Ring the alarm. Softcore soundsystem anthems and choice blockparty busters for the young and ageless, right from the centre of the metro area.


Yannick (LAZY. Frankfurt)
Groover Klein
Finn Johannsen


The Return of the Championlover Soundsystem
(aka Akshun Schmidt & King Kummi)
Legs Luthor (--Dre L---)
Fizzle (KitschKrieg)

+ very special guests

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From holding residencies at iconic clubs such as XS, Omen and Robert Johnson to helming Groove magazine and co-founding the Needs label, Yannick has shaped this culture since the early 90s, period. ASAP Kotti will be a rare if not unique chance to catch this decks supremo outside of Frankfurt‘s lakeside fiesta LAZY. which he helped propel to legendary status over the past years. Expect a heavy selection of dancefloor treasures new and old.

Groover Klein

The term "legend" is thrown around all too easily but Groover Klein comes close to frickin' defining it. From pulling out the big ones at Mannheim's Milk! in 1990, all the way to keeping ravers' spirits high as part of the infamous Druffalo collective, he's guaranteed to set any dance in full swing.

Finn Johannsen

Paloma's very own Finn Johannsen needs little introduction. A man of many trades and master of them all, he'll help steer the vibes upstairs.

The Return of the Championlover Soundsystem

Ever wondered what happens when two avid supporters of the venerable 1. FC Kaiserslautern get their Puff Daddy on? Well, then you clearly weren’t raving at Mannheim's Boogiebar between 1997 and 2000, when Akshun Schmidt aka The Notorious S.T.Ö.P.S.E.L. and King Kummi aka Your Favorite Lawyers's Least Favorite Lawyer controlled the second room with an impeccable mix of R&B, garage, NY rap anthems and bubble straight from the bottle. Good news is that, for one night and one night only, the clown princes of soundsystem culture will reunite at ASAP Kotti. Their Las Vegas-sized life performance will make clear nothing's changed but the cholesterol level. Salute!


Berlin's best kept secret. Say no more.


If Germany ever came close to having a superproducer it's this man and his crew, also comprised of Fiji Kris and °awhodat°. KitschKrieg might have bonafide #1 records under their belts by now, but Fizzle cut his teeth in the grittiest of dancehalls in the nineties and noughties. He was then known for contrasting the reggae police's rules and regulations with a surefire sense for style and entertainment, and will bring those vibes exactly to Paloma with one of his now-rare DJ sets. KKKK-Kotti!

Legs Luthor

One of the first HHHHH (Hip Hop Heads of Hansestadt Hamburg). Founder of a legendary label. Manager of one of the most successful bands in Germany. Impeccable DJ. Heavily featured mainstay in Davide Bortot and Jan Wehn’s „Könnt ihr uns hören?: Eine Oral History des deutschen Rap“. One of our mystery special guests.
Talk by: Alan Oldham Music aka DJ T-1000 & Room Service
Music by: Elke (Hard Wax/Grime Box)

We are hosting this series not only to give you a chance to learn from your favorite producers but also to give you a platform to meet likeminded people in Berlin.

There is only very limited space so come early and stay for a drink after!

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Funded by: Musicboard Berlin
Artwork by:
Admisson: 5€
Come and dance with us - Tereza is going to do an all-nighter.
So expect a wide range of music genres - from Left-field-Hip-Hop, disco and house to UK Garage, soulful Bass Music and back.

Tereza -


*Blue Spaces have a positive impact on your body and mind - they encourage sportive activities, reduce stress and brighten your mood. :-)
Mister Bear is turning 1 and we will be celebrating at Paloma on 18th December!

We're excited to be bringing some of Berlins finest in Elisa Elisa and Purita D. to top off our first year in style along side our residents 1-800-Disco & Distinctive Jun.

At Mister Bear we want to create a space of freedom to be whoever you want to be without any judgements or negativity. There are no strangers at Mister Bear, only friends you are about to meet!

Line up

Elisa Elisa (Bitter Truth)
Purita D. (KilleKill)
1-800-Disco (The Disco Express / Mister Bear)
Distinctive Jun (Mister Bear)


Door 5 Euros


Join us for our traditional Xmas gathering at Paloma with our affiliate members.

Cinthie (803 Crystal Grooves, Aus Music /Berlin)
Hugo LX (MCDE, NDATL /Paris)
Telfort (TLFT, Lionoil Industries /Edinburgh)
Akirahawks (Buttons, House Mannequin /Berlin)

See you there!

Chami - Italo Disco Special (Stützpunkt)
Butterman (Misbehave)
Bongsy (Idiothek, Stützpunkt)

With Christmas and New Year‘s Eve just around the corner, it‘s time for one last Idiothek in 2019 at Kotti‘s Finest. While he is usually known for tearing up dancefloors with straight-forward techno music, Chami also has a weak spot for more playful sounds, as an influence of Italo, New Wave and EBM can occasionally be heard in his usual mixes. On this night the Stützpunkt resident will focus completely on this side of the spectrum for a special Italo-Disco DJ-set, finally giving the hidden side of his vinyl collection some air to breathe. Butterman is no stranger to Berlin‘s dancefloors. Being a resident for the Misbehave series, which is taking place at one of Berlin‘s best kept secrets, he is regularly showcasing his skills in mixing pumping house classics and groovy gems, allowing his music collection to shine in every possible way. Let‘s see which way he goes for this one. Idiothek host Bongsy will be closing the night on Paloma‘s downstairs floor with a driving electronic Disco mix, making sure everyone stays until the morning sun hits your faces.

OBEN: Power House - Vocal House Special
Substance aka DJ Pete, Finn Johannsen

This edition of Power House is dedicated to the combination of pumping grooves, great songs and beautiful voices. Because VOCALS MATTER!

Design by Philip Marshall for Rebels in Control.


UNTEN: Acido Records x SUED
SVN, Dynamo Dreesen

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