arkaoda Berlin

ORGANZATSIYA aka EO EINTU (Besoins Premiers)
BOGUS TRUMPER (Radio 80000)
BÆRND ANDERS (Camp Cosmic, Söhnchen Alessio)
DJ FIPS (Söhnchen Alessio)

Söhnchen doesn’t want to be a child anymore. He starts to discover all the fun and joy of guilty pleasure, no need behave, since it’s easier to enjoy a swim in the pond of vice.

Eo Eintu is a music lover by virtue of all means, running a show on LYL Radio, the Label Besoins Premiers and participating in a social and musical experiment called Organzatsiya.

Equally enthusiastic about all forms of sounds, is a Münchner Kindl called Bogus Trumper. Engineering the radio show Tendencies on Radio80000 and operating the youtube channel "Boglinger Rips".

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