Burg Schnabel

Our Friday Clubevent.


Kotelett&Zadak / katermukke, ursl
Pauli Pocket / kater blau, quality time
Daniel Jaeger / criminal bassline, heinz music

Maurice Mino / monophobia
Fusy / burg schnabel
Mark Mohs / burg schnabel


Jägerzimmer by Denice Lemontree

Freitag, 27.07.2018 - Samstag, 28.07.2018
3 Floors // Open Air + Indoor

Tickets: https://bit.ly/2KpZcR2

RA: https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1129452
Location: Burg Schnabel, Schleusenufer 3, 10997 Berlin
Sound by: Funktion-One (Official)
We are back. And we still demand euphoria!

Leon Licht (Sisyphos)
Drac (Supdub Records, Technokind)
ISA (Endlos frei, Szeneputzen)

SPULE Musik Showcase
DOJAS (SPULE Musik, Glück Im Ohr)
Martin Ka (SPULE Musik, Club Liberté)

Nach kurzer Pause melden wir uns wieder zurück.
Neu geboren, aber...
Wir sind immer noch Techno.
Wir sind immer noch Ekstase.
Wir sind immer noch Euphoria.
Please attend this event on RA: https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1127947

We know you really need that weekly dose of dancefloor euphoria. For this reason, our fresh little collective zykloton tries to serve as your bearer of happiness and presents its brand new “ZYRKUS” project. Of course, only the finest protagonists have been selected for this spectacle.

Niko Schwind (Stil vor Talent)

Zusan (Love Matters)

Rocko Garoni (Sisyphon)

CASIO (Motion, TBA Dresden)

Annett Gapstream (Love Matters)

Marcii Moto (Freudentaumel)

Richi (CRYPT, zykloton)

Ebentritt (zykloton)

RENE MD (Schloß Milkersdorf)

Robin Zech (zykloton)


Mighty (Trnsmrph)

Robin Armonat (Kinkerlitzchen)

Niko Schwind who is part of the Stil vor Talent crew travels the globe since 2001, having played in Europe, Australia, Thailand, Brazil, the US and Mexico. Together with label owner Oliver Koletzki he recently came up with a stunning release called “Noordhoek” which is inspired by South Africa’s beautiful landscapes and is definitely worth a listen. His deep connection to house music can also be observed in his infectious and skillfully mixed DJ sets.
Zusan, being a regular in Berlin’s fine clubs such as Sisyphos, Ritter Butzke or Burg Schnabel, delivers straight-forward dance sound reaching from melodic house to uncompromising, driving Techno. Her Love Matters colleague Annett Gapstream is not to be missed and we are sure both of them will bring the most out of the main floor crowd.
After having experienced Casio on our first party we could not resist to bring him to one of our occasions again. But this time he is not alone: His dear friend Rocko Garoni will help tear down the walls of Burg Schnabel. Fast and smashing beats can be expected.
On the other side of our musical spectrum we have Marcii Moto bringing the well-known and everlasting Kater Blau-sound to the floor. We look forward to grooving to his set.
Next to Rene MD from infamous Schloss Milkersdorf we cannot miss our very own crew consisting of Richi, Ebentritt, Robin Zech and Condude representing their individual taste of Techno.
Buddies from our hometown Robin Armonat and Mighty will bring chilly vibes on the rooftop, setting up a perfect refuge from the heat.

Prepare for our special happening with the help of the links above.

17.08. (23:59) - 18.08. (noon)

Burg Schnabel
Schleusenufer 3
10997 Berlin

Sound by Funktion-One (Official)

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