Anita Berber

Oh what do we have here again?

Well of course, another blissful night filled with class and classless peoples a like. Sharing wild fires and creating new ones…dancing and prancing on the Anita dance floor while the sounds curated by the top Chat Noir’s - The Willers Brothers, Yanick Antonio and joined by CDV's Stipé . What comes of it you may ask?

Nothing but a cozy room filled with happiness and freedom…all night long.

Friday April 19th (Long weekend)
Starting at 23h

Bis gleich

It begins with a knock at the door.
A nod of approval. Komm rein.
Upstairs, our dance floor was just fantasizing about your feet.
Our mixologists have prepared a stirring cocktail.
House with a twist of micro and techno.
Something to trickle into the stomach of your soul.

Into the marble-sized place where the universe resides within you.
The place where we all connect. Drink up, let go, and dance.

You’re with family now.
Bring your smile. It’s always worth more than it costs.
Family Time will take care of the rest.

/// Line up:

Stew Silencio […]

Katy De Jesus [Family Unit, Hush Crew]

Justin Ramsey [Family Unit, Berlin Bass Collective]

Sense of Sun [Family Unit, Palms & Flamingos, Mooqui Marbles]

/// Family Timetable:

coming soon...

Admission Price: +

Komm gut nach Hause. Welcome home. House is a Family Unit.

Artwork by Junge Hasen
Janz Berlin is eene Wolke!"

So Leute , es ist mal wieder Zeit ein wenig die Hüften kreisen zu lassen mit Anita .
Mit im Gepäck haben wir diesmal die Jungs von Bonjorno die euch beim raven zum Thema Mode Beratung leisten! T-Shirts, Hoddies alles ist am Start !Alles made in Berlin für Berlin. Wenn ihr es nicht abwarten könnt schaut schon mal am Holzmarkt vorbei ,da hängt Bonjorno jetzt seit einer Zeit mit seinen Sachen .

Wir freuen uns auf ein fettes Lineup

22-0 Yona Whale X Nihal ( Underground Aesthetic)
0-2 Friedrich Raphael ( Nautilus )
2-4 Philipp Frueh ( Neugut )
4-6 JONES ( True Dance Grooves )
SOWASVON :: responsive :: #8
a reactive party from people with love
for people we trust.

:: music ::
KHMGNFF (live) / /

The [OBJECT: machine] will never run on empty, it’s powered by the void – a void filled by an endless amount of energy spreading infinitely in all directions. Merge with us into a system of shapes and moments, beautiful smiles and movements.

:: then ::
23:00 UHR

:: there ::
Anita Berber
Pankstrasse / Pankeweg / Alte Fabrik
13347 Berlin

:: we come in peace ::
Just in time for spring, we're excited to gather for another trip to our favourite spot up north.

Leading the excursion this time will be Elissa Suckdog, who's been building momentum by playing countless REEF closing and afterhour sets, delivering the heat down by the canal in Griessmuehle. With her excellently crafted signature sound somewhere between 2-step and rave, she tends to keep things diverse and eclectic, yet fun and playful. We can't wait for her to bring her tasty selections to our shindig!

In charge of opening and closing ceremonies will be our residents, Moritz Rudolf and DJ Carlita.

Artwork: Gal Sherizly/

No pretense, no dress code, no nonsense. Simply quality dance music and all-round positive vibes. Join us for a gnarly one!
We invite you to join us for the 12th edition of Discotopia, we will take two months off so that we can plan something special and throw the best party to date.

Stay tuned.

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