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Friday, July 27th, 2018 – 23:59
Possible Futures present Aquarian Shift

Tornado Wallace
Alex From Tokyo
Possible Futures

OHM Berlin
Köpenicker Strasse 70

Every well intended person is a prophet.


Grace Jones runs into the Dire Straits at Compass Point while a Kong Mini Pops and a Roland CR78 make amends for Sly & Robbie's absence. New Age sounds meet New Wave melodies. Michael Mann pictures Joseph Conrad's 'Heart of Darkness’. Robert Rauschenberg tries his luck at naturalism and an imagined Wally Badarou echoes through all of it. This, is how Tornado Wallace’s rampant and jungly world feels like.

Originally from Melbourne, Tornado Wallace’s distinct oscillations find him in a constant rotation between both hemispheres. Tornado Wallace now spends most of the year based in Berlin, where he also hosts a residency at OHM.

Last year, Tornado Wallace released Lonely Planet, one of our favorite albums in recent times. The warmth, soul and relaxation that emanate from that record can only come from the depths of a generous heart. It’s a true pleasure for us to welcome one of our favorite producers for a hot summer session in our post-indus. bungalow.


In constant flow, Alex from Tokyo is an international man of musical wonderment, with a career that extends over three decades and continents. It simply is unthinkable - who would even dare? - to pin him down to a given space-time or artistic continuum.

Alex grew up in the land of the rising sun, where he lived over 20 years. He became a staple of the local Tokyo scene, where he worked for the Tokyo branch of Mr. Bongo - legendary label and provider of fine music in the UK, and as a correspondent for legendary French labels such as Laurent Garnier’s F Communications.

In 2004, Alex moved to New York City, where he established himself as a reference DJ at many of the city’s institutions - Le Bain, Good Room, Cielo… In the meantime he developed his production as one half of Tokyo Black Star - producing for Deeply Rooted, mule, Planet E and his own imprint World Famous.

Alex from Tokyo now calls Berlin home and we are lucky and grateful to learn from his presence, experience and singular perspective.


Over the last 15 years, Possible Futures have been witnesses to the wildest fauna and flora the great nocturnal jungle has to offer.

Ale and Paul of Possible Futures believe that the eternal act of dancing is one of the most active form of contemplation. Facing our own selves in the mirror of movement, we realize that we indeed are reflections of one another at all times. Compassion forms and in turns gives way to kindness and love.

Possible Futures also believe that the essential parts of the history of music need to be transmitted in new ways. Only a few generations are enough to forget history. Possible Futures source their inspiration from the many shades of color that co-exist between black and white on the great designer’s palette, it is through their open and eclectic selections that Possible Futures turn the dancefloor into spaces of self-discovery and musical transcendance.


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