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We could not wait to share these news with you our brothers and sisters.
For our next Berlin session, on the 25th of September, we are hosting 2 of electronic music's and rave culture's most iconic dj's/producers, Surgeon and Dj Pete.
Support comes from our good friend and extremely good dj, Dynamic Range, and our residents Kosto, Niktech, Mister Willis and Sparkling Water Dreams
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This event most likely will sell out quickly and in advance.
Purchase your tickets early in order to avoid disappointment.
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After the great experience of the first edition, we are back with the Second Phase !!!


An event that spans two open air floors, one dedicated to electro music and the main floor dedicated to industrial techno / Hardcore and hard techno.

Rave Floor :


The Godfather of Hardcore, Marc Acardipane is the creator behind monikers such as The Mover, Mescalinum United, Pilldriver, Rave Creator and the co-founder of Planet Core Productions (PCP). He is widely regarded as a result of his prolific career in electronic music, which spans from 1989 to the present day.

With the 1990 masterpiece, “Mescalinium United - We Have Arrived”, Marc mapped out his sonic blueprints spawning the heavier, hardcore end of the techno spectrum. The global impact and influence of this record was huge and its legacy continued in 2017 with Acardipane's new Planet Phuture imprint.

Marc’s music has had hundreds of releases on many renowned labels and has been one of the most influential electronic music artists to date.

Acardipane's discography possesses a unique timeless quality, difficult to achieve for many who try to follow in his footsteps. He continues to inspire today's electronic music’s generation, illustrating the unique and powerful state-of-mind his productions bring forth.


Slave To Society is the new solo project of Andrew Bowen (Ex AnD / Shadows) Exploring the extremities of the hardcore sound, tempo unrelated this is about the amalgamation of industrial and experimental noise music mixed with electronic rhythms from techno to jungle.
Releases with Bank Records NYC, Scuderia, Pure Hate Trax, Clan Destine Records and Dissonanze Recordings.
Think for ourselves, create and move outside the realm of ordinary submission. Don’t be a slave to society!


Max Durante began his professional DJ career in 1987 in Rome. As one of the hinges of the 90's rave generation,
his sound and his presence have been fundamental for the early Italian Techno scene.
He has been a regular on the best Italian Raves and played at the best European clubs and festivals of it’s time since 1991. Well respected as a DJ, thanks to his great mixing abilities, as well as a producer for his precious creativity in his recording productions.

In 1988 he went for the first time in London and he was seriously attracted and seduced by acid house music and acid parties. In 1990 he returned to London but acid parties were over, because of a prohibition pronounced by the queen of England in 1989.
Meanwhile Max was discovering the rave party phenomena and the first American techno productions.
Totally fascinated by raves, he went back to Rome more than motivated: inspired.

October 1991 Max and the twins D'Arcangelo organized one of the biggest Italian Rave, the PLUS 8 RAVE. They led for the First time in Italy, the Plus 8 Records with Richie Hatwin, Speedy J, Daniel Bell, Cybersonic ...

In the same period in 1991 along with the twins D' Arcangelo he create the first Italian experimental techno band called ‘’Automatic Sound Unlimited’’.
They create in the 90’s the dark side of techno!

Together, they founded in 1991 one of the major realities of the electronic sound from Rome:
the automatic sound unlimited.

This sound changed the vision of techno, opening new ways, reaching a new style, mixing techno with electro using industrial tones. They were the precursors of a sound projected to the future: The experimental techno,that nowadays we call it industrial techno !

Sonic Groove label boss Adam X named Max Durante a true legend and innovator of ‘Industrial Techno’ in the early 90’s.

After his long and worthy contribution to the electro and techno scene, he returned to experiment with a sound back to the roots, which gained a strong interest, and is therefore now part of the legendary Sonic Groove family and the infamous Berliner aufnahme+wiedergabe where he published his Hits like Religion against Religion / Sadness / Machine World to name a few! And his new album is out NOW on the legendary HANDS!

He is the creator together with his friend Philipp Strobel of dead on monday the famous radio show that airs live streaming every last monday of the month!

N - dbl

Ambient/Electro Floor :



We ask you to observe the applicable regulations on COVID restrictions on site and to handle them with care:

_Bring proof of an up-to-date negative test (date of the event), vaccination or recovery

_Entrance only with registration via luca App and Corona-Warn-App

_Anyone leaving the venue will no longer be able to enter

_Advance tickets holder are no guaranteed admission if not respecting the club policy

_No photos or videos

Suicide Berlin / Warschauer Straße x Warschauer Brücke

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