uplifting music to survive to.

Beaner (La Mission) SF->BER
Kamal Naeem (Blank Slate) NY->BER
Andrew G (Stripped&Chewed) CHI->BER


Now that Facebook's out of my life, I'm so much better. You thought that I'd be weak without it, but I'm stronger. You thought that I'd be broke without it, but I'm stable(ish). You thought I wouldn't get bookings without it, but I'm playing .Though that I'd be helpless without you, but I'm planning. You thought that I'd be stressed without it, but I email. You thought I wouldn't sell without you, made 30 euro. You thought that I'd be sad without it, I laugh harder. I'm a survivor I'm not gon' give up I'm not gon' stop I'm gon' work harder I'm a survivor I'm gonna make it I will survive Keep on survivin'

Thomas Hammann [Workshop, Robert Johnson]
Philipp Schultheis [Savour The Moment]

Join us for high quality dance music all night long by long-time Robert Johnson regular Thomas Hammann and Savour The Moment resident Philipp Schultheis.

Artwork by Julia Posmyk
The reunion that was inevitable. Two old friends, a lumberjack and a sailor, dropping all the Disco gems they gathered since the last time they shared a lineup (which, strangely enough, was quite a while ago, so it must be tons).

Marcel Vogel and Finn Johannsen, if you please.

Expect to dance very heavily, to very heavenly music. At the top of the stairs and all!

Artwork by Philip Marshall for Rebels in Control. "With my best buddy by my side...We'd sing, sing, sing"
classic tea dance party playing house and disco with special guests and cakes & cocktails!
Anyone that knows me knows that deeper, more heady music is really my bag, so when I was sent a promo from a certain miss Katie Drover, a bouncy little groover of an EP, my ears perked up instantly and I had to know more. Hailing from Melbourne, a city dear to my heart, she got to work spinning plates and became a resident at Revolver Upstairs, easily the cities' most talked about venue. With regular appearances at Subsonic Music and Rainbow Serpent Festival, Katie carved herself a unique spot amongst the Australian scene before heading across the globe to Berlin to set up her label, Dokutoku Records, and has helped release music from Tom Elis, Guillaume & the Coutu Dumonts, Alexkid and DoubtingThomas. With a few releases under her belt both there and Carpet & Snares Records she's honed her sound in to a unique, twisted, late night depth charge right for the cerebellum. She's got an upcoming release on PLEASURE ZONE, of which I've not even heard, but I'm presumably going to be buying the second it hits the shelves. I'm expecting quite a ride from Miss Drover on February 27th - something super bouncy and funked up for sure.

As always I'll be on the decks as well, and there's always that chance I'll sneak on a record or two with Katie once she gets the walls melting, but who knows what can happen at Paloma on a Wednesday. The nights have been fantastic the last few months and the unexpected seems to happen to me every time. And don't forget - we start early!! 21h (9p) for those on their way home from work, those in need of a warm respite midweek, or those that want to go in late to work on Thursday because you know once you get started you're not going to leave. :-)

February 27, 2019
Katie Drover (Pleasure Zone, Dokutoku Melbourne)
Eric Cloutier (Palinoia, The Bunker NY Detroit)
21h (9p) - 5€
Paloma Bar - Skalitzer Straße 135
more infos soon

Artwork by:
Admisson/Donation: 6+€
Downstairs Floor: Paloma invites Radio 80000
Radio 80000 is a non-commercial online radio from Munich and was founded in April 2015. It functions as a platform, promoting collaboration and cultural expression through music, dialogue and events throughout Germany. Currently more than 100 contributors regularly broadcast shows from Munich, Berlin, Leipzig, Cologne, Vienna and Hamburg.

Music by
SNC Kollektiv
Bogus Trumper

Upstairs Floor:
ГOPE ΔOΛY :: Sofia Special

unten & oben:
Stefan Goldmann (Macro / DiViaT S1oN)
StefaK (DiViaT S1oN)

oben & unten:
Risto aka Riddimbox (Бетон)

Gore dolu's literal translation is 'upside down'. It's the Bulgarian standard response to the question of 'how are you?' Sofia's freshest return to Paloma for an upstairs/downstairs merry-go-round extravaganza.

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