"Where was the first time you heard acid?"

Bizz O.D. -live- (Temple Traxx, Force Inc.)
Derek Plaslaiko (The Bunker New York, IT)
Tom (Set in Motion, Paloma)

Artwork by:
Doors: 11pm
Our first Entity : Berlin Showcase with talented selectors and producers Enchanted Rhythms + Ease Up George will be held at the famous PalomaClub in Berlin

Entity:London residents Shai Spooner + Tommy Wall (Mulshaw) + Harry Luderman alongside to keep the Entity:London sound tight on the night.

Resident Advisor -

Keep it locked for more info!
Dark may light through cold nights. Do you hear the sound echoing from the distant tower? It leads you to the sound of desire. The dazed mind dissolves into pulsating waves and disturbing tones. Z.O.R.G. is calling and won't let you go.

Eros Miguel (MODEM:39)
Carsten Jost (Official) (DIAL RECORDS)
Renard (soultunes, MODEM:39)
lorenz kraach & Marcel Lentges (Kunstkantine, MODEM:39)

MODEM:39 celebrate the second solo EP from Eros Miguel with selected friends & the special guest and micro-house legend Carsten Jost. The Z.O.R.G. EP Vinyl is limited to 200 editions with a handcrafted silkscreen artwork by Schiefdruff. Pre-listening link coming up next here.

For more information check
Ladies and Gentlemen, tonight we give you the legendary Pal Joey!

Support: Finn Johannsen

Artwork by Alex Solman
PLAY !T LOUD Berlin special at PALOMA for the first time !!!

Polish record label and party makers PIL known from throwing unreal events in Poland will drop thier vibes at Paloma with special guest from Australian Salt Mines, local G Siggatunez and label boss Loco Motive.

> Shedbug (Salt Mines, P!L) AU
> Secret Guest TBA (Salt Mines, P!L) AU
> Siggatunez (Tieffrequent) Berlin
> Loco Motive (PIL) PL

RAttend please:

Entry TBA
It is the 6th of the 9th and Partiboi69 graces Kotti with a sensual session at Paloma. Mutual pleaseure for all:

Stingray aka Partiboi69 (unprotected records)
Prantel (Antidote, Griessmuehle)
DJ Diskopumper (feel my tricep)

It's now been over three years since we started with this baby and we can't believe it's already time for volume 10. Time flies - but with you guys we fly higher. Much has basically stayed the same. The family has grown a bit, the venues might have changed... but in the end, it's still all about those HOUSE records, getting into the VIBE and living the good life, right there on the on the dancefloor, together with YOU.

10 feels special for some reason, so it's probably a good moment to thank all of you ravers, promoters, crews, guests and friends out there, for keeping this dream alive and in motion throughout the years. Stay hydrated!


SIM X - Paloma - upstairs floor

Artwork by:
Downstairs floor: Guilty Pleasures

Freudenthal [Pardon Moi]
Philipp Schultheis [Savour The Moment]

When you have a look at and listen to Philipp Schultheis, it could evoke the impression that he would have loved to live in the 80s. Fortunately, his guest Freudenthal comes along with synthesizer-driven retro strings and Italo hits to his gusto.

Join us for high quality dance music all night long!

Artwork by Andrea Cisnado
Saint Petersburg-based record label and music community behind Present Perfect Festival is celebrating its 10th anniversary by throwing parties in venues around Europe.

ROOTS UNITED will hit Berlin at Paloma on September, 14:

— Hoopa (St Petersburg)
— Module Werk (St Petersburg)
— Yeahlena (St Petersburg / Berlin)

Doors policy: TBA
If you are looking for a unique blend of disco and house music, with jazz and soul, if you like DJs who stick to Vinyl and love dancing all night long then this event is definitely for you.

into unknown with:

Kez YM / Faces rec. / JP
Jerry Jerson / Black Cookies Sound System / PL

==========--- -- - - >
After having played an all-night long in January and invited the TVS crew in May, Gigsta welcomes Miss Jay for a Fictions night at Paloma.

Based in the Netherlands, Miss Jay has been building a reputation for her solid sets bringing together dub, drum&bass, grime, electro, techno and more in the most playful and uncompromising way. She's appeared on several festival line-ups this year and regularly plays on Red Light Radio, at De School and Oost, where she is a resident and curator.

Having already shared the decks with much joy in the past, Miss Jay and Gigsta will be playing b2b and what not, all night long and beyond. Expect colourful bass vibes and athletic dance moves!

Miss Jay (OOST)

GIGSTA (Cashmere Radio)

Nach einer fastf endlosen langen Sommerpause, bleibt dann doch wieder alles beim Alten.
Der dritte Freitag im Monat ist Residents Night in der Paloma und für U-lee & Micha Saager (Kotti Crew) reserviert. Wir freuen uns auf eine bunte Melange aus House und soulful Techno auf dem unteren (Classic) Floor der Paloma.
Come early the Night is too short!!!

Being lovers just as much as digging buddies, the adorable birthday couple
invites to a long night full of
musical surprises and rare DJ pairings


(Retreat, Pen&Paper)

(Studio C, Frankfurt)

(Possy, Session Victim)

"For when you gaze long into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.” -

Heal Yourself and Move! w/

Iron Curtis & Levente

ლ(⁰⊖⁰ლ) (⁰⊖⁰ლ) (⁰⊖⁰ლ) (⁰⊖⁰ლ)

.(∠). (∠).(∠).(∠).

so easy, so direct

SPESHY GUEST n BABY deeP gon make u spill some shit

all niiighttt longg

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