Bakläxa (Noods Radio)
Chontane (THEM Records/ Magic Power)
Cocktail Party Effect Live (Cold Recordings/ Transfigured Time)
CHENG NWSH (Awkwardly Social)
** Cav Empt / ACTING PRESS / The Trilogy Tapes **

Will Bankhead [Trilogy Tapes, UK]
Toby Feltwell [Cav Empt, JP]

First time C.E in BERLIN.. After dances in Moscow, Milano, etc. it's a full night freak-out with Toby Feltwell [Cav Empt] and Will Bankhead [The Trilogy Tapes] via Tokyo / London. Two British masterminds in the mix. PLO / C3D-E holding it down for the ACTING PRESS and Globex World Group.

As you can imagine, OHM Berlin will be in charge of refreshies, sound and space. Come!

www.cavempt.com / www.thetrilogytapes.com / www.acting-press.net

** AP-2019 // Bring Us Back From Earth **
Ron Wright presents "Sonurban"

The tracks will be accompanied by films of post industrial landscapes, street dancing, graffiti etc.

Ron Wright is the founder member of 80’s Sheffield band Hula. He has since worked mainly as a sound practitioner for broadcast, screen and gallery on various award winning indie and experimental films, installations and live performances. He has returned to music, currently working on new tracks with former Hula colleagues as well as performing his own set.

Burning Pool by Ron Wright and Neil Webb

Burning Pool is a 24min. film, captured over 4 years, of Sheffield as a post-industrial city in transition. The project was created as a response to the DIY ethic of the local music scene between 1979-81. It also explores the hauntological notion of “future ghosts”.
Accordingly, the film is shot on i-Phone as an integral part of the aesthetic and the soundtrack features field recordings, samples and electronically manipulated sound.

Ron and Neil have both exhibited internationally either individually or across a range of collaborations that include film, installation, music, sound art, and live performance.

Along with Side Space (live set) while Omar and DJ Masda open and close the night.

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