Beate Uwe

Jay (Private Records)
Hank Clap (Automaticamore/ Girls/Boys/Art/Pleasure)
Cmd Tulch (Automaticamore/ Patientenfront )
Ilkay (DJ Phade) (Automaticamore)

Beate Uwe

Automaticamore Sommer Edition
As we’re headed deep into summer, Automaticamore is happy to have Jay, head of Private Records, for a round of his disco-fantastic synth magic!

Private Records is known for its steady line of reissues, giving us some of the most exciting Italo treasures around. Recently, the boutique label released the vinyl companion to ITALO DISCO LEGACY, the long-anticipated Italo-Docu by Pietro Anton. Fans will have remembered Jay’s sleek spacey set from the LEGACY release party this winter at the Berghain. And they want more!

We want to welcome UdK students, alumni, guests etc. as UdK 'Sommerfest' and other events were restricted by university policy.

So we hope this to be a small compensation, sadly not in one of the UdK buildings.
Also, please contact us if you have any suggestions/ ideas/ concepts.

Again, this event is for everyone; no ticket policy; donation based entry

(Legendary DJ SIMLOCKED electro/ghettotechno set)

(Holz und Plastik Friend 'The Name You Forgot' LIVE on the modulars)

(Holz und Plastik All Stars :))


c u soon
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