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Willkommen zur kollektiven Kreislauftherapie! Wir spielen Rundlauf und andere Spiele. DJs mit Taschen voll schwarzem Gold versorgen uns mit feinsten Klängen aus dem ganzen Frequenzbereich. Bringt eure Kelle mit oder leiht euch bei uns eine.

an drei Platten

Wikingerschach, Badminton, Basketball, Beachball, Boule, Darts, Kicker, Schach, Backgammon, ...

Bring your Bratwurst, die Kohlen glühen schon

Eintritt: 3,- Euro
Jeden Dienstag!

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Sonnenallee 221
12059 Berlin
S-Bhf. Sonnenallee
Voiski - live
DJ Winggold
DJ Paramedic b2b Dr. Blowfin
Aidan Ray

Silo Floor:
Sebastian Kökow
kevin paschold

Killekill follows its long tradition of running Wednesday nights and curates a line of events for July and August at Griessmuehle, bringing together friends and crews from all over the world. For this one, we are bringing together our best mates from the29nov films, who are mostly known for their music videos which they produced for almost all major figures in the techno scene. They team up with Voitax to bring a line up together, which will crossover from jungle to dystopian techno.

Unbound Events from London was borne out of a dream where musical worlds would collide to form a universe of infinite possibilities. A dark, pulsating kaleidoscope in which boundaries blur and cease to exist, anything is possible within the domain of Unbound. Brought to life by passionate music lovers with an obsessive, genre-agnostic approach to music, the world of Unbound is one in which typical constraints are cast aside and set ablaze in order to blow the system wide open. In the Unbound universe, everything is true and nothing is a given – you can do anything that your mind’s eye can perceive, can be whoever you want.

Given Killekill’s trailblazing approach in Berlin’s clubbing landscape, they’re the perfect partners for the Unbound crew. Their genre-bending approach, disregard for standard rules and consistently on-point sonic explorations perfectly embodies the essence of Unbound. Following their first collaboration in London for Killekill’s 10 year anniversary with Radioactive Man, Neil Landstrumm and Killekill’s DJ Flush, it was immediately clear that both crews were kindred spirits.

When considering who to headline Unbound’s first international foray, it was clear that Voiski would be the perfect fit; his dynamic live set takes in a range of styles ranging from deep and dubby to syncopated, arpeggiated grooves. He never fails to surprise, offering numerous inventive, bass-heavy takes on his singular post-trance style and, in doing so, his desire to innovate shows exactly why he personifies the Unbound spirit. Prepare to view the world in a new light. Prepare to escape into a new frontier. Prepare to be Unbound.
Yellow Carpet Film Nights will be a place to appreciate the wonderful art of film. Every month we will explore a different theme that shines a light on the representation of social topics such as women, queer, gender and ethnic diversity.

Our second theme is QUEER FILM. Over the month of August we will be screening four films that show how the LGBTQI community have been represented over the generations and genres of cinema.


Have you ever thought about how the LGBTQI community have been portrayed in films?
Do you think they have been portrayed fairly?

The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (1994)

This vibrant film follows the three fabulous drag performers as they travel across the Australian desert performing for enthusiastic crowds and homophobic locals. A must watch colourful insight into the trials and tribulations that drag queens and trans women experience everyday in our often close minded society.


Date: Wednesday 21.08.19 @ 9:15pm
Venue: Griessmühle, Sonnenallee 221, Neukölln (Behind S-Bahn Sonnenallee)
Tickets: €7 or €6 with Berliner Pass or Student I.D.

Tickets (1/2 price) :

Operate is back with an international double feature on august 22nd. The last party was insane and so we are very much looking forward to the biggest garage rinse out so far.

Marble & Toof / Garage Sessions / SE
Shuffle 'n' Swing DJs / Shuffle 'n' Swing / UK
Ben Mono / Operate
TMSN / Operate

more info and links soon!
Line-up /

psyk [Non Series / CLR]
Newa [Bassiani / Klockworks]
Bnjmn -live- [Delsin / Tresor]
Projekt Gestalten [VRAAA / Pornceptual]
Léa Occhi [Spectrum]

DJ Assault [Jefferson Ave]
DJ Spit [Level Delta]
Wittes [Slave To The Rave]

Afterhour - Boogie Box:
Appleblim [Hypercolour / R&S]
Uta [Rec Room]
Hassan Alwan [Boogie Box]
WE ARE NOT ALONE Griessmuehle Berlin

Ellen Allien
Aerea Negrot
Clara Cuvé
DJ Gigola
Pablo Mateo
Serge Clone

Visuals by Pfadfinderei

RA Event:
Berlin, we’re back.

On August 25th we’re taking your the OTHERSIDE once again at GRIESSMUEHLE.

Day time in sunny garden + all night long in the club

This time with extended 4h+ sets from:

- Baba Stiltz (XL Recordings / Studio Barnhus)
- Denis Skok
- Bärtaub(Otherside)
- And of course yours truly…BUTCH

This episode is definitely one not to miss.

Swedish musician Baba Stiltz needs no introduction, he’s one of the most chilled artist (after Butch) and dares to be different. Keeping up with his genre-bashing music over recent years has been just as enjoyable as consuming it.

22 year old KI/KIwill be taking you to the fast lane, giving the club a fresh perspective with an old sound... From Rave to Trance to Acid and back. Best known for her residency at Amsterdam's hottest party SPIELRAUM or her endless energy and drive, always creating an irresistible urge to dance.

Denis Skok is a young and talented producer from Stuttgart that music selection is as good as his own productions that will be bringing you a clean and minimal sound to ease you in the day.

+ Your two favorite residents Bärtaub, brainchilded by two musical figures that hail from the concrete jungle, city of Istanbul. Expect a tuneful combination of energy and grooves with minimal textures and analog overlays.


OTHERSIDE is a new residency that runs throughout 2019 at Griessmuehle in Berlin. Providing the perfect backdrop for Butch and his guests to go deeper, play longer, experiment and challenge partygoers with an extended soundscape that pulls reference to the myriad of influences that he draws on as a DJ.

The shows will run monthly from March to October in Griessmuehle.

Inspired by the label that Butch launched in 2014, the vinyl only outlet is a host to psychedelic minimalistic music, expect the residencies to be an extension of the label’s output. Releases on the label include Ricardo Villalobos & Butch’s collaborative EP Fuenf viertel and the latest EP by Bartaub, who have been appointed residents of the series.

OTHERSIDE, will bring together talented artists (confirmed and upcoming) that wouldn’t usually share the same bill and give them a blank canvas to play without expectation of style, to a receptive audience and without time constraints as both clubs have 24h licenses and are open ended.
auf dem Griessmühle Gartenfloor



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Willkommen zur kollektiven Kreislauftherapie! Wir spielen Rundlauf und andere Spiele. DJs mit Taschen voll schwarzem Gold versorgen uns mit feinsten Klängen aus dem ganzen Frequenzbereich. Bringt eure Kelle mit oder leiht euch bei uns eine.

an drei Platten

Wikingerschach, Badminton, Basketball, Beachball, Boule, Darts, Kicker, Schach, Backgammon, ...

Bring your Bratwurst, die Kohlen glühen schon

Eintritt: 3,- Euro
Jeden Dienstag!

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Sonnenallee 221
12059 Berlin
S-Bhf. Sonnenallee
For this years final Summer Camp we are teaming up with our French copains RAW. Their signature fast and hard sound is evident in their powerful roster and successful events across France and beyond. They are bringing a host of no-nonsense artists along for this so don't miss it!

Tim Tama (arts / blvckplvgue)
Peryl (lebendig / S.L.A.M / ismus)
Mayeul & JKS (molekül)
jeånne (arts)
1ndica (raw)

SUGAR - Fast Forward (fast forward / ismus)
Gijensu (blvckplvgue)
Rephate (blacklapse / voight kampff)
Alva (ismus)
I.E (ismus)

Winter Garten

RA -

Akirahawks (House Mannequin, Buttons)
Finn Johannsen (Paloma)
Bongsy (Idiothek, Stützpunkt)

Idiothek is back at Griessmuehle for a late August night of gorgeous disco music. House Mannequin label head Akirahawks is known for his broad but distinctive selection, playing only the finest disco and house tunes out there. With his residency at Buttons and formerly the infamous Homopatik nights he is able to regularly showcase his sound to the most diverse crowds. Paloma’s very own Finn Johannsen is on closing duty for this edition of Idiothek. His monthly event series Power House at Kotti’s finest is a perfect characterization of his eclectic style, where he is laying the focus on certain subgenres of disco and house music, never failing to amaze with his seemingly endless collection of records. Idiothek host Bongsy is opening the night and will be setting it’s tone with some slower Italo-Disco tunes and other gems and classics worthy of making you shake your booty from the very start.
00 - 03 SARIN
03 - 05 Philipp Strobel
05 - 08 Thomas P. Heckmann (OFFICIAL)
08 - 11 Broken English Club
11 - 14 MELANIA .
14 - 17 Imperial Black Unit

09 - 11 Lapse of Reason
11 - 13 Chloé Lula
13 - 16 DJ Hell
16 - 19 Secret guest tba (L.I.E.S. / Rush Hour)
19 - 22 Mechatronica soundsystem

22 - 02 Kushan Khan
02 - 03 Kovyazin D (live)
03 - 06 MEJLE
06 - 10 Milan Hermess

Get tickets here >

€10 - 1st release, ends 31/07
€12 - 2nd release, ends 15/08
€15 - 3rd release, door price

24 hours on 3 floors, this time with the [aufnahme + wiedergabe] family taking over our main room for 17 hours starting Saturday night. Sunday morning and afternoon in the sunny garden we present DJ Hell and a to-be-revealed special guest.

As always we have separate lines outside for advance ticket holders and door tickets - buy in advance and shorten your wait.

Reduced entry price of €10 starts 10am Sunday morning.
Deestricted at Griessmuehle
Sunday 01.09.2019

• Tensalofficial
• Yan Cook live
• more TBA

Tickets available on Resident Advisor [ € 9.00 + b.f. ]


For Haven's next Berlin invasion they are proud to invite German heavyweights New Frames and Ireland's Tommy Holohan to the Griessmuehle Silo.

New Frames is the latest techno project from Mathis Mootz (The Panacea Official, Squaremeter) and David Frisch. Since launching with their debut album on the seminal home of dark electronics, HANDS, in 2017, the team have shown off their flawless production skills in their industrial-inspired dance floor tracks, which have also seen the pair releasing on Kobosil's R - Label Group. The Haven team have been so impressed with their output they have both invited them along to DJ this next Griessmuehle show and contribute to the next release in the Haven discography.

Tommy Holohan has been an up-and-comer worth keeping your eyes on over the past couple of years. As resident of Ireland's infamous Techno & Cans club night the young DJ has made a busy schedule for himself in his home country, whilst also showing formidable production ability in his music. Starting with the release of breakbeat rave banger 'Subaru Impreza' on his own Rave Selekts imprint, Holohan came to the attention of the Haven crew, releasing his debut record 'Skull Crushing Techniques' with them last year - with support coming from every DJ you can think of, from DJ Stingray, to Mall Grab, to Blawan and Dax J. We're very much looking forward to finally getting to witness our young recruit closing the Silo floor this night!

Haven co-founder Keepsakes will set the mood for the evening in his opening set with his usual blend of eclectic vinyl selections.



Keepsakes [HAVEN/S.L.A.M./MORD]



I Hate Models (arts, perc trax)
Emmanuel (arts)
[KRTM] (arts)
Gëinst (live) (arts)
Linn Elisabet (arts)


Charlton (mord)
Jacob Park (texture)
Xiorro (alkhemy, griessmuehle)
Adrestia (alkhemy)
Buzzi (alkhemy, raven sigh)

R_1 or Open Air during the day:

Snnnll221 - open air w/ I Hate Models & Miran N
I Hate Models (arts, perc tax)
Miran N (edge detection, surd)


I Hate Models will close the main room of ARTS showcase. Afterwards we move outside.

In case of bad weather we move inside to our main room.

Entrance for Griessmuehle w/ ARTS & Alkhemy includes the entrance for this open air.
Eclectique x Ohm Resistance x Instruments of Discipline
Thursday 12.09.2019 from 11 pm til 9 am

R_1 (Eclectique x Instruments of Discipline)
* Kaltès (Eotrax/ Mord)
* Diasiva [live] (Instruments of Discipline)
* Ireen Amnes (Instruments of Discipline)
* Mogano [Hybrid set] (Arboretum)
* Goedel (TimeShift / Shifting Records)
* Banehavoc [live] (Eclectique)

R_2 (Ohm Resistance)
* COAL [live] (Instruments of Discipline)
* Submerged [live] (Ohm Resistance)
* Splattergeist (Gabber Noir)
* Luke Lund (Ohm Resistance / Terranean)
* RELL (Holotone/Zwischenwelt)

* VILIFY (Last Planet, G.I.A.S.C.)
* Sonair / Lost in Music (No Way Merchandise, N1ghtshift, Subland)
* SHVLFCE (Ohm Resistance / Gabber Noir)
* IdeatorZ (Distortion Records)

Exhibitions + Vinyl Market + Tattoo Area

Eclectique x Ohm Resistance x Instruments of Discipline

*From 6pm till 11pm: WORKSHOPS
R_2 - EMS - Electronic Music School Berlin Workshop on music production: [from 9:30 pm till 11:00 pm]

R_1 + R_2 + R_3
DJ sets and Live acts, Experimental Live Improvisation, live exhibition and live performance.

VJing and A/V performances, Vinyl Market, Exhibitions, Tattoo Area.
To crown this collaboration, between three alternatives organizers, their crew and labels, they are combining their concepts to explore broken beat, techno experimental drum’n’bass scene with a 360 degrees vision, presenting various art medium. The line up in the 3 dancefloors offers a sophisticated sound with an eclectic vision focusing on a curated aesthetic rather than a genre based roster.

The public will dance and rave from Ambient to Experimental music, Broken Beat, Ethnic Techno, Drum’n’Bass, Electronic, together with live performances and visual arts, such as VJing, video installations, and exhibition.

The key words of this one night are a combination of knowledge, music performance, visual arts, sciences, and experimentations.
Eclectique events will always start at sunset with some Live Experimental Performances, Workshops, Vernissage, Vinyl Market and Tattoo Area.

Our main goal is to offer a varied lineup, gathering a diverse and equal male / female line up, featuring international artists. Most of the music performers are playing live and/or on modular synth eurorack.

RA Tickets:
Ohm Resistance:
Instruments of Discipline:
Insta: Eclectique:

Eclectique is not just about the different forms of expression than about the experience they can bring once they meet. All being uniquely perceived by each of us. Eclectique is about feeling it, living it, embracing it...being. Free.
DJ Bone
Shackleton (live)
Pearson Sound
Steevio & Suzybee (live)
Burnt Friedman (live)
Tom Ellis
Grimes Adhesif (live)
Miriam Schulte
Franklin De Costa
More TBA

Saturday till Monday

Presale / RA:

Patchwork at its best: Im September machen wir gemeinsame Sache mit Freerotation, dem kleinen walisischen Festival, das in den Nullerjahren aus der Free Party-Bewegung entstand. Seit nunmehr 10 Jahren findet es jährlich in der Baskerville Hall statt, dort, wo in den 50er Jahren der Film "The Hound of the Baskervilles" gedreht wurde. Freerotation arbeitet trotz hochklassigen Line Ups ohne Sponsoren, hat eine eingeschworene Fangemeinde und bietet von lustigen Verkleidungsaktionen bis hin zu Ambient Live-Sets im Sitzen jede Menge sympathische Skurrilitäten weitab vom üblichen Massenfestivalkommerz. Das finden wir so cool, dass wir gleich die ganze Freerotation-Bande eingeladen haben - von den Machern Steevio & Suzybee über die Residents Leif, Tom Ellis und Grimes Adhesif bis hin zu DJ Bone, Pearson Sound und Burnt Friedman, die beim Freerotation 2019 dabei waren. Wer beim diesjährigen Festival im Juli nicht dabei sein konnte, kann es also bei uns in Form eines kleinen Best Ofs nachholen. Mit Willow und Shackleton haben wir außerdem zwei alte Mother's Finest-Bekannte dabei, die das UKishe Line-up perfekt ergänzen. Und wer sich wundert über die vielen Live-Acts - das ist Absicht. Clubmusik am offenen Herzen. Wollten wir schon immer mal als Schwerpunkt haben.


Listen to sets from our guests:

Mother's Finest Podcast:

Mother's Finest Pod 12 - Alienata
Mother's Finest Pod 11 - Ciel
Mother's Finest Pod 10 - Laurine
Mother's Finest Pod 09 - Pinch
Mother's Finest Pod 08 - Hodge
Mother's Finest Pod 07 - Don't DJ
Mother's Finest Pod 06 - Franklin De Costa
Mother's Finest Pod 05 - Red Rack'em
Mother's Finest Pod 04 - Untold
Mother's Finest Pod 03 - Intergalactic Gary
Mother's Finest Pod 02 - Privacy
Mother's Finest Pod 01 - Dynamo Dreesen
Gobsmacked is back in the Silo after a Summer break, and we´re bringing more epic live and DJ talent for a night of intense dance-worthy cutting-edge electronic music.

Nach der Sommerpause ist Gobsmacked zurück im Silo und wir haben wieder mehr geniale Live und DJ-Talente im Gepäck für eine Nacht voll intensiv tanzbarer und neuer elektronischer Musik.

Start to Finish:

jeff23 /dj tal - SP23/Spiral Tribe

Kucera - Djax it up / Unknown Archetype

Irregular Synth - Dirty Minds

Diarmaid O Meara - Gobsmacked

Discount tickets available throughout August
No photos or phobias of any kind will be tolerated
Oldschool TechnoHouse Laser Inferno with:
Laser Rave Floor:
* Nebula2 (UK-Hardcore/Manchester)
* Oliver Bondzio (Hardfloor/Warehouse Köln)
* DJ Tanith (Tekknozid Resident)
* WolleXDP (Tekknozid Resident)
* Dj Jauche

*Chill Out & Downbeat-Area: hosted by Ed2000
For Family Reunion second edition we take over the Neukölln former grain mill for a 52h non-stop journey.

Darryn Jones
Employee (Max Graef) b2b ML
Hieroglyphic Being
JAW Family
John Gómez special sets
Julion De'Angelo
Marcellus Pittman special sets
Mr. Scruff 5h set
Nicole Misha
Pablo Valentino
San Soda special set
Theo Parrish 6h set
Tone B. Nimble special sets

More Artists to be announced soon

Garden Downstairs Upstairs

Fresh food & quality coffee on site over the whole weekend to keep you in good shape.

8th Doug & Jean Carn Black Jazz 50th, Theo Parrish Family Reunion
10th Doug & Jean Carn Black Jazz 50th, Theo Parrish Family Reunion
11th Leroy Burgess Full Band, Theo Parrish, Specter Family Reunion
11-13th Family Reunion Weekender

Full festival pass - Berlin includes: entry to Berlin Black Jazz & Leroy Burgess concerts as well as multiple entry to weekender at Griessmuehle
Family Reunion weekender pass - Berlin includes: multiple entry to weekender at Griessmuehle

In Collaboration with Carhartt Work In Progress

Supported by Crack Magazine Resident Advisor SPEX - Magazin für Popkultur GROOVE-Magazin ASK HELMUT
__DOWNSTAIRS [FR_22:00 - SA_10:00]__

parrish smith (Dekmantel, Knekelhuis, LIES Records News)
Shredder (live) (Tropical Goth Records)
Charlie (Szum, Szpitalna 1)
Uri (Futurisms)
Rapha (Alphabet TLV)

__UPSTAIRS [FR_23:59 - SA_22:00]__

Inland (live) (Counterchange, Infrastructure New York)
Juho Kusti (Deep Space Helsinki, Semantica Records)
Exterminador (Exterminador Rec.)
Philippa Pacho (Under Bron, Sthlm Murder Girls)
Sankt Göran (TFSS)
Jonathan Kavander (Abiat Rec.)
Alex Cliche (OHM Berlin)
HAllION (Hallion)
Alexis - Phase (Phase - Berlin)

__GARDEN [SA_08:00 - SA_22:00]__

Jimmy Jib (Echovolt Records)
Ilias Pitsios aka Dynamons (Echovolt, Into The Light Records)
Low Bat (Night Travel on a Blanket Show, T r a n c e)
Oscar der Winzige (Braille Satellite, Sameheads)
Monday (Sameheads Berlin)
Maidengawd (Nous Disques)
Joralsky (Honest Electronics)

Vergangene Events: