oqko commemorates its third anniversary.


Nina Guo & Auguste Vickunaite

Nina Guo and Auguste Vickunaite improvise together; Nina sings and Auguste plays reel-to-reel tape recorders. Their music frequently has loops and noise, but not exclusively. All sounds are live and analogue.


DJ Morgiana / Karolina Karnacewicz

Alchemy of vibration constantly fusing into new states of matters.
: fractal fog :: :: deconstructed nature :: ecosexuality :: whispers’ vibrations :: sensual manifesto :: togetherness :: digital moss :: geopoetics :: biophilia :: natural core alchemy :: crystalline grid :: resonance between beings and nature :: synergy of ancient spells :: entering senses :: sound touch :: melting in juicy felicity :: licking the wind :

Clara Badu

Clara Badu explores sound’s materiality through its lower end, experimenting with bass, rhythmic noise and related sonic forms.


Hugo Esquinca

Hugo Esquinca is a Berlin-based sound researcher from Mexico. He investigates the diverse spatio-temporal relations deriving from transductive interactions between technology and the sonorous, expanding within and beyond audibility.


Starting at a young age with his musical endeavour, the ascertainment to electronic music was an incision which shaped his approach, leading to the current project; astvaldur. Exploring a fine composite of sound design, complex patterns and club-influenced schemes, his work is a personal reevaluation of the boundaries within these.


sound artist focusing on the phenomenon of experimentation. Using electroacoustic methods combined with digital and analogue processing,his approach takes roots in a diversity of styles such as: techno, industrial, percussion based music as well as ambient where ethereal soundscapes navigate between distorted metallic noise and flittering overtones.

oqko functions as a self
DJ Fett Burger on the roll again for his monthly residence. An all nighter as always, with two turntables and one mixer. Expect another eclectic underground trip in an old-school way. It's gonna be intimate, pure, soulful, hot, sexy and the music will be all over the place, in the best possible way. As usual 1000% and more vibes!

Let's do it again! This is going to be a real trip!

Be sure to check it out, everybody welcome in the house!
Auf Ebay gibt’s gerade „Prinzessinnen-Pony-Shetty – bildhübsch“. Papa, es kann doch bei mir im Bett schlafen. Was willste machen, die kleine Lily hat es sich so zu Weihnachten gewünscht. Dann ist da noch das solarbetriebene Kinder-Bio-Atomkraftwerk für Max, den technikbegeisterten Schlauberger der Familie. Andersrum verschenken geht natürlich auch, von Genderfallen lassen wir uns nicht einfangen. Was der Kotti Crew sonst zu „Weihnachten“ und „fangen“ einfällt? Weihnachtlich umfangender Deep House zum Beispiel. Oder großzügig verschenkter Vorweihnachtssound zwischen herrlichem Adventskerzen-Techno und psychedelischem Pulverschnee-Tech-House, der, ähem, keine Gefangenen nimmt. Furchtbar abgenutzte Phrase, zugegeben, aber wir lassen das jetzt mal so stehen. Ist ja bloß Werbung. Allerdings für eine runde Sache. Erscheinen Sie, sonst weinen Sie.

DJ U-Lee (Kotti Crew)
Micha Saager (Kotti Crew)
Arthur Lastmann & Step Daw started their musical journey in 2011 when they met at K7! Records headquarter in Berlin. Back in Paris, they founded the crew Into the deep, based on common interest on music and the underground culture.

Avid records collectors and crate diggers, Arthur Lastmann & Step Daw is very versatile DJ duo waving between House & Techno, African grooves, Disco, Synth-pop and other late 80s sounds...

Arthur Lastmann & Step Daw
The holidays are a stressful time, so with December 26th, AKA Boxing Day, AKA "I'm so glad Christmas is over," conveniently landing on the date of my regularly scheduled monthly we've decided to open the doors at Paloma to everyone to come dance and drink away all the stresses that this time of year can bring upon us. This non-denominational celebration of music, friends, booze and dancing is for all those that are still in town, orphans that weren't able to afford a trip home, and basically just anyone that wants to share stories of their holiday times, and perhaps even wear whatever horrendous sweater you received as a gift (or perhaps bought yourself as a joke).

I'll be doing my thing on the decks for the entire night yet again, so my usual digging in the shelves will happen while I, too, am an orphan for Christmas and will have plenty of time to find things that have been orphaned on my shelves for at least the last year. :-D

OF NOTE : this event will, of course, start an early time like the last few, 21h (9p) even though i know nobody has to work but we're keeping with consistency, BUT it will be a slightly more expensive one at 8€ because of holiday time for Paloma staff as well.

December 26th, 2018
Eric Cloutier (Paloma, The Bunker NY Detroit)
Paloma Bar - Skalitzer Straße 135
21h (9p) - 8€
On Board Music is celebrating the upcoming new year with friends and affiliate artists at our favourite Paloma:

Cinthie (Beste Modus / Crystal Grooves)
Akirahawks (Buttons / House Mannequin)
E-Talking (Whities) B2B Juliano (That Place)
Laura BCR (On Board / Het Magazijn)

See you there!

Door: TBA

Visual by SONJA
While the Power House anti-shoegaze club music mission at Paloma still continues its wild success story, from this night on it will also be branching out to DISCO!

Daniel Wang and Finn Johannsen sprinkle the stardust and shine the silver moon. You dance.

Artwork by Philip Marshall for Rebels In Control.
DBRS intends to showcase the best in new and forgotten dance music; providing the grooviest underground electronic sounds.

Klon Dump [A Colourful Storm, No Corner]

Enchanted Rhythms [REEF, Cashmere Radio]

Dan Beaven [Nollern, REEF]

Well equalized music by:

Zola (Berlin Bass Collective, ashore)
Merve Mercury (Berlin Bass Collective, Corndog Entertainment)
Jana Falcon (Smile For A While, Tooman Records)

We know.. new Years eve… maybe you adopted the same rhythm: trying not to get hyped, because you know by now, that it’s never as special as it used to be.. But you still gotta do something? In the end you still end up being disappointed for some reason?

Let’s try something different. How about Paloma? How about the sickest house and techno crews in town? How about all your good friends and their friends, all under one roof? How about some magic in the air? It might just end up being special.

We are gonna keep it tight. there’s no fireworks display or fancy snacks - nothing but ourselves and our own space to get loose, work it and jack it through the night. All while having a perfect view over Kotti.

Music supplied by the family:

Set In Motion
Small Talk

Artwork by:
Hoy, we are in Berlin! Celebrating both the first Thursday of the new year and our debut at Paloma! And with us, promising to do everything that he did wrong last year this year again, but with more confidence, we have...

Behrang Mohammadi

Ele Records x Paloma join forces to bring an intergalactic voyage of music, featuring Cody Currie and Sameed!

Expect a wide variety of sounds ranging from US house to world music, UK garage to funk, soul, disco and more!
Nerang make their debut at Paloma as we take over the upstairs all night!

Line up:

Tech Support DJ
(Shake Tapes Anti Skate)

Brighton's Tech Support is set for big things. His high energy sampled songs are dance-floor fillers. He's gained endorsement from the likes of Dan Shake, Baltra and Laurence Guy. With tracks consistently featured on youtube channel Houseum, and his most recent piece 'Friends' getting a Mixmag premiere, things are looking good.

2018 has seen him support Nick The Record, Maurice Foulton and Late Night Tuff Guy at an XOYO residency plus radio shows on 1btn and Rinse. Most notably he's rounded the year in style winning the IOM x WHP comp, opening at Eastern Bloc for Dennis Sulta and is set to support Ross From Friends NYE.

Jacques Torrance
(La Dune Gasp Records Overground)

We welcome La Dune label Co-founder Jaqcques Torrance, ahead of his recent release 'Nach5000' on Polish label Gasp Records, cooking up 4 four lush house tracks that bring 90's nostalgia feels to the table proving he is the man for the job. Resident for Edinburgh based club night Overground, expect solid breaks and brain melting electro.

(Axe On Wax Quartet)

Verner is a Swiss pianist and producer born in Lugano in 1993, but growing up in Italy. His work is characterised by a dedication in the study to his synthesis. In addition Verner credits the sampling of live percussions from his rare record collection. Lover of fine wines and a great admirer of Brazilian music from the ’60s to the ‘80s, Verner is constantly looking for ideas, focusing his music on an imaginary that is raw, percussive, lo-fi, but at the same time that can be influenced by disco and house.

Dj Whipr Snipr
(Nerang/ The New U.S Government).

With releases with Thirty Year Records and Mood Of The Era Whipr Snipr has been jetting around the EU and UK for the last few months. He is now residing in Berlin, bringing his label and its friends to this beautiful city

Ra link :

Paloma Berlin
Skalitzer Str. 135,
10999 Berlin
January 5
18+ only



Join us on January 23rd as we celebrate our first Stray Wednesday @ Paloma!

This is your new monthly electronic music dance party. Why Wednesday? Because Friday can't come soon enough... ;)

Our DJs for opening night:

Ena Lind [Mint/ Sound Warrior]

Syrtaki (Ultra Light Plus)

Cost tba

See you on the dance floor :)

Get lost, be found. Stray

#gayberlin #lgbtberlin
For this very special edition of our ongoing anti-shoegaze house music mission, we will still kick out the gems, but we go deeper. Meaning both digging and playing deeper. For this purpose we enlisted none other than Truly Madly from London, whose experience and record collection in terms of deepness is so legendary that if deepness were a category in Paris Is Burning, he would not be on the floor but underneath, doing just what he doing, and he would still get 10s across the board at every competition.

Design by Philip Marshall for Rebels in Control.


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