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Jan Oberlaender [Heinz Music]

Yetti Meissner [Sisyphos / Sisyphon]

Foolik [Sisyphos / Sisyphon]

Another sleepless night where you'd rather ride through clouds on whales rather than dream? Well - since this is impossible we have another solution for you:

Sleepless, our party that keeps you awake with style. This week we are joined by Jan Oberlaender, Yetti Meißner and Foolik.
Each of those names on their own stand for energetic sets and wit, but together, it will be a true tour de force! Sleepers beware!
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David Jach [Get Physical / Moon Harbour / Upon.You]

Ida Daugaard [Meltdown / Clandestine Artist]

Italoboyz (Marco) [Superfictions recordings / Moon Harbour / Get Physical]

Marcel Freigeist [ChaletKassette]

Just before we enjoy delicious food over the holiday season we should prepare and dance!
We invited David Jach, Ida Daugaard, Marco from Italoboyz and Marcel Freigeist for this occasion.
Keeping Christmas and New Years separated is sooooo 2017... So we decided to combine it all and go straight from your mum's table to the club! Experience one of the most extravagant kind of events! Come down, join us for music, dancing, drinks with friends.

At Chalet we believe that music unites, music celebrates life - and what else should one do as the year draws to an end than celebrate what lies behind and ahead?

Watch this space as we slowly reveal who will join us behind the decks for this one of a kind event.

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* * * Lineup: * * *

~ * Dense & Pika [Drumcode, Hotflush Recordings, Hypercolour] * ~

~ * Paranoid London [Paranoid London Records] * ~

~ * Baikal [maeve] * ~

~ * Sofia Kourtesis [Studio Barnhus, Chalet] * ~

~ * Mario Urien [Chalet] * ~

~ * Bill Mango [Chalet] * ~

~ * Lipsky [Chalet] * ~

~ * Brigade [Keller, Welcome to the New World] * ~

and many, many, many, many more tba

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