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Daniel Best
At a time when DJing is less about connecting with music lovers and more about branding, play counts and frequent flyer miles, Daniel W. Best’s approach is so straightforward that it’s almost groundbreaking: an egoless passion, a fine-tuned ear and most important, an open mind with good taste. Although he prefers to call himself a music activist rather than a DJ, Best has over two decades of experience behind the decks, getting crowds onto their feet whether he plays Jazz, Soul, Reggae, Rare Groove, Disco or House – sometimes all within the same set, always on vinyl. Rooted in Berlin for over 15 years, he has established residencies at Cookies and Tausend and organizes a variety of special parties and one-off events. But his DJing is only one aspect of his musical credibility: he runs his own company Best Works, which serves as a powerhouse for booking, artist and event management and publishing, representing an array of talent including Jazzanova Live feat. Paul Randolph, Mop Mop, Nôze & Band, Samúel Jón Samúelsson Big Band, Fetsum, William Adamson, Kyodai, André Lodemann, Vidis, Clé, Christian Prommer, Alex Barck among many others. Bringing professionalism to partying, Best is responsible for some of Berlin’s most successful events, including Kaleideskop, which pairs Jazzanova’s DJ team with top names from around the world such as Masters at Work, Carl Craig and Metro Area, as well as Dixon’s now defunct club night Innercity held at Weekend, and the oldschool House party Washing Machine which has been running in Berlin for over 10 years at different clubs and which finally arrived at Kater Holzig and Panorama Bar. Aside from all this, Daniel has proven his A&R prowess, most notable with his two labels Best Seven Records – a Sonar Kollektiv imprint focusing on Reggae and Soul sounds – and Best Works Records, together with André Lodemann focusing on House music. His three Best Seven Selections compilations have earned praise for their classic yet contemporary angle on Reggae, and his Polish Jazz compilation for Jazzanova Compost Records showed his ear for the obscure. Best’s most recent focus is G.I. Disco, a name that encompasses a DJ duo along with Berliner Hip Hop DJ Kalle Kuts, the aforementioned club night, a compilation released by legendary London label BBE, and the temporary exhibition „From G.I Blues to G.I. Disco“ at the Allied Museum. Last but not least, Best and Kalle Kuts have brought their concept to some of Europe’s top clubs including Bob Beaman (Munich), Prater Sauna (Vienna) and Zukunft (Zurich).

Andi de Luxe
The Berlin Years...After deejaying for almost 20 years in Hannover and working in a record shop for almost 15 years, Andi decided to restart his musical career in 2009. He closed his record store, moved to Berlin and engaged in serious soul-searching for a while.When unpacking the moving boxes he rediscovered his collection of funk and disco records, music that has taken a back seat in the last years playing all that uptempo stuff in the clubs of his hometown. Sometimes it is very helpful to remember your musical roots, especially when you try to reset your whole musical life.His first life-sign from Berlin was a blog for disco-edits and podcasts called Dikso which he started together wit h Marc Poppcke. Lat er on he t eamed up wit h Daniel Solar to add a record label to his Dikso platform.In 2011 he presented his first contribution for his own label, a track called "Boobsie Collins". Watch out for new tracks on Dikso and their brand new digital platform: Dikso Files.



Alex Barck (Jazzanova)
Sash Moustache (Best Works)
Evergrace (Disco Spektrum)

Styles: #obscure #soul #funk #world #boogie #house #disco

* Disco Spektrum is a plattform to build up a Disco-, Funk- and Boogie-Scene in Berlin. Everyone who loves this kind of music will be connected to each other at our events and can share information.

* To bring people together we do open decks, parties, public listening sessions and meet ups.

* Our Club Night is 100% about music and inclusion. We present essential and wonderful selektors that grow the community together.

* Join us for belonging and heavy grooves! Be part of Berlins Disco Scene!

"Dies ist zwar nur ein kleiner Schritt für einen Menschen, aber ein gewaltiger Sound für die Menschheit."
Anselmus über das Lebertape#6

Das Crack Bellmer läd Herz&Leber ein und wir servieren euch ein wunderbares musikalisches Program!

Im Zuge von der am 25.12 erscheinenden Compilation "Lebertape #6" auf unserem Label, laden wir 3 Produzenten der Compilation ein, welche insgesamt 10 Tracks umfasst.
Mit dabei ist Benno Wohl aus Wien! Der altbekannte House Fanatiker und House Guro ist zum zweiten Mal Bestandteil des Lebertapes. Sein letzter Lebertape Track "Untold Story" feierte vor über einem Jahr Premiere bei FLux FM. Auch sonst ist Benno ein fleißiger Zeitgenosse und überzeugt durch seine variantionsreichen House Produktionen! You should kno'thisshit!
Außerdem dabei ist Niccolo Sanchez, welcher zum dritten Mal bei uns released! Seine düstereren & melanchonischen Produktionen ballern uns immer wieder outa Space. Auch dieses Mal hat er mit einen Remix von "Feu de da ra Feura" von Anselmus eine Rakete gezündet! Niccolo Sanchez, das ist ein Name, der für fesselnde Übergänge und psyschodelische Feierei steht. Den Jungen solltet ihr euch unbedingt merken!
Außerdem im Space ist Skydrips! Aus Liebe zur Musik, erschafft er für uns wunderschöne Klangwelten! Sein letzter Release auf Magician On Duty hat uns schon enorm beeindruckt, umso schöner ist es, dass er mit einem Track auf dem Lebertape #6 vertreten ist! Sein Feingefühl für die kleinen Dinge in der Musik, ist wie der erste Kuss, aufregend und rückblickend wunderschön!
Abgerundet wird das ganze vom Labelhead Anselmus. Was der wieder fabriziert, wissen wir noch nicht. Das ist auch ganz gut so!
Outa Space!

Die Kosmonauten des Abends:

(Herz&Leber // Berlin)

Benno Wohl
(Vienna // Berlin)

Niccolo Sanchez
(Kom.Bass // Berlin)

(Magician On Duty // Berlin)

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