Burg Schnabel

Goodbye, Winter! We understand how important you are for us to reflect, mature and to plant the seeds we want to see growing in the warm days, but here and now it’s When It Starts to Bloom !! Spring is finally here, and we want to leave our introspective caves and celebrate with You!

As much as we’re serious about music, getting silly and partying hard, we’re also concerned about the needs of our planet. That’s why we aim to combine the cathartic and connective power of music with fighting Climate Change. How dare we? We’re donating the raised funds of our gathering to a network called Greening Africa Together, which executes sustainable projects in different countries in Africa, such as solar powered irrigation systems, photovoltaics for children’s school, biogas plants, reforestation, plastic waste management etc (more about the network below). Since the projects are made and implemented by students as part of a service learning, they’re fairly cheap, which means your sweaty ass on the dancefloor makes a big difference!

So, we’re happy to relent our souls and bodies to the sound of:

Janoma (Trips & Ticks Amselcom)

Warte:mal (Underyourskin Records)

Andrevictor (Mystic Tales Ram Schakl)

Lemonella (Mystic Tales)

Luana Schwengber (Voodoohop)

Arilu (Seaside Trip Love Foundation Echoes from Venus NUMA)

Manu Strasse (Ruhetag)

Daniela Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ Mariposa (Sutormania)

Ezio Aguiar


Don't forget to invite your favorite humans (:
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