// MODUS //

Housemeister /// brn, unreel

Asem Shama /// sportclub, dense audio, soupherb

Patrick Brosin /// defaultbox

Bastian Hill /// modus

Sailor Rave /// black epic, modus
Inga Mauer (futura, Схема)
Serge Clone (Clone Records)
mad miran (Red Light Radio,
Prantel (Antidote, Griessmuehle)

DJ ESP aka Woody McBride (Drop Bass Network, Communiqué Records)
& Tim Taylor aka the Pump Panel (Missile Records, EXperimental)

Birthday celebrations ask for special measures! This time with a blast from the past of two true techno veterans:
MidWest Acid Pioneer Woody McBride and Missiles main rocket man Tim Taylor take over Silo floor all night (!) long - both linked with multiple projects, aliases and labels for many years, will perform under their civil names as well as their heavyweight 303909techno projects DJ ESP & the Pump Panel.
Also, as inviting close friends to a birthday is a must for us, we fly over Clone labelhead Serge and up and coming Clone shop affiliate Mad Miran from Rotterdam to toast that Sekt auf Eis on another three years. Pushing genre boundaries with a highly dutch touch for years has been one of the many faces of our third guest Inga Mauer too, as well as Antidote’s gofer Prantel - overall the mainfloor has a focus on the art of djing, with talents establishing themselves mainly through their selections and high energy sets.
Definitely a tough one to withdraw oneself from the dancefloor, but maybe at least the extra-extra Stock Sekt for the special occasion will move you to the bar once in a while...
See you there - Prost, auf die nächsten Jahre!

Artwork & Design by T-Data

Room 1:

Substance aka DJ Pete (Ostgut Ton)
Nadjé vs. PHW (Grime Box)
Esposito (Grime Box)

Room 2:

Dorian Paic (raum...musik.)
Marc Schneider (PAL)
Klon Dump (A Colourful Storm)
Qzen (ModelMaker)


Elissa Suckdog (REEF)
Delma Ora (Grime Box)

party starts straight after Grime Box with DJ Pete, Dorian Paic and Marc Schneider

_ Alex Cliché [glow]
_ damn [no label_no bullsht]

_ Artefakt*live [delsin_semantica]
_ ATEQ [giegling]
_ Johanna Knutsson [crime city disco_ufo station rec]
_ Roman Lindau [fachwerk_rawax_ostgut ton]

R2_TrashEra Showcase
_ Deepneue
_ Flavia Laus
_ Martin Jahn





FREAKOUT [ drosssel ]

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Willkommen zur kollektiven Kreislauftherapie! Wir spielen Rundlauf und andere Spiele. DJs mit Taschen voll schwarzem Gold versorgen uns mit feinsten Klängen aus dem ganzen Frequenzbereich. Bringt eure Kelle mit oder leiht euch bei uns eine.

Eintritt: 3,- Euro
Jeden Dienstag!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Sonnenallee 221
12059 Berlin
S-Bhf. Sonnenallee
« Inside Universe w/ Max Vaahs, Jon Starks uvm. »
28 02 19
Max Vaahs (HardWorkSoftDrink)

Jon Starks (Brookyln, NYC)

David Hornung (Inside Universe)

Maurice Paloni (Inside Universe)

Javier Gallardo (Inside Universe)

Mozak (Come Closer)
00 - 09
Sonnenallee 221


Anthony Linell aka Abdulla Rashim (northern electronics)
Acronym (semantica, northern electronics)
Talismann (talismann)
Zesknel (live) (bassiani)
ABDRE (binär)


Snuffo (live) (in the dark again, snuff trax)
Elbee Bad (rush hour)
Manek + Mill Murray (club larm)
Tempre (i/y)


Dionne (mallville, laid)
Eluize (night tide, away)
Ph17 aka Solaris & Stanley Schmidt (institut für zunkunft, buttons)
Rudolph Beuys (beatrausch)

steve bicknell [6dimensions / Ostgut Ton]
Head Front Panel (live) [HFP]
Jamaica Suk [Gradient]
Wittes [Slave To The Rave]

Jerome Hill [Super Rhythm Trax]
Blue Hour - UK Hardcore / Jungle Set [Blue Hour]
Golden Medusa [Leisure System]

After - Toys Berlin:
xxxy [Sour Edits / Rinse]
Marius Krickow [White Tiles]
ASA 808 [Toys Berlin]

show ur
Nu Guinea 7h extended set (NG Records) Dj & live keys
Jay Daniel (Sound Signature Watusi High)
San Soda (We Play House)

Down_stairs 10-05
Nu Guinea all night long
Up_stairs 00-08
Jay Daniel, San Soda

In Collaboration with Carhartt Work In Progress

It’s A Brand new day, A Brand New Feeling. Pavel Kostiuk meets Roy Ayers. Also how we feel before opening a new chapter in Berlin. Our Journey will make a new stop, starting next March 09, at the former grain mill in Neukölln better known as Griessmuehle after six amazing years in Kreuzberg. Exciting times. To celebrate this in a proper manner we called out four fine selectors who will cross paths with J.A.W for the first time and will bring you until the early morning with whatever is needed to make your Soul feel good.

The Neapolitan & Berlin-based duo are joining us for this first act at Griessmuehle. They released their well acclaimed funk-Afro-synth live album ‘Nuova Napoli’ last year and have already worked with mastermind such as Tony Allen. For the occasion they accepted the challenge to take over the down_stairs space for an extended 7h set with no limit of sounds, bpm, style or vibes. Obviously enough time to take us on their own musical journey.

Jay Daniel has become one of the brightest emerging talents coming from the Detroit electronic music-makers scene in the past few years. Since he released his excellent Scorpio Rising EP on Theo Parrish’ Sound Signature imprint, a lot of things happened for the Detroit producer. A debut album on Ninja Tune and since last year another & beautiful baby called Tala.

San Soda will hold the fort with Jay Daniel upstairs. The Berlin based dj & producer is known in underground music circles as a real record collector. The Belgium native is deep into classic house and techno with the Chicago and Detroit edge, but brings soul with Afro, jazz and the timeless electro cuts. Preferring extended sets with proper rotary mixers, this is all he will get on March 09 for his J.A.W debut.

2019 here we come.

Presented by Crack Magazine GROOVE-Magazin Spex - Magazin für Popkultur Digital in Berlin ASK HELMUT
Eclectique x Art Bei Ton 14.03.2019 Griessmuehle

*R_1 HALLE (Eclectique)
* Milena Glowacka [LIVE](Semantica Records /Delirio/Vanity Pill)
* Years of Denial [LIVE] (@Death& Leisure/ Khemia Records)
* Hüma Utku aka R.A.N [LIVE] (Karl / Partapart Records)
* Rell (Holotone/ ZwischenWelten)
* Øblvn (ZwischenWelten)
* Alpaca Parterre [LIVE] (Eclectique) *Ambient opening initiation*
*Live Visual: Ombra Elettrica

*R_2 SILO (Art Bei Ton)
Justine Perry (Art Bei Ton)
Space Exile (Art Bei Ton / Casanova Bar Berlin)
HRNR [LIVE] (Art Bei Ton / Lett Records)
Herrmann (EDYFIS/ RAW Agency / Berlinons Paris)
Charly Schaller (Edge Detection)

VJing: Sasha Smirnova

*R_Winter Garden
Hypnotic Black Magic (Art Bei Ton)
Discreet Haven (Techno Cadeau)
VBK (Underrated)
Sevil (Art Bei Ton / Petra Digital / Vinyl)
Halada (Art Bei Ton)
Agonie (Art Bei Ton)
Rasval (Bipølar.)
Distørt X (Art Bei Ton)

Exhibition ’Sexuality and Gender': (more info TBA)

FB Eclectique:
FB: Art Bei Ton:
Insta: Eclectique:

March is the month of the recurrence of the strength of women, and March 14 will be held Eclectique x Art Bei Ton again, to crown this collaboration between the two organizers and their crews completely female. Combining their event and exploring the techno scene and the vision of both crews at 360 degrees.
We will raver and dancing from Ambient to Experimental music, Brocken Beat, Ethnic Techno, Electronic, ... Live Performance, visual arts, such as VJing, video installations and exposures.

The key words of this one night are a combination of knowledge, science, experimentation, music performance and visual arts.
Eclectique Event will always start at sunset with Live Experimental Performances, Workshops and Vernissage.
It curates an ethic and international line up of divers artists and most of the music performances are live on modular synth eurorack.

Eclectique x Art Bei Ton

*From 6pm till 11pm: WORKSHOPS

*R_2 DIY Workshop Bastl Instruments (make sure your place and kit [from 6 pm till 11:30 pm]

*R_2 - EMS - Electronic Music School Berlin Workshop on music production: [from 9:30 pm till 11:00 pm]

From 10pm till 9am:
*Halle (Eclectique)
*Silo (Art Bei Ton)
*Wintergarden (Eclectique x Art Bei Ton)

R_1 and R_2
DJ sets and Live acts, Experimental Live Improvisation, live exhibition and live performance with a modular synthesizer.
VJing and A/V performances

FB: EclectiqueBerlin:
FB: Art Bei Ton:
Insta: Eclectique:


Eclectique is not just about the different forms of expression than about the experience they can bring once they meet. All being uniquely perceived by each of us.
Eclectique is about feeling it, living it, embracing it...being. Free.
We Are Not Alone Griessmuehle Berlin

Ellen Allien (BPitch)
Rebekah (Soma)
Sunil Sharpe (Earwiggle)

Alan Oldham Music (Pure Sonik)
Maxime Iko (BPitch)

Aerea Negrot (BPitch)
Deepneue (TrashEra)

+ Visuals by Pfadfinderei

Oldschool TechnoHouse Laser Inferno with:

Laser Rave Floor:
*Rob Fabrie (Holy Noise/Euromasters - Rotterdam)
*Jens Lissat (Interactive, No Respect - Köln)
*Jammin' Unit - live PA ( Madonna 303, Structure, Air Liquid )
*DJ Tanith
*DJ Würfler

*Chill Out Area: hosted by Ed2000
__DOWNSTAIRS [FR_22:00 - SA_10:00]__

parrish smith (Dekmantel, Knekelhuis, LIES Records News)
Shredder (live) (Tropical Goth Records)
Charlie (Szum, Szpitalna 1)
Uri (Futurisms)
Rapha (Alphabet TLV)

__UPSTAIRS [FR_23:59 - SA_22:00]__

Inland (live) (Counterchange, Infrastructure New York)
Juho Kusti (Deep Space Helsinki, Semantica Records)
Exterminador (Exterminador Rec.)
Philippa Pacho (Under Bron, Sthlm Murder Girls)
Sankt Göran (TFSS)
Jonathan Kavander (Abiat Rec.)
Alex Cliche (OHM Berlin)
HAllION (Hallion)
Alexis - Phase (Phase - Berlin)

__GARDEN [SA_08:00 - SA_22:00]__

Jimmy Jib (Echovolt Records)
Ilias Pitsios aka Dynamons (Echovolt, Into The Light Records)
Low Bat (Night Travel on a Blanket Show, T r a n c e)
Oscar der Winzige (Braille Satellite, Sameheads)
Monday (Sameheads Berlin)
Maidengawd (Nous Disques)
Joralsky (Honest Electronics)

Vergangene Events: