00]__

Jimmy Jib (Echovolt Records)
Ilias Pitsios aka Dynamons (Echovolt, Into The Light Records)
Low Bat (Night Travel on a Blanket Show, T r a n c e)
Oscar der Winzige (Braille Satellite, Sameheads)
Monday (Sameheads Berlin)
Maidengawd (Nous Disques)
Joralsky (Honest Electronics)

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