SECRET LINEUP / Dance floor & community focus.

“In a world where everything is made public, mystery is becoming scarce in our lives, when instead, one of the most arousing activities is mastering the art of throwing oneself into the unknown. There is something liberating about the unexpected and not being able to prepare fully for all eventualities.”

We want to reflect through the liberating forms of dance, unity, ritual, building a safe environment wrapped in a quality Techno scent, with the hopes of keeping the focus on the dance floor, and each other.

°Waterfloor focus
°Adornments & lightings
°Rooted DJ line up
°A space to set free
°Techno adventures

Time table will be available at the venue and tickets only at the door. Feel free to join our Telegram group for some special hints! https://t.me/+UH5TfNPMNCRiNzIy

Secret Line up / Rhythm / Hypnotic / Trust / Rethinking / Community / Secrecy / No Racism / No Discrimination / No homophobia / No photo / No video

Bonobo is coming to Berlin for a rare DJ performance you can't miss!

Experience his rich blend of electronic music infused with pop, jazz, and world music in an intoxicating mix that will have you dancing to his euphonious sounds.

But that's not all - the lineup is as diverse and dynamic as Bonobo's style, featuring the Afrofuturistic funk techno & house of Floyd Lavine, the Balearic disco grooves of Kid Simius, the signature sound of the Belgian Biesmans, the exciting rhythms of JANE RYSE and the exciting talent of Caren Callas!

Bonobo DJ SET
Kid Simius
Floyd Lavine
Caren Callas

Doors open at 23:00! Come early!

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