It´s unbelivable how fast time is running.

This year we gonna celebrate 20 years of OYE Records.

We are very happy to be back at Paloma Bar to have our first birthday event.

This time you will find only OYE Crew members on the line up.

OYE boss Tinko, new team member Gaia aka formell.a and Sabine behind the decks.

Tinko (OYE Records)
Formella (OYE Records, Femme Bass Mafia)
Sabine Hoffmann (OYE Records, Frauengedeck)

This is only the first date of more events coming soon.

06.07. oye 20 years anniversary @refuge worldwide radio
31.07. oye 20 years anniversary @aeden
31.08. oye 20 years anniversary @about blank
12.11. oye 20 years anniversary @staub, about blank

Would be lovely to see you all on the dancefloor!

La Mona returns to Berlin after a near three year break once again to the intimate settings of the Paloma club and its tight sound system. Resident Nick V will be joined by New York turned Berliner DJ Mandel Turner for a mixture of House Music and seasoned Disco. At the start of the night Tiger Saint Laurent will bring the much loved ingredient of the party, the Mona Dance Class, serving Vogue Old Way at 10 pm sharp!

About Mona
Mona is a ‘’dance culture party’’ founded by Nick V that has been running in Paris since 2008, exploring the relationship between dance and electronic music and welcoming a wide array of guests from Honey Dijon, Daniel Wang to Prosumer and Red Greg. Offering free dance classes at the beginning of the party it often sees dance enthusiasts sharing the floor with house music heads and the event has long celebrated the LGBTQ scene, catering for the Parisian community and encouraging alternative dances such as Voguing, Waacking and many more which were birthed out of the early disco and house scene in the US.

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