** ACTING PRESS Presents: Club Digital **

LNS [Wania, DE]
Hashman Deejay [Future Times, CA]

AP and its very close associates going mash-up all night at OHM Berlin on Friday, 23 AUG, 2019. LNS from Sex Tags Wania and Hashman Deejay from Future Times, GLOBEX live for the first time ever, and PLO Man / C3D-E representing the ACTING PRESS.

OHM in charge of drinkie-poos. 7€ entry all night long.
be good to one another.

** ACTING PRESS 2019 - bring us back from earth. **
Danny Hyde

Born 1962 in Newton Abbott -Devon England
Spent 1st year in caravan, on site (bit like trailer park)
Grew up from age 1 in various parts of London, spent years 9-30 in Notting hill London

Got 1st break in Point Studio 1982, as tea boy
Spent dead studio time at Christmas 1982 experimenting with the band Savage Progress , spent 1983 producing demo's for Savage Progress, get deal with Virgin Ten label
Release 1st Savage Progress single at end of 1983, becomes hit in Germany
1985 enter Paradise Studios (Europe's first totally computer studio), meet all kinds of people here including Psychic TV, and later Coil
Work intensively with Fairlight/waveterm/emu systems.
Buy one of the 1st Akai S1000 to enter U.K, set up as pure freelance, work From Matrix studio London most of the time.

Mostly known as producer/programmer
Co-produced/programmed a few Coil things, all the Coil/Nine Inch nails remixes
Pioneer of timestretching drums, voices etc (as heard on LSD, NIN-1990+1994) - Now heard on every dance track circa 2002.

1. 1985-1989 Work with Coil, Psychic TV, etc and various others at Point and Paradise Studios

2. 1989-1992 Get involved in British rave, work on hundreds of things, put the Jew's harp into Adamski's Killer while remixing/programming the 12", also spend 7 months in Madrid producing Fangoria (a band at the forefront a movement in Spain known as Movida, which sprung up after Francos death, in this movement are various notaries as Pedro Almadova). Write and co-prod/program L.S.D. with Coil including the singles Snow, Windowpane and everything else released that year by them. I remixed Cicciolina for PWEI with the guys from Renegade Soundwave, but I was never in the band.

3. 1992-1994 Various writings with the Coil boys, remix Depeche Mode, N.I.N., write for Derek Jarman's film Blue.

4. 1994-1998 Form own project Sub Sonic Commune, remix, produce, write on NIN bits, Coil bits, Pulkas, Amar album, also do post-prod reworkings of some Black Light District pieces for the album (Stoned Circular I + II amongst others), go to New Orleans with Coil to work on album for them, also spend a year or two on Own Project Sub Sonic Commune, project consumes all my time, leads me to hang out with publishers etc., never a great move for creativity.

In semi-retirement since 1998 due to protracted grief with publishing company re: monies owed. At the moment (April, 2002) doing some little things once again with Coil, starting to get reinvigorated.

Along with Brasi and Drain that will open and close the night
Welcome to Multisex Energy

We are excited to welcome you back at lovely OHM Berlin after a small summer break. For this edition, we invited four great artists, two of whom have never played at OHM before but most of you know already. The line up will stay unpublished.

We can't wait for you to join us for this extended dancing night!

Artworks Sam Aldridge
Music by PRISMIC
Dance floor light & decoration by Multisex
Viel Spaß 100% Yes

Follow @multisex.me for info and call us for details on the night. The hotline will be posted next week :)

NO racism/discrimination/sexism/homophobia/transphobia
If you see or experience inappropriate behavior, please report it to our staff at the entrance or bar.
On the occasion of the fifteenth year of activity of our label/collective we planned a series of events in different cities, involving artists, venues and paths close to our experience and attitude. Underlying our proposal is the desire to force the limits and the perimeters of entertainment culture, reiterating the critical potential of the electronic counterculture and claiming the ability to imagine and create new scenarios.

we’re Stirpe999, we celebrate decadence while everything burns


Sirio Gry J ( Monolith Records )
menion ( Stirpe999 Antilabel ) - Live set
Pure ( [aufnahme + wiedergabe] / Editions Mego / Stirpe999 Antilabel ) - Live set
Fire at work ( Stirpe999 Antilabel / Monolith Records ) - Live set
Inner8 ( Holotone)
Cosimo Damiano ( Deltaplanet Records - Survive )
Francesco Di Marco ( Stirpe999 Antilabel )

More TBA
// Secret Lineup

After showcasing our events and festivals primarily in Taiwan for 10 years, with an occasional venture into other locations in the region, we thought it appropriate for a decade anniversary to bring the Smoke Machine parties beyond the region. In the fall of this year, we will be touching down in three continents, visiting 10 cities, showcasing our sound in collaboration with local artists whom we have worked within the past. Feel free to join, it is our pleasure to celebrate our decade anniversary with you all.

Vergangene Events: