Anita Berber

Konichiwa. Feinstoff kicks off a new event series at lovely Anita Berber with partners in crime TECH NOIR a.k.a Tokyo Nightdrive.

You ask whats in the box?
Prepare for a night of Japanese related music made for the dancefloor with a focus on Japanese City Pop.

The term City Pop refers to a wild and distinctively Japanese melange of 80s Synth, Fusion, Boogie and Funk influences. In its heyday during the bubble economy years of 80s Japan, City Pop was the elated soundtrack of exciting times.

For a night, we will take you on a ride to revive this unique vibe. Turn up your radio and let's go for a spin through the neon valleys of 1980s Tokyo.

Line Up

Saeko Killy (VOODOOHOP)
peachonfuse Momoyo (Wakame Stream)
Freudenthal (Feinstoff, Heimlich, Pardon Moi)

One last time before the end of this wonderful year, we would like to celebrate with you lovely people.

This time a special Xmas edition with a selection of RBL DJanes and DJs to rock your party and burn some calories with heavy dancing, before the big banquets of the festivities.


Billion T aka Brace Brace
Matte DTR

And in the middle of the night, high above the vibes of the music, you will find yourself happy and crazy, caught in a vortex of good feelings.

If you lose yourself there, don't worry, dear friend.
It's Alles Paletti.

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