Lawrence / Official [Dial Mule Musiq]
Lewin Paul [Set in Motion]
Tom [Set in Motion Paloma]

Paloma - upstairs floor - Set in Motion

Artwork by:
Downstairs floor: Paloma invites Cryptofauna
Ein bisschen was ändert sich ja immer. Und manchmal darf es eben auch ein bisschen mehr sein. Bei der einen Hälfte der Kotti Crew zum Beispiel, die wird nämlich Papa im Mai und geht deshalb direkt vor der Rente schnell noch in den Vaterschutz für DJs. Das bedeutet, dass der gute alte U-lee entweder – mit einem hoffentlich angemessen traurigen Gesicht – allein Platten dreht. Oder dass er fremdgeht, was wesentlich wahrscheinlicher ist (Frechheit). Da aber noch gar nicht Mai ist, sondern erst mal April, gibt’s die beiden Vollblutosterhasen-DJs, U-lee und Micha Saager, am Karfreitag ein vorerst letztes Mal gemeinsam zu bestaunen. So ein Glück aber auch! House und Techno, tief und ergreifend – erquicklicher könnte er in Detroit oder Chicago oder Berlin gar nicht erfunden werden. Wenn er dort nicht längst erfunden worden wäre.
This time it's our debut at Paloma!

Deep Trouble is love, fear and energy
It is the spanner in the works
It feels like the skin of a new born baby
Deep Trouble is the devil's dancer
Dance with us, get into Deep Troubl

Line Up:

Carmel (RAND Muzik Recordings / Bitterfeld Musik / Lobster Theremin)
Interviews (Bitterfeld Musik)
Smitti91 (Deep Trouble)
Phili 1 (Deep Trouble)
Jesse G (Deep Trouble/ Hard Wax)

house / leftfield / acid / synth / electro / techno

no racism / no sexism / no homophobia /

hey robots, dancers, rhythm maniacs, discoqueens and all of you that we didn't mention in the first place. its a saturday so give yourself a treat and come out for a dance and another dance and a chat and a drink and some more fresh tunes (chef's suggestion: repeat till satisfied)
Line Up
Mou - Must Be On Wax
Berobreo - King Street Sounds
Juan Hurlé - Remember to Forget
Collins & Casau B2B - The Tonal Island

From 22:00 am to 6:00 pm
Admission: TBA
Talk by: FJAAK // Music by: Cressida (Voitax)

We are hosting this series not only to give you a chance to learn from your favorite producers but also to give you a platform to meet likeminded people in Berlin.

We only have very limited space so come early and stay for a drink after!

Spread the word!

funded by: Musicboard Berlin
Artwork by:
Admisson: 5€
A year disappears so quick these day...

When I first decided to reboot my monthly I was a little worried that Berlin wouldn't "get it" - its midweek, it starts at a funny time, and its more about an escape from stress than getting absolutely buckled on a school / work night. But flash forward twelve months and I've been able to invite guests that I absolutely respect and adore, such as AYBEE, Cinthie, Katie Drover, Marc Schneider and two old buddies, Jon Schmidt and Jason Fellows from the Sublimate crew back in NYC. I've done multiple all-night sets that went well beyond my bedtime (though I'm in no way complaining), and I've been able to dust off some gems from my shelves that haven't been played since I lived in Detroit (no joke - and that was about 15yrs ago). I can't thank you all enough for the support and love and good times you've been able to have with me at Paloma, so...lets make it another trip around the sun with some good Wednesday shenanigans?

I'll be doing yet another all-night set for this anniversary party, but my goal is to play until at least the sun is shining on that balcony and the people riding the train to work have something entertaining to look at from the Kotbusser Tor station. :-D

One Year Anniversary
April 24th, 2019
Eric Cloutier (Palinoia, The Bunker NY Detroit)
Paloma Bar - Skalitzer Straße 135
21h (9p) - 5€

Panthera Krause (Riotvan/Uncanny Valley)

Kalyma (Solide)

D.Y.A (Solide/OYE)

MYNY (Solide)

Artwork as usual by Bernardo A-b


We´re thrilled to host our first SOLIDE showcase in Berlin at the infamous and intimate surrounds of Paloma Bar (downstairs). Additionally we invited „Operator“ (Solide008) Remixer Panthera Krause from Leipzig to join us, let’s get it people!

22 - End
Hamburg is a German city with a longstanding Disco tradition, and still blessed with DJs that sport outstanding record collections and party skills. So we enlisted three of the best of them for this special edition of Power Disco.

Joining Finn Johannsen ( upstairs is Katja Ruge ( photographer extraordinaire, and avid collector of both synths and synth music, and a fantastic DJ too. So for this special edition of Power Disco the Disco will go electronic: Synthpop, Italo Disco, New Wave, Hi-NRG. Anthems, Rarities and straight through serious movers.

Downstairs we have Constantin Groll ( and Doc Schlucki (, friends who will be friends that will clash the finest 70/s/80s Modern Soul/Disco gems on 7"s and 12"s, and much beyond. Expect both Niceness, and Dandyness, and getting way down.

Artwork by Philip Marshall for Rebels in Control.
L-ED, L-SD, L-OL, L-PZ! Eintauchen in die Leipzig Experience – dort wo die Häuser noch verfallen, die Ideen noch frisch, die Konten noch leer und Montage immer Feiertage sind.
Leipzig steht seit Eröffnung und Schließung großartiger Clubs in den Techno-Reiseführern der Welt, doch auch abseits der düsteren Kühle besteht ein reichhaltiges musikalisches Angebot. Die Leipzig Experience hat sich einige Botschafterinnen und Vertreter des ganz neuen „Sound of Leipzig“ auserkoren. Sachsen ist dunkel, Leipzig auch bunt! Wunderbar.

DJ Rijkaard (Young Shields)

I$A (Nice 4 What, G-Edit, Channel)

T-Data (Clear Memory)

Leibniz (hundert)

Qnete (777 Recs, Shtum)
SVN back at our premises, and he invited Signore Roberto Cilloman (Flora Protection Unit, Venice, Italy) to join him.


Benjamin Fröhlich [Permanent Vacation]
Philipp Schultheis [Savour The Moment]

Rumor has it nobody has ever witnessed Savour The Moment resident Philipp Schultheis playing a set without a Permanent Vacation release. Obviously, the Munich label honcho Benjamin Fröhlich will be a harmonic addition to the second edition of Guilty Pleasures.

Join us for high quality dance music all night long!

Artwork by Seward
E-Talking (Whities, Nummer)
Mathis Ruffing (Banlieue, Infinite Drift)
Benoit B (Banlieue, Berceuse Heroique)

Banlieue Records will take care of the Paloma's upper floor for one night. E-Talking (half of the infamous Nummer) who recently signed the 'Telephone Rose' banger on Whities will show us what's in his dj bag (and usb sticks) while Mathis Ruffing, the young Banlieue protégé and Benoit B, head honcho of Banlieue, will be playing all kinds of music, you might know already our magic recipe.

Door: 6€
The anti-shoegaze house mission continues. For this edition we managed to enlist one the most legendary Berlin DJs ever, the inimitable Jonzon.

Jonzon is always and forever on stun, expect to be shaken right down to the ground with sounds you never expected, and most likely never heard. We are not even exaggerating. This will be Power House at its purest.

Artwork by Philip Marshall, for Rebels in Control.

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